15 Best Capes in Old School RuneScape

It can be hard to find the right cape.

Even though stats are important, you still have to look your best.

There are many different kinds of capes in Old School RuneScape. And you’ll always want to wear one because the benefits are too good to pass up.

If you’re thinking which cape is worth your time, here are some that can help you speed up bank and house runs while fighting boss monsters for profit, earn you more money in skills, and make Old School Runescape a more fulfilling and rewarding experience overall.

15. Magic Cape

This cape is a must-have for players who want to look like Gandalf.

So far, 226,827 players have hit level 99 in Magic, which gives them access to this cape. If you like using spellbooks in battle, you should join them.

This is one of the few capes that has gold on the shoulders, back, and top of the chest.

On the back, a blue wizard’s hat is made in a gold circle to go with the white, blue, and gold colors that make this cape stand out.

The magic cape lets players switch between spellbooks up to five times a day. Before, they would have to go to an altar to do this.

This means you won’t have to choose between a normal spellbook and an ancient spellbook. Instead, you can easily switch between the two based on the type of enemy you’re fighting.

How to Get It: You can buy the magic cape and matched hood from Wizard Sinina at the Wizards’ Guild for a total of 99,000 coins.

14. Mining Cape

Only 48,670 players have reached the level needed to get this cape in old school Runescape.

But if you do get it, there can be a lot of good things that come from it.

This cape is a gray-brown color, and on the back is a skill sign. If you have more than level 99m, the trim will also be light blue.

When this cape is worn, players have a 5% better chance of getting more ore when digging up any ore up to adamantine.

When the effect goes into play, you will also get experience for both ores you mine.

This effect works with the effects of the Varrock armor, celestial signet, and ring, as well as the standard, advanced, and expert mining gloves.

When combined with the mining cape, this can be very useful for some character builds.

How to Get It: When you hit level 99 in mining, Gadrin at the entrance to the Mining Guild will sell you this cape and hood.

13. Defence Cape

When a player gets to level 99 in the defense skill, they can buy this cape, which 203,883 have already done.

Even though this is mostly a niche skill cape that only serious Ironmen who want extra security wear, it can be useful if you’re trying to go into some of the game’s most dangerous places.

The defense cape is light blue, and inside the gray shield is a black cross.

When worn, the defensive cape can be used as a permanent ring of life that can be turned on and off by the player.

This means that while the effect is active, if a player has less than 10% of their hit points left in a fight, they can be instantly teleported to their respawn point.

This skill cape can really save your life in tough places like the God War Dungeon or the fight with Cerberus.

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How to Get It: Once you reach level 99 in defense, you can buy this cape from Harlan, who lives near the Lumbridge General Store, for 99,000 coins.

12. Thieving Cape

If you like picking people’s pockets and think you’re a great thief, this cape is made for you. And it might make it a lot easier for you to steal.

This cape is a slightly different shade of purple than the cooking cape, and it has a thief’s symbol—a dark mask—printed on it.

When this cape is worn, players have a 10% better chance of stealing from other people. This can make it much easier and safer for you to steal.

The thieving cape also works together with the Ardougne Diary, which can make it 10% easier to steal from shops in Ardougne, and the gloves of silence, which make it 5% less likely to get caught pickpocketing.

If you use this cape on your character in the right way, your chances of picking pockets will go up a lot, making you a master thief.

How to Get It: If you have reached level 99 in thieving, you can buy the thieving cape and hood from Martin Thwait in the Rouges’ Den for 99,000 coins. So far, 74,931 people have done this.

11. Cooking Cape

At the moment, 245,377 players have hit level 99 in cooking, which gives them more benefits than just the ability to make some great fish.

Even though this cape won’t help you in fight, it can make cooking a lot easier, faster, and less frustrating.

This cape is dark purple and has a picture of a burning cauldron on it. If your skill level is higher than 99, the edges will be red.

While you’re wearing the cooking cape, you’ll never have to worry about burning food again.

Whether you cook on a fire or a stove, you will always be successful 100% of the time. This means you will never waste any of your hard-earned fish or coins.

It is also much better than the cooking gauntlets, which only make it less likely to burn fish. Once you have this cape, you can store or sell your cooking gauntlets without losing any of their benefits.

This cape comes in handy at the campfire in the Rogues’ Den and in the Myths Guild.

How To Obtain It: Once you hit level 99 in cooking, you can buy the cooking cape and the cooking hood, which is only for looks, from the Head chef at the Cooks’ Guild for 99,000 coins.

10. Castlewars Cloak

Most capes in Free-to-Play have the same statistics.

Some are easier to get than others, though.

The Castlewars Cloak comes in two colors: red for Zamorak and blue for Saradomin. The capes give a small boost to defense and only cost 10 Castle Wars tickets.

And the capes look great and are more rare than the other capes you can get for free.

It would take about four to five games of Castle Wars, or about two hours, to unlock these capes.

You can also buy a similar hood for an extra 10 tickets.

How to Get: In the Castle Wars Lobby, buy 10 tickets from the ticket exchange.

9. Mythical Cape

This cape should only be worn by people from stories and myths.

To buy and wear this cape, you must have completed the Grandmaster Quest, Dragon Slayer II.

With a +6 boost, the Mythical cape has the best crush attack bonus of any cape in OSRS.

It also has a teleport feature that lets the user go to the Myth’s guild as many times as they want. Very useful.

This is often used with the Dragon Warhammer to make sure it hits, especially when fighting the Corporeal Beast.

It is also used to fight Venenatis, Calisto, and Vet’ion in the Wilderness, where most players use an Abyssal Bludgeon or Full Veracs, which rely heavily on crush.

