25 Best Minions in FFXIV

Assuming you’ve spent numerous hours preparing your character’s appearance, including multiple visits to the Aesthetician, utilizing Phials upon Phials of Fantasia, building an awe-inspiring glamour ensemble, and getting your Chocobo companion dressed in the ideal barding to match, what’s next? What else is there to think about?

Suppose you had all of that, plus the company of a little red panda perched on your arm.

FFXIV‘s minion system is well-known to those who care so much about their character’s appearance that they set aside money each month to purchase Phials of Fantasia.

These tiny insects follow you about and do a few special actions, but they won’t have any negative effect on gameplay.

Because they’re so small, each one has an innate attractiveness to it… Some have a distinct grooviness, coolness, and edge about them that can’t be ignored, however.

As a result, these minions are the best.

So, without further ado, here are the best minion characters in Final Fantasy XIV. As a result, you can put together an eye-catching band of sidekicks to go along with your own unique sense of style.

25. Ancient One

25 Best Minions

Shadowbringers expansion’s Anamnesis Anyder dungeon has a small chance to drop the minion.

It is a representation of the Amauroths people, with whom the reader has an unforgettable experience. With emotes like Pet and Hand Over, it stands out from the rest of the competition.

In spite of the fact that this minion has been out for more than 12 months, you will need to either invest or farm this dungeon to acquire it.

24. Magic Broom

The Magic Broom can be summoned if you want to make yourself helpful while walking throughout cities.

Dust and dirt will be taken care of by the machine, which will chase you around the room as if it were on a wild goose chase.

Additionally, it’s incredibly accessible in FFXIV, making it a standout item. For a low price, Carpenters can make and sell it to customers at the Market Board.

23. Shoebill

Sick of those adorable minions? Don’t forget to bring the Shoebill! This large-beaked bird perpetually frowns at you as if it were passing judgment.

This “regal-looking” bird is referred to as “unflappable” or “condescending,” depending on how you look at it.

Due to its low drop rate, it may take some time to gain the minion in Amaurot. However, it can be traded on the Market Board as well.

However, because it’s so popular, it can cost up to several million Gil.

22. Meerkat

The suricate is best represented by the Meerkat minion. It stands out among the other minions because it moves on all fours and rises to stand.

In spite of the fact that it’s not very easy to get, it’s one of the most accessible minions available.

The price has dropped from over a million Gil to under 100,000 Gil throughout the course of time.

21. Fat Cat

One of the most popular minions in FFXIV is the Fat Cat. Many cats are shown in this game, but this one is clearly among the largest.

It’s lovely, with a little tail and a soft belly, and it’s available in all kinds of official products like plushes.

This currency can either be purchased on the Market Board or earned through a retainer.

20. Calamari

Calamari looks like a gyrating grey and red Kraken tentacle protruding out of the ground at first glance.

Calamari is distinct from other minions because it is only an appendage. A fun addition to any collection, considering its signature animation.

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As soon as you poke or prod Calamari, a blue and yellow-ray cannon appear, blasting pellet-like bullets.

My favorite pastime is chasing after and attacking my Lalafell companions with Calamari.

The Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) dungeon gives a chance for Calamari to drop.

19. Dolphin Calf

Bring in a dolphin calf to show off your passion for ocean fishing.

These “realistic” minions can be refreshing after spending a long time with a big-eyed kitty-like character.

This baby dolphin minion manages to be cute without being unduly cartoonish; it’s an accurate depiction of a baby dolphin.

/pet causes Dolphin Calf to frolic joyfully in the air.

And if you use /handover, it will eat your hand.

The “Double-backwards Somersault” Achievement is the only way to get the Dolphin Calf (encounter three dolphin pods while ocean fishing).

18. Magitek Helldiver F1

To put it another way, the Magitek Helldiver F1 looks like something out of a Star Wars or Transformers movie.

With a rifle for an arm and a helmet-shaped drone, what could possibly go wrong?

It has a fantastic magitek look and mecha-theme to make up for what it lacks in character interactions.

Poking it will cause it to fire its gun arm at an imaginary target with a burst of energy.

How to get: Castrum Lacus Litore has a small chance of dropping Magitek Helldiver F1 on occasion (part of The Bozjan Southern Front storyline).

17. Chameleon

Keep on, there’s nothing to see…

There was only a single red bow in the air, and that was it. But hold on…

The Chameleon minion has appeared!

This minion, despite having the classic appearance of a green lizard with a squinting head, has a crimson bow tied to its tail for some reason.

