15 Hardest Bosses in Old School RuneScape

In Old School Runescape, every player is always looking for the next big task.

And facing some of the hardest bosses in all of Gielinor is the hardest thing you can do.

The best gear in the game can only be unlocked by beating these Hardest Bosses. I’m telling you that you need this gear, and you can trust me.

There’s nothing more rewarding in the game than beating a boss and getting the drop you’ve been grinding for for hours.

So let’s break this down to see which bosses will take you a long time to beat and which will send you back to Lumbridge over and over again.

15. Kerapac, The Bound

The Elder God Dungeons are in the Ancient Ruins of Senntisten. They were a great addition to RuneScape when they came out in July 2021.

It has four groups of people who believe in the Elder God, each of which is led by a General, or boss. Kerapac lives in the Nodon Front and prays to the Elder God Jas.

Kerapac has a level of 3,000 in fighting, and up to three people can fight him at the same time.

Before taking on this fight, players should make sure their fighting stats are at least level 90 and their prayer level is high.

Kerapac has four stages, and each one is complicated and can cause death.

14. Taraket The Necromancer

The second boss in the Shadow Reef elite level is Taraket the Necromancer. It’s not something to mess around with.

He has a fighting level of 1,000 and more than 400K life points.

Besides his lore book, there are no special drops when you kill Taraket. Still, you have to kill him to get to The Ambassador, the main boss of this cave.

As a necromancer, he knows how to bring large groups of zombie enemies to fight against anyone who tries to stop him.

He strikes with magic and ranged attacks, so players should have Prayer Potions on hand and be ready to pray for protection.

13. Chaos Elemental

Many people think of the Chaos Elemental as an easy boss, but because of where it is, it can be pretty hard for players to beat.

It can be found wandering west of the Rogue’s Castle, deep in Wilderness that is level 50 or higher.

When going there and fighting, players have to watch out for enemy player-killers who want to steal their loot and glory. Players can’t move out of danger in the Wilderness because of the rules there.

The Chaos Elemental is the biggest monster you can play for free, and it has three different ways to attack.

Players should be ready with prayers to protect themselves because these weapons can often do up to 1,100 damage at once.

Its “Madness” attack will also make the player lose their main-hand weapon, so they need to keep an eye on their equipment.

12. Venenatis

Hardest Bosses

This huge spider is just east of the Bone Yard, less than 30 Wilderness away.

With a 464 fighting level, she’s not an easy target.

She uses magic and melee attacks from a long distance. If you don’t have defense from magic, she will hit you more often for very high damage (up to 50) without it.

As if killing her wasn’t hard enough, there are also Pkers who hang out in this area and try to kill people who are fighting Venenatis.

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Make sure to use a 1-click move so you can leave quickly if PKers show up.

Most people hunt Venenatis for the Dragon Pickaxe and the Treasonous ring, which can only be dropped by her.

And to avoid PKers, you should only fight this boss at “off peak” times.

11. Kree’arra

Kree’arra is a level 580 Aviantese who is often just called “Kree” or “Armadyl.” She lives in the God War Dungeon.

Since she’s an Aviantese, the only way to hurt her is with a ranged attack, since fighting and magic won’t work.

You need an ecumenical key or to have killed 40 Armadyl followers in the God War Dungeon in order to be able to fight her.

I’d suggest that you get an inclusive key because it will save you a lot of time.

You should always try to fight Kree while on a slayer job for Avianteses. That way, you can get the slayer helmet damage bonus, which will make the fight much easier.

If you don’t come prepared, you will die. Even letting your range prayer drop once can cause you to take up to 69 damage.

And Kree’s strikes from far away are very accurate. Watch out.

10. Cerberus

Cerberus, a level 318 hellhound, can be found way down in Taverley Dungeon.

Many explorers try to kill this boss so they can get the rare Primordial Crystal that it drops. This crystal is worth a lot of money, so many people try to get it.

And Cerberus is a hard opponent who shouldn’t be taken lightly.

He will create pools of lava around the room that will hurt you over time. He will also call up his three guards, who can each hit you for 30 damage if you don’t pray right.

When you’re not paying attention, it’s easy for the guards and Cerberus to kill you.

Take a lot of food that heals quickly, like sharks and prayer drinks, and keep your mind on which prayer should be up.

You might win by the skin of your teeth.

9. Vorkath

After finishing Dragon Slayer 2, players will be able to fight Vorkath, a blue dragon with a level of 732 that has been killed but is still alive.

Vorkath can attack in all three ways, and he has three different kinds of dragonfire that have different results.

The sheer number of techniques and the “instant kill death fireball” can make it hard to figure out how to beat this boss.

If you hit the wrong thing, you’ll die and be back in Lumbridge in a second.

Vorkath’s drop table is very generous, and he drops a lot of items that can be used for crafting and prayer. This makes him a great boss to grind as an Ironman.

But you should be able to beat this boss in a day or two.

8. Zulrah

Now, Zulrah is a hard boss to figure out.

This level 725 “swamp serpent” is no joke. It can move in different ways and attack in different ways.

You’ll need to pay close attention to how this boss moves and attacks.

If you put up the wrong prayer, you will take a lot of damage. Even if you say the right prayer, you might still take damage during her magic phase…

Zulrah can be very scary.

Most players who learn Zulrah will keep dying after they learn it.

