What is Ranged Attack Bonus & What Does It Do in OSRS?

A bonus for long-range attacks in Old School RuneScape is the bonus you get from the gear you’re wearing, which is used to figure out how likely you are to hit an enemy.

This bonus can be made better or worse by the items you wear.

For example, the Armadyl Chest Plate gives a +33 bonus to attacks from a distance, while the Ancestral Top gives a -8 bonus to attacks from a distance.

So what does an extra ranged attack do?

It helps you figure out how likely you are to hit an enemy in battle. The more likely it is to do damage, the bigger the bonus.

Just keep in mind that if you’re fighting in PvP, your opponent’s gear would also be factored in.

They could have a range defense bonus that would stop your ranged damage from hurting them.

In the end, you want your attack bonus to be higher than their defense bonus so that you hit them more often.

The Ranged Attack Bonus influences two primary aspects of ranged combat:

  1. Accuracy: The Ranged Attack Bonus directly affects your chance of successfully hitting your target with a ranged attack. A higher Ranged Attack Bonus increases your accuracy, reducing the likelihood of missing the target and resulting in more consistent hits.
  2. Damage: While the Ranged Attack Bonus doesn’t directly impact the damage dealt by each successful hit, it indirectly contributes to your damage output. By increasing your accuracy and hitting your target more frequently, you have more opportunities to deal damage, resulting in higher overall damage per second (DPS).

Best Ways To Increase Your Ranged Attack Bonus

Ranged Attack Bonus

If you want your long attack bonus to be as high as possible, you should look for the right gear.

And high-tier gear like Armadyl is great because it gives the best bonus to ranged attacks in OSRS.

An Archers Ring (i), Full Armadyl, Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, a Twisted Buckler, the Necklace of Anguish, Ava’s Assembler, and an Armadyl Crossbow would be the best set-up for the largest range attack bonus.

All together, this would give a ranged attack bonus of 236, which, as of this writing, is the best in OSRS.

Most of the above gear can only be gotten from bosses and quests that are hard to complete.

But don’t be afraid to try out different range gear until you find something that works for you. There are many substitutes and options out there, like Black Dragon Hide or Snakeskin armour.

To improve your Ranged Attack Bonus, you can consider the following factors:

  1. Ranged Weapon: Equipping a higher-tier or more powerful ranged weapon, such as a crossbow or a bow, will generally provide a higher Ranged Attack Bonus. Weapons with higher Ranged Attack Bonuses have better accuracy and often allow the use of stronger ammunition types.
  2. Ammunition: The type of ammunition used with your ranged weapon can impact your Ranged Attack Bonus. Ammunition options, such as arrows, bolts, or throwing knives, vary in their Ranged Attack Bonuses. Using ammunition with a higher bonus can enhance your accuracy and effectiveness.
  3. Ranged Armor: Wearing appropriate ranged armor, such as leather, dragonhide, or Karil’s armor, can provide additional Ranged Attack Bonuses. Ranged armor sets often grant bonuses to both defensive stats and Ranged Attack Bonus, improving your accuracy and defense against ranged attacks.
  4. Ranged Prayer and Potions: Certain prayers and potions, such as Eagle Eye and Ranging potions, can temporarily boost your Ranged Attack Bonus. These boosts can be helpful in challenging encounters or when you need an extra edge in accuracy and damage.
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How does the Ranged Attack Bonus differ from Ranged Strength?

The Ranged Attack Bonus determines your accuracy with ranged attacks, while Ranged Strength affects the maximum hit of your ranged attacks. Ranged Attack Bonus determines your chances of hitting the target, while Ranged Strength determines the potential damage dealt on a successful hit.

Do different ranged weapons have different Ranged Attack Bonuses?

Yes, different ranged weapons have varying Ranged Attack Bonuses. Weapons like bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons each have their own base Ranged Attack Bonus, which can be further modified by the ammunition used.

Does the Ranged Attack Bonus affect all types of ranged attacks?

Yes, the Ranged Attack Bonus affects all types of ranged attacks, including standard attacks, special attacks (where applicable), and abilities in ranged combat.

Can I improve my Ranged Attack Bonus with prayers or other boosts?

Yes, certain prayers and potions can temporarily boost your Ranged Attack Bonus. Prayers like Eagle Eye and potions like Ranging potions can enhance your accuracy, allowing you to hit targets more consistently.

Are there any quests or activities that can improve the Ranged Attack Bonus?

While there aren’t specific quests solely focused on improving the Ranged Attack Bonus, completing quests can unlock access to new equipment or areas that offer better ranged gear. For example, completing the Roving Elves quest grants access to the Crystal Bow, a powerful ranged weapon with a high Ranged Attack Bonus.