18 Best Warframe Companions

In Warframe, there are many different kinds of friends. Not only do they look different, but they also have different buffs and skills.

So, if you want to find out who the coolest people to hang out with are, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together 18 of the Best Warframe Companions picks in the game for this post.

But before we start, keep in mind that each of these characters is useful in different ways, based on how your character is built and what you want from your companion.

Don’t judge a book by its cover; all of these characters can be very helpful in different scenarios.

If you can, maybe try them all.

18. Prisma Shade

Shade’s name comes from a Greek story about a spirit of the dead.

The Burst Laser is the main weapon on the Prisma Shade sentry, which is a stealth-based unit.

It makes the person invisible when they are near an enemy and gives them extra damage when they are seen again.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Revenge: Attacks the first enemy in a certain area that hurts the player.
  • Ghost: Makes itself and the player invisible when they are close to an enemy. If the player strikes, the effect is broken.
  • Ambush: Gives the player extra damage after they come out of darkness.

What it does well:

  • It is good for stealth tasks like Sabotage, where you have to stay out of sight of the enemy.
  • It has a gun that can go through a lot of armor, reloads quickly, and is very accurate.

You can buy Shade and Prisma Shade plans from Baro Ki’Teer or from the market.

17. Nautilus

The name Nautilus comes from a sea creature with a spiral-shaped shell.

Nautilus is a Railjack support sentinel, and its primary weapon is a Verglas. Its main goal is to fix the Railjack and keep fires from starting.

It does a fair amount of damage to enemies and is good at keeping people away from the ship.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Auto-Omni: Fixes damage to nearby Railjack hulls and stops fires from spreading.
  • Cordon: Ties together close enemies into a group that is easy to target.

What it does well:

  • Even though it’s a support class, it has the sentry weapon with the highest fire rate. It also has pretty good base damage and status chance.
  • It keeps the Railjack safe and fixes it.
  • It is good at keeping people away.

16. Venari

Venari is the only friend you can only get from the game.

Venari is a pet that only comes with the Khora warframe and is automatically ready when Khora is equipped.

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Venari doesn’t take up any room in the Incubator and doesn’t need DNA protectors. She still acts like any other Kavat, though.

Khora has full power over Venari and all of her abilities, which is different from the other companions.

  • Venari is Khora’s third power. It makes the kavat Venari target an enemy.
  • When you hold Khora’s third ability, the fighting stance of Venari changes.
  • If Venari dies, she will either come back to life 45 seconds later next to Khora or be brought back to life by the third ability of Khora.
  • What it does: When Khora is living, Venari gives her a passive movement speed boost.
  • She can keep coming back to life, which is a good thing in the long run.
  • She doesn’t take up any space in the incubator where other partners could be kept.

When you get the Khora warframe, you instantly get access to Venari.

15. Huras Kubrow


Let’s start with one of the best allies you can have if you want to sneak around.

The Huras Kubrow can make itself invisible, but it can also do the same thing to you.

As if that wasn’t enough, Huras can also attack and lunge at enemies who don’t see them coming. If they do this while being stealthy, they are even more dangerous.

Huras is not as useful as Shade, which is higher on my list, but I think it looks cooler and has a better design than the fan choice.

If you want to be sneaky, this is a strong friend who won’t let you down.

14. Vasca Kavat

If a Vasca bites and infects your Kavat, it will turn into a sort of “possessed” version of a standard Kavat.

Which is pretty much a vampire form of a normal Kavat.

It looks very cool and a little bit scary, which is a great use of the same word. Like a real vampire, the Vasca Kavat has powers that take health from your enemies.

It’s a great friend in battle, especially if you want to go on a full-on attack against your enemies and put stealth on the back burner.

Once you’ve turned your Kavat into a Vasca, you should focus on strikes and make the most of its skills.

13. Carrier

Carrier is a great warrior. But it isn’t as helpful as it used to be.

I mean, if this list had been made in 2017, Carrier would have probably been at the top.

But Carrier is still very helpful and gets loot for you, even though the vacuum already does that.

No matter what, he takes a lot of fire and doesn’t die because his strength is so high. And Carrier Prime is a great help in fight as well.

12. Sunika Kubrow

You like the Kubrows, but you just don’t like sneaking around?

Would you rather fight your enemies with everything you have and kill them as they come?

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Then you should give the Sunika Kubrow a try.

