DND Backstory Generator

Click on the Generate Button to decide your fate! (Just click it)

I made this DnD 5e backstory generator so that players could get ideas for new characters and Dungeon Masters (DMs) could quickly make NPCs with interesting stories.

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I made the backgrounds pretty general on purpose so that they could be used for any race or class. Still, some backstories work better with certain classes or groups of classes than with others.

In the future, I hope to add features that will let users choose which classes or groups of classes can see the backstory. But for now, just let the dice roll. If you don’t like the backstory that comes up, just click the die to roll again and make a new Dungeons and Dragons character.

Check out my generators for personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws if you want a smaller starting point for your character’s background. I didn’t just use bits and pieces of the backstories from above to make the characters’ traits the same for each one.

Check out my DnD name generator if you need a character name to go with your new backstory.