Also one of the more distinctive /pet interactions among minions, it will jump, disappear (you can still see the bow), and then reappear as it lands, making it one of the more memorable interactions.

Once you’ve completed Shadowbringers’ The Qitana Ravel dungeon, Chameleon may drop.

16. Morpho

In contrast to a character with a large library of emotes, the Morpho minion is one who is more concerned with style and appearance.

Gem-blue butterflies with orange highlights on the bottom of each wing and a glowing body come to life at night in this creature’s natural habitat.

/poke, /pet, and /handover have no effect on Morpho, but it will eventually come to rest on your shoulder.

I think it’s one of the more attractive shoulder-perching minions due to its appearance.

After completing The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) dungeon, Morpho has a chance to drop.

15. Monkey King

This minion is for you, Dragon Ball aficionados!

The pacifist version of Qitian Dasheng, the dungeon boss from which Monkey King takes his name, is a lot prettier variant of the original.

He rides around on a cumulus cloud and carries a silver staff with a little worried expression on his face.

You can summon the Monkey King by saying /pet, and he’ll spin and climb up his staff to look out over his domain.

After completing Stormblood’s The Swallow’s Compass dungeon, the Monkey King has a chance to drop.

14. Silver Dasher

One of the tiniest and most adorable minions is Silver Dasher.

What I find intriguing is its narrative – how does one stumble across a small bird on a submarine voyage?

When the sub needs to get some fresh air, it has to surface.

As soon as you /hand over this lovely little fledgling, you’ll see how happy and awestruck it is by all the attention it’s receiving.

How to get: Silver Dasher is a possible reward from these three zones in Subaquatic Voyages: The Open Robe, Rogo-Tumu-Here’s Haunt, and The Devil’s Crypt.

13. Eden Minor

When the Flood of Light was unleashed by Eden, it set off a chain of events that are important to the Shadow bringers plot.

And he’s now available to you in the shape of a minion!

Eden Minor, a hybrid of angel and UFO, glides around looking awesome.

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Using /poke will cause a sacred geometrical circle to appear over it, evoking memories of its final attack.

Getting to Eden Sepulture is a minor drop near Eden’s Gate (Normal and Savage mode).

12. OMG

It’s like Eden Minor, but this time Stormblood’s Omega raid plot is the subject of the OMG minion.

This mechanical-themed minion packs a lot of information into a small package. It’s a good idea to zoom in and see how accurate it is to the original.

/Poking it will cause OMG to fly, tuck its robotic legs in, and loop in the air before landing.

There’s a unique relationship between the Shinryu minion and someone who owns it.

At the end of Alphascape V4.0, OMG will be available (Normal and Savage mode).

11. Seitei

Chinese-style dragon Seitei has a chihuahua-like apple head and is a cute little blue and gold snake.

Fun when the minion pool seems to be overflowing with critters that only fit into one of two categories: cute or fierce.

The /handover emote allows you to feed it, while the /pet emote sends it soaring in a sequence of joyous spirals.

Crafted from a level 70 4-star weaver recipe (level 380) with the main component being Seiryu’s Scale, which can be found in the Wreath of Snakes (Extreme).

10. Clionid Larva

As with Morpho, the Clionid Larva minion has made the list because it’s both visually appealing and glows in the dark (both have the same blue/orange color combination).

When you get a closer look at the eyes, you can tell that it has a sad expression.

But don’t be deceived.

In addition to the Clionid Larva bowing forward and snatching at the air with its pincer-tentacles, using /poking will cause it to eat off your hand.

Clionid Larva can be found towards the end of the Akadaemia Anyder dungeon by Shadowbringers.

9. Mock-up Grynewaht

Mock-up It’s hard to believe Grynewaht is a chainsaw-wielding little replica of a dungeon boss, but he manages to look adorable.

Just the fact that it follows your character around is enough to make you laugh.

However, once a certain amount of time has elapsed, it will do two further animations of its own accord.

A tornado spin with his chainsaw, and slashing and holding the chainsaw close to the ground, are two different ways he can use his chainsaw.

To get a mockup, click here Stormblood’s Doma Castle dungeon has a chance to drop Grynewaht.

8. Frilled Dragon

Any Jurassic Park fan will recognize the Frilled Dragon, an acid-spitting dinosaur, from a rainy night sequence in the original film.

If you haven’t seen the film, please stop reading and go see it!

I love Frilled Dragon’s running animation (especially the hind-leg gait), and when you pet him, he will blow up his neck in an umbrella-like motion to scare away any potential enemies. DNA smugglers from Jurassic Park, for example

How to get: 10 Empyrean Potsherds can be used to buy the Frilled Dragon (obtainable from Heaven-on-High floors 21-30).