This famous Kubrow is like a war dog, and it will fight with you in any fight.

This Kubrow can knock down VIPs and special targets, which makes it perfect to carry around when you’re on a hunt or capture task.

When it comes to space dogs from other planets, Sunikas are the good boys.

11. Sahasa Kubrow

The Sahasa is a great friend who doesn’t help much in battle, but they are loyal space dogs who will carry things for you and help you find things when you don’t have time to do it yourself.

If you want a friend who will stick with you and help you get all the good stuff, the Sahasa is the one for you.

Even though they aren’t as strong as some other dogs, these dogs also look very scary.

Imagine a huge space dog hanging around to give you free healing orbs and ammo. That’s pretty much what a Sahasa is.

You can probably tell that I like them, but I can’t rank them higher because other friends are more useful.

10. Dethcube

Looking for someone to make you feel bad? Then Dethcube might as well be the one you choose.

This incredible killing machine has the Deth Machine Rifle and three different attacking skills that can kill enemies in an instant.

Vaporize is a great skill that focuses all of your Dethcube’s weapons into a single DPS character.

I find it very useful most of the time, but that could be because I don’t care much about being stealthy.

If you’re like me, you should try Dethcube. I’m sure you’ll love it.

9. Taxon

Even though Taxon is a friend for new players, it is one of the best characters in the early game because it is so useful.

When you’re just starting out in Warframe, use its skills to keep yourself safe from enemies.

8. Shade

Shade is like a Huras Kubrow with a lot more sheer.

If you want to sneak around, this is by far the best friend you could try.

He doesn’t just help you sneak around, though. For a sneaky character, he has great DPS.

If you plan to shoot after leaving sneak mode, you might want to give it a try.

7. Djinn

You might be wondering why I put Djinn on the list.

Well, he might not be the strongest, but he is by far one of the most important, especially in the late game of Warframe.

This amazing person can come back to life after dying. So you won’t have to worry about keeping him alive when you’re fighting a lot of baddies.

6. Wyrm

Wyrm only cares about one thing: keeping you living.

The harm done by this amazing friend isn’t the best.

But Wyrm is the guy you want if you want a friend who will help you stay alive.

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He will stun enemies so they can’t hurt you, and he will also get rid of any bad status effects that might have hit you.

Wyrm is just incredible and very dependable. He is one of the best allies in Warframe, which makes him a clear winner.

5. Adarza Kavat

This is by far the creepiest thing I’ve seen that looks like a cat. But it sure is dependable.

This great Kavat is a buffing machine that can give everyone in your party a huge boost of up to 60% more crit damage. This makes it a real top-level companion with an attacking character that focuses on crits.

They don’t have as much energy as the others.

But they do have a skill called “reflect” that will always send damage somewhere else.

4. Kubrow Helminth Charger

Okay, there’s a small chance that I’ll put this partner so high on my list because it looks so insanely cool.

But that’s not all. This Kurbow is made to take a lot of damage and deal even more to your annoying enemies.

I’d like to have by my side an alien dog that will keep me company and keep me safe. If you choose the Helminth Charger, you can have one too.

3. Smeeta Kavat

This might not be the best in terms of DPS and total damage output.

But the Smeeta Kavat is worth going all-in for if you want a friend who will help you in tough situations by giving you buffs, increasing the amount of XP you get, or even helping you farm.

This awesome creature gives buffs and is one of the best in the game when it comes to stealing. It will be especially helpful if you are leveling up quickly or looking for rare drops.

2. Helios

He is really powerful. But this strange thing is very strange as a sentry.

It looks like a sentry, but it does damage with its hands.

Technically, it can’t even punch or do anything else to hurt people. But Helios throws himself at foes, which does a lot of damage.

It’s a great partner if you want to play a character that does a lot of critical damage, since it can tell when your enemies are weak in the middle of a fight. Talk about a powerful attack!

1. Lambeo MOA

Use the LAMEBO head-gear for your MOA if you want a creature that can give great damage to all kinds of enemies.

The Lambeo item makes your MOA look like it’s wearing a hat, but don’t let that fool you. This “hat” does a lot of damage, which makes up for how silly it looks.

Try it out, and you’ll see a bunch of rockets going right at your enemies.

It’s a great item for your top friend, and if you’re running an offensive MOA by your side, you should definitely get it.