12 Best OSRS YouTubers & YouTube Channels To Subscribe

There are a lot of people online who play OSRS.

There are lots of content creators on Reddit, YouTube, and other sites who show off the latest updates, prank others, or just take on interesting tasks.

Some YouTubers are very popular in the community and also have a good name among OSRS players.

I watch a few OSRS YouTubers for pleasure and to learn about new and interesting ways to train or just to get ideas for fun things to do in the game.

Source Reddit: Here is a list provided by reddit community. The most popular OSRS youtubers by viewcount

So, what are the best OSRS YouTube accounts to check out?

Let’s get started and see:

12. MyNameIsB0aty

MyNameIsB0aty, a captivating YouTube channel that offers a diverse array of content.

Led by the charismatic and skilled B0aty, this channel provides an exhilarating experience with a variety of videos.

He is a great content maker who does a lot of different things. He or she often tells us about new updates and new content that gets added to OSRS.

11. FlippingOldschool

Introducing Flipping Oldschool, a captivating YouTube channel that brings you a diverse range of content.

Led by the dynamic and determined Flipping Oldschool, this channel offers thrilling flipping videos, engaging Ge Only series, and insightful progress updates.

Prepare to be amazed as Flipping Oldschool embarks on an epic journey, starting with a mere 1gp at the grand exchange and tirelessly flipping items to amass wealth, ultimately aiming to acquire the most expensive items in every slot.

Join the adventure and witness the rise of a master flipper on Flipping Oldschool’s extraordinary YouTube channel.

10. Link’s Ocarina & Rargh

Most of the videos these two YouTubers make together, and they often challenge each other to PvP fights with a twist.

They’ve only been on YouTube for a short time, but they’ve already made a big splash.

Most of the time, they will also put up some kind of prizes for these YouTube fights.

Often, they set goals that require them to get a lot of items or gear from jobs that are given at random. Then, when all of these players have finished their jobs, they’ll fight to the death!

Both have a lot of personality and are fun to watch.

9. 25 Buttholes

One of… those YouTubers.

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With a name like “25buttholes,” it’s easy to guess what kind of stuff this person makes. And if you can’t picture it, you can just watch his show.

Most of his content is written in “Google voice,” and he often makes fun of serious problems in OSRS, like scamming or botting.

On YouTube, he’s almost like an anti-hero.

But he has also made a few very funny RuneScape Music vids that you should all check out.

8. Slayermusiq1

“Hello, and welcome to my guide!”

You’ve probably heard these words if you’ve watched Slayermuiq’s guides before on YouTube.

This dude is a god-send. He’s responsible for most of the YouTube quest guides, and his channel has a guide for every single quest where he does the quest, and explains all the items needed, the requirements, and methods to complete each part.

Really, if you need help with quest, consider starting here.

I think most of the OSRS community has used his guides at least once. So if you plan on doing Mourning’s End Part II definitely check him out!

7. Woox

Woox is, well, just crazy.

He is unofficially the best OSRS player because he has done things that most people can’t even understand.

This man must also have a supercomputer in his head, because he does things that no one else would think of.

He actually worked with Jagex to make the Theatre of Blood raid, which is one of the hardest in OSRS. Then he was the first player to do it alone, even though people said it couldn’t be done alone.

He has also beaten six Jad’s without praying.

Woox was the first player to beat the hardest task in the game, which is called “Inferno.” This made it possible for the rest of us to do it. He is a player that really blows your mind.

His YouTube page shows all of his crazy PvM achievements. So, if you really want to be impressed, I suggest you check out his show.

He doesn’t post very often, but everything he does post is fun.

6. Theoatrix OSRS

Theoatrix is a great content maker who does a lot of different things. He or she often tells us about new updates and new content that gets added to OSRS.

He checks out the content himself and tells us what he thinks about it in a video.

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He also has a lot of level 1-99 skill guides, all of which are very useful and up-to-date. Not only that, but a few of his boss tips look great as well.

He has also talked about things like bots and nerfs. But he mostly works on things that help people move forward with their accounts.

Just look through his library, and you’ll find a lot of useful tips and tricks. I would tell new people to play with him.

5. Sir Pugger

Sir Pugger has been trying to stop bots and gold farming in OSRS for the past few months. He has made a lot of movies showing where bots are and what they are doing.

He has even helped JMods get a few bot farms banned lately.

All of these movies are very interesting and informative, especially when he starts getting ready to try to take them down.

He has also done movies about exploits and pk’ing, which are all pretty fun to watch.

I find his movie where he acts like a wilderness lever to be pretty funny and clever.

Check out his YouTube account if you want to see some fun and interesting videos.

4. Sparc Mac

The boys in the group will know all about Sparc Mac’s tricks.

He just recently got to level 100 after a very long grind, and the whole group got together to celebrate.

He often streams on Twitch and posts funny videos on YouTube. Most of these are just him having fun with the community.

He has had huge PKing parties, house parties, and drop parties, and he has probably been to the duel ring once or twice.

Sparc Mac is well-known in the community and has a lot of money. This lets him try out new gear and buy whatever he wants with his money.

His bank has tens of billions of dollars right now.

And his Deadman Mode videos are also a lot of fun to watch, so if you have the time, you should check those out too!

3. C Engineer

C Engineer is without a doubt one of the most original and creative OSRS content makers.

He first did your challenges in the game. You’d basically write a challenge on his most recent video, and if you’re lucky, he’d try to do it.

Some of these were very funny and very interesting to watch.

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He recently started the trend of HCIMs being locked in PvP worlds, and then he kind of went on a killing spree and killed most of the people who did what he did.

He also made a new HCIM that is only for PvP. As of this writing, there is a $2 billion prize on his head. Let’s see how long he can stay alive.

But no matter what, this person is a very good Pk’er. And I really like what he writes.

He also posts a lot, so it’s a good idea to follow his feed.

2. Torvesta

Torvesta is always and only a Pk’er. And he is also one of the best Pk players in OSRS.

The man with a bird’s nest for a head can switch perfectly and will make you sit faster than you think.

He is also very chill, and some of the funniest things he does involve trolling OSRS streams.

I’ll admit that the “Skill Specs” videos where he specifically goes after another Pk’er might be the best things I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

And Torvesta has made many accounts and tried a lot of different ways to Pk. In the past few months, he started his own HCIM and has even Pk’d on it.

Overall, what he does is fun and interesting, and you should check him out to see what you think.

1. Settled

Most people think that people who start an Ultimate Ironman are crazy, but Settled finished one, which is an amazing task that only a few hundred people have done.

But that wasn’t enough for him.

So, he started the most famous OSRS series on YouTube, which is called Swampletics and is about an Ultimate Ironman.

He was an Ultimate Ironman who had to stay in Morytania to finish the Theatre of Blood.

The show had its share of problems, but in the end, it was a lot of fun to watch. And people couldn’t stop talking about it.

He moved back to his maxed-out Ultimate Ironman lately with a new goal:

To get the strangest and most powerful items in OSRS for his Ultimate Ironman. This would make him one of the only players in the game with such crazy items on an ultimate.

This guy is dedicated and a lot of fun. If you like Old School RuneScape a lot, you should check out his feed.