7. Weatherproof Gaelikitten

Weatherproof When it comes to cold-weather siblings, Gaelikitten is Gaelikitten’s cousin.

Its eyes are perma-shut, it has a blue and white fur-trimmed coat out of which sprouts its wings (which are significantly larger than Gaelikitten’s), and it appears like it has some chub around the middle to keep warm.

It flies up to your hand with /handover and makes a pretty solid (but not quite complete) attempt at a backflip when you /pet it.

Playing the Ishgardian Restoration-related (making and gathering side content) minigame, Kupo of Fortune is the only way to gain Weatherproof Gaelikitten.

6. Enkidu

The first thing you’ll notice about Enkidu is that it’s a sickly green chicken.

However, this emerald bird is well-known among Hildibrand enthusiasts for its comedic antics.

It seems like it’s got its head hacked off, but the clucker is still intact.

If you want to demonstrate your enthusiasm for (and triumph over) this beloved plot, Enkidu is the appropriate minion.

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Hopefully, calling it won’t bring back memories of a previous battle in which you were turned into a green chicken!

How to get it: After finishing the “Battle in the Big Keep” challenge, you will receive Enkidu as a reward.

5. Midgardsormr

Midgardsormr, like Enkidu, has a unique connection to a certain storyline in the game, just like Enkidu.

As a result, this minion has a strong sense of belonging for anyone who has made it to Heavensward on their own.

Because it’s from Patch 2.5 (about 2015), it brings back fond memories.

Midgardsormr, who brought down a gargantuan airship years before the current events in the novel, is depicted in this minion as a more portable avatar.

In Heavensward, his minion form is prominently highlighted, and it’s much more adorable than his giant version.

As a bonus, Midgardsormr will perch on your head/shoulder when it’s time.

How to get: The Keeper of the Lake dungeon in Patch 2.5 gives you Midgardsormr as a prize for successfully finishing it.

4. Wind-up Kojin/Redback

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a favorite of mine, therefore I’ve got a number of minion gifts for you.

Wind-up A pair of charming little samurai-armored turtles, Wind-up Redback and Kojin (green), stand on their hind legs, have huge eyes, and an air of authority about them.

Their /pet emote, in which they jump backward, fall on their shell, and spin around four or five times, is their most notable feature.

How did they not become dizzy after that?

Wind-up Kojin and Wind-up Redback may only be obtained with a Respected reputation and Allied reputation with the Kojin beast tribe, respectively. It costs 5 Sango to buy either one of the two.

3. Cute Justice

Brute Justice’s minion form, Cute Justice, is a fan favorite from an Alexander raid encounter.

In a masterful display of comedic timing and high-octane action, the two fighters engaged in a thrilling duel.

With the advent of Blue Mage prizes, there are now even more ways to recognize your achievement!

The level of detail on this minion is incredible, yet zooming in causes it to become a little blurry.

/poke’s animation for Cute Justice is one of my favorites, as his wings explode from the back of his body just as he’s getting ready to do a massive strike.

Maudlin Latool Ja sells Cute Justice for 400 Allied Seals if a set number of Blue Mage job quests have been completed through the NPC.

2. Dainsleif F1

Dainsleif F1 is a delightful minion who makes me miss some of my favorite childhood toys.

Robotic jaguar/panther with a tail made of an electrical plug in silver, green, and yellow. As a result, it looks like a cross between a Transformer and a Power Ranger.

In order to create the ultimate Dainsleif robot, you’d need five pals each with their own Dainsleif minions.

A nerd’s imagination is limitless…

When I first saw it, I thought it had a mechanical stride.

Although the /poke interaction isn’t the most exciting, the biting thrust forward towards an imaginary target is at least something to look forward to!

How to get: Lockboxes in The Bozjan Southern Front occasionally drop Dainsleif F1.

1. Palico

In the Monster Hunter video game series, are love feline combatants.

The crossover between FFXIV and Monster Hunter was the perfect opportunity to observe them in their minion form.

Regardless of your understanding of Monster Hunter, this adorable calico cat stands on its hind legs and holds an enormous shovel, making it one of the coolest minion characters in the game.

It also comes with a cute cat-shaped case!

It will eat from your hand if you use the /handover emote, and it will lick and wipe its face if you use the /pet emote.

The Palico minion is a prize for completing the FFXIV + Monster Hunter: World Collaboration storyline’s The New King on the Block task.