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How to Get It: Jack, who is on the top floor of the Myth’s Guild, will sell you this item for 1.2k.

8. Cape of Accomplishment (Skill Capes)

In OSRS, there are 23 skill capes, one for each skill in the game.

To get one of these, you’ll have to get your skill level up to 99, which isn’t easy.

Some skills, like Runecrafting and Agility, can take a long time to level up to 99.

All of the bonuses from skills capes are the same: +9 to all defense stats and +4 to prayer. The only things that make them different are their special skills and how they act.

For example, the Attack Skill Cape lets a player stay in the Cyclops room of the Warriors’ Guild without using tokens, and the Agility Cape can be used as a graceful cape and gives a one-minute dose of energy once a day.

All of the capes look different, too. So, really, pick whatever you like.

How to Get: You’ll need to get a skill to level 99 and find a cape seller. Each one costs 99k and comes with a hood.

7. 3rd age cloak

This cloak is by far the strangest and most expensive on this list. It costs 200m and is worth a crazy amount.

This item also has pretty good stats, about the same as a skill cape but with an extra +1 prayer bonus, making it a total of +5.

To wear this cape, you only need to have Prayer level 65 and a lot of money, because it costs a lot.

How to Get It: Only Elite and Master clue chests can drop this item, and only about 1 in 200,000 of them do. This makes it incredibly hard to get. I’d suggest buying this on the Grand Exchange, since the chances of getting it as a drop are very, very low.

6. Imbued God Cape

There are three god capes in the game: Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. All of them can be imbued even more to get the best magic cape in their spot in OSRS.

The enchanted capes have a +15 bonus to both magic attack and defense, and they also have a +2% bonus to magic strength, which isn’t common for armor.

So, if you wear this cape with ancient armor, you will get an extra max hit.

Also, remember that you can’t trade imbued capes and that you need level 75 magic to use them.

How to Get It: Finish Mage Arena 2 to upgrade your current god cape into its imbued form. The whole mini-quest takes place in the Wilderness, where you have to kill three monsters with very high levels.

5. Ava’s Assembler

The Ava’s Assembler, which is an improved version of the accumulator, is the best range cape in its slot. It gives a +8 range attack bonus and a +2 range strength bonus.

Like all Ava devices, once you use your ammunition, it is instantly and 80% of the time found.

Also, you’ll need to be at least level 70 in range and have finished Dragon Slayer II to get and wear this awesome item.

Also, it’s important to know that the device won’t find any ammo if you’re wearing a metal body, since metal gets in the way of how it works.

How to Get: You’ll need a Vorkath head, which you can get by killing Vorkath. On 50 kc, a Vorkath head will always drop. Take the head, your accumulator, and 75 Mithiril Arrows to Ava in Draynor Manor. She will give you a nice, brand-new Assembler.

4. Ardougne Cloak

This cape is the best in its slot for both the stab bonus and the prayer bonus. It is also one of the best things in the whole game.

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Useful for Corporeal Beast or as a cape to throw away when bossing in the Wilderness.

It’s really useful in a lot of ways.

It also has a built-in teleport to the Ardy growing patch, which makes going to the farm quick and easy.

Ardy Cloaks are also totally free and won’t cost you a dime, as long as you’ve met the strict requirements to get them.

How to Get: You can get this cloak when you finish the Elite Ardougne Diary. Keep in mind that the requirements are very high level, so it’s possible that only end-game players will be able to unlock this.

3. Fire Cape

This cape might be one of the most popular and wanted ones on this whole list.

Getting the Fire Cape is often the goal of any serious player.

The Fire Cape has a +4 bonus to strength, a +1 bonus to all attacks, and a +11 bonus to defense.

It’s the second-best fighting cape in the game, and many people use it all the way to max because it’s so hard to get the “number one” cape.

How to Get: This cape is free, but to get it you have to finish the Fight Caves and fight Jad, who is one of the hardest enemies in the game. Jad can easily kill you in one hit, and all of its moves require the player to pray right. You’ll also need to heal yourself with his Healers, who will keep healing Jad unless you kill them.

2. Infernal Cape

The Inferno, which is the hardest PvM task in OSRS, is the only way to get the Infernal cape, which is the best melee cape in the game.

If you thought the Fire Cape was good, you won’t believe how many bonuses this one has!

It has a +4 attack bonus in every category except magic and range, where it has a +1.

It also has +12 defense boosts all over, which is a lot.

Even more, the Infernal Cape has a huge +8 strength bonus that makes it way too strong.

How to Get: Get it by being great at PvM. To get this cape, you need an extra level of PvM skills that most players don’t have. To beat the Inferno and get this epic gift, you’ll need time, patience, the best gear, and god-like skills. Expect to fail a lot, but if you keep trying, you might get what you want. Don’t stop trying!

1. Max Cape

The Max Cape is the best item in the game, and getting it is the best thing you can do in the game. It gets our number one spot.

At the time this was written, 17,564 people had this cape.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who play this game, so this is a very small number of them.

So why is getting it so hard?

You’ll need level 99 in all 23 of the game’s skills.

Getting a 99 in a single skill, like Agility, can take months. Now think about getting 99s in 23 skills.

To have 99 in all 23 skills in OSRS, you need at least 300 million overall experience.

So, what makes this cape so great?

Well, it has all the special abilities of every other skill cape in one cape.

This means that you can use a range of teleports and skills, all of which are in the same place in your inventory. Talk about being in charge!

How to Get: Once your account is at its maximum level, go to Max’s island, which is right next to the Warriors’ Guild. The Max Cape will cost you 2,277,000.00 coins.This is a nod to the game’s highest possible skill score, which is 2277.