8 Best Harpoon Fishing Spots in OSRS

Fishing is a great way to make money and also get food that you need.

And there are a lot of different places to fish in OSRS, but only a few of them allow you to use a hook.

Harpoons let you catch tuna, swordfish, and the coveted shark, which is one of the best and most widely used healing items in all of OSRS.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to stock up on essential supplies or a newcomer eager to enhance your adventures in Gielinor, buying OSRS gold can significantly accelerate your progress.

So where are the best places to fish with a harpoon?

Let’s look closely at where you could spear your next meal.

8. Musa Point

Musa Point is a small peninsula located on Karamja Island.

It offers harpoon fishing spots near the bank, making it a convenient location for players looking to catch fish with a harpoon.

This spot is particularly popular for catching Tuna and Swordfish.

7. Fossil Island

Fossil Island, accessed via the barge at the Digsite, offers a unique harpoon fishing experience.

Head to the underwater area called the Underwater Fossil Island and look for the fishing spots.

This location requires the completion of the Bone Voyage quest and the use of diving apparatus or the Diving Bell.

6. Jatizso

Jatizso is an island town located northeast of Rellekka.

It has a harpoon fishing spot near the bank, making it a convenient location for harpoon fishing.

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However, to access this area, you must have started the Fremennik Isles quest.

5. Karamja

Fishing Spot

Musa Point on the island of Karamja is the most popular place for free-to-play players to use their harpoons. It is the first place on our list.

Non-members can only catch swordfish and tuna here and one other place in all of OSRS. So it’s a place you’ll want to remember.

Since swordfish is the best fish for healing in F2P worlds, this spot is always pretty busy.

But if you come here to fish, you’ll get about 40k experience in an hour.

I think you should get rid of the tuna but keep the swordfish. One swordfish is worth nearly four times as much as one tuna.

Also, you need a fishing level of 35 to catch a tuna and 50 to catch a swordfish. However, as your fishing level goes up, you will catch faster fish and get experience faster.

Where To Find: On Musa point located just by the port on northern Karamja.

4. Miscellania

Miscellania is a very unusual choice on this list, but it’s still worth noting.

As part of the “Kingdom Management” mini-game, the fish you catch here are not for you, but for the people in your kingdom.

There is a 50% chance that your overall approval rate will go up by 1 point for every fish you catch. To get the best stuff from this minigame, you need to get the highest approval rate.

Overall, harpoon fishing is a good way to move up in the rankings. It should be on this list because the money you make from your kingdom can be very good.

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Where To Find: On the docks of Miscellania, you’ll find the fishing spot on the same docks you first arrive at when traveling by ship to the island.

3. Catherby

Catherby is one of the most famous places to fish, and almost anything can be caught there.

It’s also one of the few places in OSRS where you can catch sharks.

I’d suggest this place to anyone who can’t get into the fishing guild yet, which means anyone with a fishing level under 68.

This is because the fishing spots here are close to a bank and a cooking range, so ironmen and low-level players can cook their fish before putting them in the bank. This is a great way to improve two skills and save a lot of time.

There are also places to farm close. So you could practice farming in between fishing trips because there are so many allotments and tree patches.

Where To Find: You will find this fishing spot on the shores of Catherby by before White Wolf Mountain.

2. Piscarillius

This area is likely the best place in OSRS to shoot two ticks. If you have the time, it’s one of the fastest ways to get to level 99 in fishing.

For this method to work, you need to be fishing in the northern part of Piscarillius while two rats attack you two ticks apart.

You’ll use the 2-tick method to catch tuna and swordfish.

This means that a crystal harpoon can give up to 135k experience per hour, which is the best fishing experience in OSRS.

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Be careful, because this method requires a LOT of clicking. It takes an insane amount of patience and attention.

Where To Find: You can find this very specific spot just west of the Piscarillius bank on the Northern beach. This method can only be done here in OSRS.

1. Fishing Guild

Because of a few things, the Fishing Guild is my favorite place to AFK with a harpoon.

It’s AFK, which is great on its own.

And there’s a bank nearby!

Being in the guild also gives you a +7 boost to your fishing level that you can’t see. This means you catch fish a lot more often and a lot faster.

Around here, there are 11 places to catch tuna and swordfish, and another 9 places to catch sharks. So if you’re at the club, you’ll always be close to a place where you can fish.

I think the best place to catch sharks here is on the southern docks, where there tend to be more spots.

There is also a kitchen range inside the guild if you want to cook the fish you just caught.

Just remember that you need 68 fishing to join the guild and 76 fishing to catch sharks.

Where To Find: For these harpoon spots you’ll need to access the Fishing Guild, which is just north of East Ardougne and just west of Hemenster.