Darkness 5e D&D Guide

Darkness is a fascinating spell with an objective both inside and outside of combat. 

It can be used by clever players to deter, protect, or even a way to make a clever escape. 

The enemy can also use it to sever the group in the same way.

The rules of Darkness are located inside the Players Handbook on page 230.

Darkness 5e

Evocation 2nd Level

Casting Time 1 Action

The range is 60 feet.

Components include V, (bat fur ) and one drop of charcoal or pitch)

Duration: 10 mins of Concentration

The magical darkness extends from the point you select within the range of an area of 15 feet during. The darkness spreads to the corners. 

Dark-seeking creatures cannot see through the darkness, and light that isn’t magical isn’t able to illuminate it.

If the spot you pick is on a piece of equipment you hold or isn’t being carried or worn the darkness radiates out of the object and then moves along with it. 

Covering the origin of the Darkness by using a transparent object, such as a helm or bowl will block the Darkness.

If any of the spell’s areas overlap with an area of light that was created by a spell of 2nd degree or less the spell that caused the light is shattered.

The rules of Darkness provide for the capability to seriously limit the vision of all present. 

Creating a magical zone of dark that is impenetrable could obscure an entire 30-foot-wide area in the battleground. 

The rules also demonstrate how the effect can be placed on an object or creature and allow the effect to move. In addition, the rules provide possibilities of ending the effect.

Are you able to discern through Darkness?

The Darkness spell creates a 15-foot-wide area of mysterious Darkness which completely blocks the entire area within it and beyond.

It is difficult to look into or pass through without a magical device. 

In the case of Warlock Invocation Devil’s Sight does permit a person to be able to see through the magic of Darkness generally at a distance of up to 120 feet.

A warlock who invokes the Devil’s Sight invocation can use the spell of Darkness (fiend patron) on themselves. 

This grants all attacks against them a disadvantage (unseen the target) and grants them an advantage against any attack (unseen attacker). 

This is a devastating combination when combined with the wide reach and powerful invocations that are part of the Eldritch Blast.

How do you utilize this Darkness Spell?

There are several ways to apply this Darkness power to gain an advantage. It can be applied to the area, creature, or even an object. 

It is also able to remove magical light that is level 2 or lower levels.

The casting of Darkness over an area allows the spellcaster to block out a 30-foot area that wraps around corners. 

This type of spell can block the line of sight from or to adversaries. This is a fantastic way to shield or stop large groups. 

It could also be employed to shield against the attackers since many spells depend on being able to discern.

Casting Darkness over an object that a creature holds allows the spell to move. It also creates a threat where targets and attackers are not visible. 

This gives the advantage to be hit by any creature that is within the Darkness by any creature that is within or outside the area. 

A technique to avoid a barrage of hostile archers is to cast your spell over an opponent and then move at a half-speed.

Darkness is also a possibility to cast an object that is isolated. The object is then completely covered to block the effect from the curse. 

This is a fantastic method to create traps within light areas. Because the dark magic does not hinder the sound the group can remain in the dark until they can hear the target getting close. 

Then, cover the object to stop the effect and jump into the action.

How can you deal with Darkness?

An enigmatic enemy casting darkness can be deadly to any adventurer group. The spell can render users completely unusable. 

However, there are some ways to ward off this effect. The drawback is that the best methods require more energy.

The most effective way to combat Darkness is to move. If the influence is directed at an area, then the magical Darkness will remain in place. 

Simply moving out of its reach can fix the issue it causes. This is particularly applicable to melee-based enemies. 

Bringing these creatures out of darkness lets your spellcaster target them in the future.

Another option is to disengage the caster’s focus from the spell. It can be difficult to do this to accomplish if they’re in the vicinity however it’s an alternative. 

Bombarding the Darkness using the area of impact (AOE) effects is an effective way to get this effect also.

The Daylight effect and Dispel Magic are also options to combat magical Darkness. 

Both are at level 3 and must be cast on a more advanced level, or be able to pass the test to eliminate the effect.

The effects of darkness or Invisibility can cause blindness. This covers all the benefits and drawbacks with it. 

In the world of Darkness, the creatures are virtually invisible.

Does the Caster be able to see in Darkness?

The spell is not able to give the spellcaster any specific rights to view the affected area. 

The rules generally clarify these issues. There are many ways to be able, as previously mentioned for this to be feasible, however, it’s not a given by using the power of the spell.

Final Words

Darkness spells can be utilized by players in many different ways. 

The various ways that it can be used provide players with an advantage and also help them take control of the battlefield. 

It can also be a useful attack on your enemy.

The power to eliminate magicians from the fight can cause a lot of damage to a group as well as a clever enemy will take advantage of it whenever they have the chance. 

Darkness is a fun all-around game that is often overlooked for its value.