Children of the Sun Quest Guide for OSRS

Starting the Children of the Sun quest, you find yourself at the heart of an international spectacle that introduces Varlamore, the enigmatic Shining Kingdom, to the world of Old School RuneScape.

This guide aims to meticulously navigate the complexities and intrigue underpinning the first quest of the Twilight Emissaries series.


Varlamore, the Shining Kingdom, is not just a new chapter in the vast world of Old School RuneScape. It’s a whole new saga waiting to unfold.

This distant and mysterious continent is set to captivate players with its breathtaking landscapes, ranging from sun-kissed golden beaches to dense, shadowy forests that whisper the ancient secrets of this land.

Beyond the natural beauty lies a civilization rich in culture and technology, far more advanced than adventurers have previously encountered in Gielinor.

Varlamore’s cities, with their soaring spires and bustling markets, are hubs of activity where players can immerse themselves in the daily lives of the locals, engage in new trade opportunities, or entangle themselves in the complex web of courtly intrigue.

The arrival in Varlamore heralds not just exploration but integration into a world where your actions have tangible impacts on the political dynamics and alliances within the kingdom.

Quests in Varlamore are expected to be deeply narrative-driven, offering insights into the kingdom’s history, the ambitions of its rulers, and the gods that preside over this land, so if you don’t want to get your account ready for it, you can check the OSRS accounts for sale to make sure you’re ready to explore this new land.

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These quests will challenge players to make moral choices, shaping their journey and the fate of Varlamore itself.

Moreover, the introduction of Varlamore is an opportunity for OSRS to expand its gameplay mechanics. You can look forward to new skills that reflect the unique technological advancements and magical practices of Varlamore.

Crafting techniques that involve the exotic materials found only in this region or learning arcane spells that draw upon the ancient power that courses through the land are just a glimpse of what awaits.

The continent’s dungeons and raids promise to be more challenging, filled with creatures steeped in the lore of Varlamore, demanding teamwork and strategy to overcome.

The social and economic systems of Varlamore offer new dynamics to player interaction. Markets teeming with exotic goods not found elsewhere present opportunities for traders and merchants to thrive.

Meanwhile, the kingdom’s political factions and guilds offer a new layer of community engagement, where players can pledge their allegiance and influence the course of Varlamore’s history through collective action.

Children of the Sun

Your adventure begins amidst the bustling streets of Varrock, where anticipation buzzes in the air. A delegation from the distant and illustrious Kingdom of Varlamore is set to arrive, marking a historic moment of diplomacy and unity.

To initiate your quest, seek out Noah or Alina, positioned discreetly behind Eliza’s stall on the eastern fringe of Varrock Square.

Alina, brimming with curiosity and insight about Varlamore, is your gateway into this unfolding narrative.

The immediate choice to inquire about the delegation propels the story forward, introducing you to a cutscene that showcases the arrival of dignitaries such as Prince Itzla Arkan and the enigmatic figures accompanying him.

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Use a Varrock teleport tablet or the Varrock teleport spell in the standard spellbook to get there fast. You will only need OSRS gold to complete the quest for teleports.

The Art of Stealth and Investigation

The turning point of your journey hinges on your ability to follow a suspicious guard who subtly departs from the delegation with a large, ominous bag.

This segment tests your stealth and patience as you trace his steps toward southeast Varrock. The challenge lies in remaining unseen, requiring you to utilize strategic hiding spots.

Each location is a puzzle piece in the larger plot scheme you’re unraveling. The climax of this tailing mission occurs as you witness a clandestine meeting, revealing the guard’s true allegiance to a band of bandits plotting against the delegation.

Unmasking the Conspirators

Armed with the knowledge of the impending threat, your mission involves identifying and marking the bandits masquerading as guards.

This task demands keen observation and a systematic approach as you navigate the streets of Varrock, deciphering subtle clues that distinguish the impostors from the genuine guards.

Each bandit, uniquely characterized by their posture, attire, or weaponry, represents a piece of the puzzle in preventing the assassination attempt.

The Interrogation

Following the successful identification of the bandits, you return to Sergeant Tobyn, leading to their discreet arrest.

The interrogation sequence atop the palace roof introduces a personal element to the quest, as Prince Itzla, driven by boredom and intrigue, decides to partake.

This scene is pivotal, blending the thrill of detective work with the gravitas of royal politics.

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The bandit’s confession, coerced by Prince Itzla’s presence and your assistance, sheds light on a deeper, more sinister plot originating from within Varlamore itself.

Conclusion and Beyond

The quest’s resolution brings a sense of accomplishment and the promise of new beginnings. Prince Itzla’s gratitude translates into an invitation to explore Varlamore, laying the groundwork for future adventures within the Twilight Emissaries series.

This quest not only enriches your understanding of OSRS’s expansive lore but also sets the stage for the intricate political and social narratives that await in Varlamore.

Reflecting on the Journey

Children of the Sun is a masterclass in storytelling within the framework of OSRS, marrying the thrill of exploration with the depth of narrative-driven gameplay.

As you conclude this quest, you’re left with a profound sense of contribution to the peace and stability of Gielinor.

The quest serves as a bridge to the uncharted territories of Varlamore, teasing the mysteries and challenges that lie ahead.