What’s The Best Lobster Fishing Spot in OSRS? (F2P + P2P)

The Best Lobster Fishing Spot in the OSRS game are on the island of Karamja (if you play for free) or in the Fishing Guild if you pay to play.

Musa Point is a place on Karamja that has a big pier that goes out into the ocean.

You can catch lobster pretty easily from this pier, and then you can go to the bank in Draynor Village, which is not too far away.

If you want to bank your lobster, you’ll need a lot of coins because the boat ride to Port Sarim costs 30 coins each way.

You can also take your lobster to the general shop in Musa Point and sell it there.

Members with a level 68 in fishing can fish in the Fishing Guild, which is by far the best place in OSRS to catch crabs.

There are 11 places to fish for lobsters here at any given time. You can find these on the different docks around the guild.

The guild also gives any player an unseen +7 boost to their fishing level. This means that you can catch more lobster per hour here than anywhere else.

The Fishing Guild also has a bank and shooting range that are easy to get to. So players can cook their crabs and store them in the same place.

If you want to join the Fishing Guild early, you can also boost your level at level 63 with an Admiral’s Pie, which gives you a brief +5 level boost.

Only 68 is needed to join the guild. But once you’re in, even if your level drops below 68, you won’t be kicked out!


How do I get to Catherby in OSRS?

To reach Catherby, you can use several methods. If you have completed the Camelot teleport quest, you can use the Camelot teleport spell to teleport directly to Camelot and then run south to Catherby. Alternatively, you can use the Ardougne teleport spell, which will bring you close to Catherby, and then travel eastward. Additionally, you can use the Catherby lodestone if you have unlocked it.

What fishing level do I need to catch lobsters in OSRS?

To catch lobsters in OSRS, you need a Fishing level of 40 or higher. Prior to reaching level 40, you can catch lower-level fish, such as trout and salmon, to level up your Fishing skill.

What equipment do I need for lobster fishing in OSRS?

To fish for lobsters in OSRS, you will need a lobster pot, which can be obtained from various fishing shops or players. Additionally, you should bring some fishing bait, as lobsters are caught using baited traps. You will also need some inventory space to hold the lobsters you catch.

Are there any fishing spots besides Catherby to catch lobsters in OSRS?

Yes, besides Catherby, there are a few other locations where you can catch lobsters in OSRS. Some alternative spots include the Fishing Guild, which requires level 68 Fishing to access, and the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, which requires completion of the Swan Song quest. However, Catherby is often considered the most popular spot due to its proximity to a bank and its convenient location for transportation.