What is Chinning in OSRS (Is It Worth Doing?)

Chinning is a way to train at a distance. The player uses Chinchompas to attack a big group of enemies, usually in a place where there are multiple fights going on.

Chins hit foes in a 3×3 square area, and every enemy in this area will take damage. Because of this, very high amounts of range experience are gained.

Players often use this method to level up their range because it is the fastest way to gain range experience in OSRS.

Depending on where you train, what kind of chin you use, and how long your trips are, you can get anywhere from 300k to 800k experience per hour.

Chinchompas can only be caught with the Hunter skill, and they are real animals. So, if you die while training with your Chinchompas, they will all run away.

So it’s best to only train with a few thousand at a time so you don’t waste a lot of money (or time), since chinchompas are hard to catch and cost a lot to buy.

Chinchompas Varieties: What Should You Use?

What is Chinning in OSRS

In OSRS, there are three kinds of Chinchompas: grey, red, and black. Grey is the weakest, red is the middle, and black is the best.

For the green ones, you need a level of at least 45, for the red ones, 55, and for the black ones, 65.

When you use grey chinchompas, you get a good amount of experience. But if you can afford it, I think you should use red and black chins.

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This is because grey chins don’t have a bonus to range strength, while both red and black chins do. This makes a big difference in how much damage you do.

Compared to the dark ones, the black ones are more than twice as good. That means you’ll have almost twice as much fun!

When it comes to strength, the black chins are without a doubt the best option. But most people use the red ones because they are much cheaper.

Why Should You Use Chinchompas?

The fastest way to get range experience in the game is by far to shoot.

It’s also the fastest way to get hitpoints experience if you use black chins.

If you want to train up your account quickly, you should use this method. If you use chins, it will only take a few days to get to level 99 in range.

When you reach level 65, you can expect to make between 500k and 600k per hour. So, if you played a few hours a day, you could get to level 99 in less than a week.

Overall, chinning should be used by people who want to level up quickly, who are clean, or who have a lot of money.

What’s The Cost of Chinning?

Chinning is not cheap by any means. The price will depend on which chin you use.

Most people use either the red or black kind, so we’ll mostly talk about those two.

We’ll also assume that the person has full void, a Necklace of Anguish, and an Archer’s ring (i).

It will cost you between 3m and 3.5m per hour to use red chins. You should also get about 400k experience per hour.

On the other hand, using black chins will cost you between 6 and 6.5 million gold per hour and give you between 500 thousand and 600 thousand experience per hour.

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If you want to get 99, you should definitely use red chins. They cost a lot less, but the experience is still pretty good.

Over time, you’ll save a few 10m and still level up at a good rate.

But if you don’t care about money, use black chinchompas to get to level 99. You won’t need long to finish the job.

You should also save some money for prayer and ranging potions to help you be more effective generally. I also strongly suggest camping the Eagle Eye prayer.

Where Should You Chin?

Chinking can only be done well in a few places, and there are a number of requirements that must be met.

The most important things are:

– The area is in a multi-combat zone
– There are more than 12+ enemies in the area, and
– They all attack with a single style which can be protected against using prayers

At the moment, there are two places in OSRS where chinning is best.

The first one can be done by chinning in the Ape Atoll Dungeon. It is opened by the quest Monkey Madness I. This cave has a lot of undead gorilla skeletons that can be stacked in a small area. They don’t drop anything, but they have a lot of health, which makes them a great way to gain experience.

Kruk’s Dungeon, which is opened in Monkey Madness II, is the second and best place to chine.

Here, you can fight crazy monkeys instead of the skulls of undead gorillas, which is a better choice.

These monkeys don’t have much of a defense, and there are dozens of them in the same place.

It’s also easy to pack them together. So you can gain a lot of experience as time goes on.

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They also sometimes drop prayer potions, which can make your trip last a lot longer if you get enough of them.


What is “chinning” in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)?

Chinning in OSRS refers to the practice of using chinchompas, explosive ranged weapons, to efficiently train the Ranged skill by targeting multiple enemies simultaneously. It is commonly used in areas with clustered monsters to maximize experience gains.

How does chinning work in OSRS?

Chinning involves using chinchompas, specifically Red chinchompas or Black chinchompas, which have area-of-effect damage. Players throw these chinchompas into groups of monsters, causing damage to all of them simultaneously. This method allows for fast and efficient experience gains, particularly in crowded areas where multiple enemies are present.

What are the benefits of chinning in OSRS?

Chinning offers several benefits for Ranged training. It allows players to quickly earn Ranged experience by damaging multiple targets at once. Additionally, chinchompas have a chance to inflict additional damage beyond their initial explosion, increasing the overall efficiency of training.

Where are the best locations to chin in OSRS?

The most popular locations for chinning in OSRS include the Ape Atoll Dungeon, where players can target Monkey Archers or Skeletons, and the MM2 tunnels, where players can target Maniacal Monkeys. These areas provide high concentrations of monsters, ideal for chinning and maximizing experience gains.

What gear and requirements are needed for chinning in OSRS?

To effectively chin in OSRS, players typically require high-level Ranged stats, preferably 75 or higher, to access Black chinchompas. Additionally, players should equip gear that boosts Ranged accuracy and damage, such as Armadyl armor or Void Knight equipment. It is also recommended to bring prayer potions, food, and sufficient chinchompas to sustain the training session.