It has a very steep learning curve and is a great way to start high-level PvM material because you have to learn how to switch gear and pray at the same time.

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Once you beat her, this boss is very satisfying because she drops a lot.

The people in the area call her “money snek” because her drop table is so good.

7. Tz-Tok Jad

This boss, who is also called “Jad,” is known for killing more players in one hit than any other boss in RuneScape’s history.

You spawn at Jad ready to fight, but you die right away from something you can’t even see.

Every Old School player who has played for a long time knows all too well how this feels.

To get to Jad, you have to fight through 62 waves of enemies without stopping to restock.

On wave 63, you face the last boss, Jad. If you make a mistake, you generally die right away.

Jad is all about practice and keeping your thoughts calm. Get ready for a fight that will really test you.

When you beat this boss, you can get the Fire Cape, which is one of the coolest capes in the game and also a badge of honor.

6. Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast, also known as “Corp,” is a level 785 beast that can be found in a cave next to the Graveyard of Shadows in level 21 Wilderness.

Using a Games Necklace is a quick and easy way to get there.

Corp is a boss with more than 2,000 health and the ability to reduce almost all damage by 50%.

Only spears and halberds don’t care about this, so the Zamorakian Spear is often the tool of choice for those who want to kill Corp.

Most players choose to fight this boss in groups of 3 or more, since it’s almost impossible to do it alone without lowering its stats a lot, which can be very boring.

Corp, on the other hand, is very famous because it has a very small chance of dropping the Elysian Sigil.

And that mark is worth more than 1 billion gold pieces, making it one of the most expensive PvM drops in the game.

5. The Nightmare

This boss is fairly new to Old School RuneScape. It and the whole town of Slepe will come out in early 2020.

She is a level 814 monster that high-level PvMers often fight in groups.

She has different stages, attacks, and ways of working that you have to learn before you can kill her.

It’s easy to lose focus and feel like you can’t handle everything. So having an open line of communication with your team through Discord makes things a lot easier.

Also, keep in mind that beating this boss takes a lot of Saradomin Brews, Anglerfish, and Super Restores.

When you beat The Nightmare, you have a chance to get The Inquisitor’s Set, which is the best crush armor and weapon in the game.

You also have a chance to get the Nightmare Staff and the Harmonised Orb, which are two of the best OSRS magic weapons.

4. Corrupted Hunllef

With the Corrupted Hunllef, everything is a task and a half.

Before you can fight this crazy boss, you have to go into the Corrupted Gauntlet. This gives you 7 minutes and 30 seconds to get ready for the Hunllef.

During this time, you’ll need to make weapons, gear, and find enough resources to help you beat this very hard level 894 boss.

The time limit is very short, and even if you get ready in time, you’ll still have to fight the Hunllef and win to beat the Gauntlet.

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This boss is very hard, and his attacks change all the time, so you have to pray against him. Plus, these attacks have a lot of harmful AOE effects, like tornadoes that follow you around the room and can even temporarily stop you from praying.

But the hardest part is that you have to fight this boss by yourself. This means that no one can help you, you can’t bring anything from outside, and the clock is always ticking.

This is one of the most stressful times I’ve ever had with a boss.

3. Great Olm

The Great Olm is the last boss in Old School RuneScape’s first raid, the Chambers of Xeric.

Olm’s fighting level of 1043 is very high, and all of his other stats are also very high.

Most players will need at least three people to fight the Olm, since each person will focus on a different part of its body.

This boss has many different stages and attacks, like most high-level bosses. Which can be a lot to handle all at once.

Even with a skilled team behind you, it’s not unusual to die at this boss.

And, as I said, Olm is the last boss you fight before finishing a Chambers of Xeric raid. Because of this, he guards some of the best end-tier weapons, like the Twisted Bow, which is worth over 1.2 billion gold pieces on the market.

That’s almost enough to set you up for the rest of your life.

2. Verzik Vitur

How can I describe Verzik?

You will die many times before you get even one kill.

The Theatre of Blood is the second raid in RuneScape, and it is by far the hardest. Vezrik is the last boss you will fight in this raid.

Verzik has three stages, and each one gets harder than the last. To beat this boss with your team, you’ll need to be an expert at everything, from using switches to counting game ticks.

Finding a good team that can regularly beat Verzik and the Theatre of Blood is a challenge in and of itself, as this content is not for the faint of heart.

Before you even think about trying to beat her, you should be an expert at PvM and be able to easily beat all the other bosses mentioned above.

But if you beat her, you might get some good stuff, like the Scythe of Vitur, which is the best fighting weapon in its slot.

1. TzKal-Zuk

I think anyone who has heard of The Inferno could have guessed that this one would be number one.

At the end of The Inferno, Zuk is the last boss you’ll face. It has a huge combat level of 1400 and can kill any adventurer who is too slow to dodge its strong attacks.

But Zuk is only a small part of what makes the Inferno so hard.

This piece of content is so crazy hard that most players probably won’t even try it.

The Inferno has a reputation for being so hard that only the best players have the skills to beat it. So it’s safe to say that this boss in fits pretty well.

If you beat Zuk, you can get the Infernal Cape, which is the best fighting cape in the whole game.

Not only is this cape beautiful to look at, but any player who wears it deserves respect because they have completed OSRS’s hardest task.