12 Best Boots in Old School RuneScape

Protecting your feet is important. And having the best gear can help you get through dangerous places.

The good news is that OSRS has a wide range of boots that should keep you safe and give you powerful boosts.

There are many different kinds of boots, and most of them focus on Melee, Range, or Magic.

But there are other useful boots that can be used for other things as well.

So, here are the boots I think are the best in OSRS.

12. White Boots

Once the player has finished Wanted! and become an honored member of the White Knights, Sir Vyvin will sell them a pair of armored white boots.

To buy them, you need to be a White Knight with the Adept rank. To get there, you have to kill 800 Black Knights.

White boots are the cheapest and one of the few boots in the game that give a Prayer bonus.

The others are Bandos boots, Guardian boots, Holy shoes, Devout boots, Zealot’s boots, and the Blessed boots set.

11. Wizard Boots

Blue magic boots are what wizards wear.

You can get these boots by going on a medium Treasure Trail.

To wear them, you need to have level 20 Magic.

They have slightly better numbers than Mystic boots, but they are worse than Infinity boots.

This thing can be kept in a costume room’s treasure box.

10. God Hide Boots

The God Hide Boots are the first item on our list. They give a +7 range bonus and a +4 defense bonus.

Because they are made of dragon hide, they have a -10 magic attack boost. So remember this.

People often take the boots as a GWD item to avoid being targeted by enemies, especially Saradomin and Armadyl. You’ll also need a defense level of at least 40 and a range level of at least 70 to use these.

How to Get It: These only drop from hard clues at a rate of 1/1625, or you can buy them on the Grand Exchange.

9. Fremennik Sea Boots 4

The flexibility of these boots is more important than their stats.

Since their perks are about the same as those of the Adamant boots, they are not a good choice for defense.

People mostly want these for the endless teleports to Rellekka, which is a hard place to get to because there aren’t many teleports to that area.

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This is also the quickest way to get to the Vorkath, and it cuts down a lot on the time between trips.

Also, the boots have some high requirements, like killing all three Dagannoth Kings and having a Runecrafting level of 77. They are locked behind the Fremennik Elite Diary.

How to Get The boots can be yours if you finish the Fremennik Elite Diary and talk to Thorodin.

8. Infinity Boots

The Infinity Boots are bright and colorful, and their +5 magic attack and defense bonus is the second best in the game.

Since these boots aren’t too expensive, both PvM and Pk players often use them.

But to wear these fancy boots, you need at least level 50 Magic and level 25 Defense.

Since they don’t have any bad effects, you can also use them in places like Zulrah where you don’t want to switch because you won’t be punished.

How to Get: It’s a nightmare to get the Infinity Boots because you have to go to the terrible Mage Training Arena. It takes about 8 hours to do the job. I could also buy these from the Grand Exchange.

7. Ranger Boots

Due to their very high price of 34m, medium clue hunters often go after the Ranger Boots, which are very valuable and highly sought after.

With a decent +8 range attack and some small defenses against melee and magic, these are the second-best boots for range attack in OSRS. You only need level 40 range to wear them.

These are often used by range-training pures with 1 defense. Because, unlike other boots, you don’t need a certain defense level to wear these.

How to Get It: These are a rare drop from medium clue caskets, and they are by far the most wanted medium clue drop.

6. Guardian Boots

Guardian boots can only be worn by people with 75 defense, but they give the best bonuses to both attack and ranged defense in the game.

More specifically, I’m talking about an amazing +32 defense against close attacks and +24 defense against long-range attacks.

Most players choose to go on the offense, but these things can be very helpful for Hardcore Ironmen who want a little bit more safety and defense.

They could also be used by players who want to act as a tank at Bandos or for Inferno.

The boots weigh a whopping 7kg, which makes them some of the biggest boots in OSRS.

How to Get: Bandos boots have been changed into Guardian boots. To improve the Bandos boots, you’ll need to use a tourmaline core on them.

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5. Boots of Brimstone

With a +3 boost, these special boots have the best stab bonus of any shoes in OSRS.

But they also have good +3 and +5 boosts to their magic and ranged attacks.

Because of these boosts, the Boots of Brimstone are great for bosses like Zulrah who need both mage and ranged styles.

Also, the defense boosts are very useful here, with +10 melee defense and +5 magic defense, which is the same as the Infinity Boots.

With the Boots of Brimstone, players can go into Mount Karuulm without getting damage all the time.

To wear them, you need to be at least level 44 in slayer, have 70 defense, 70 magic, and 70 range. So they are pretty good.

To get the Boots of Brimstone, you need to use a Drake’s Claw on the Boots of Stone, which you can buy from any slayer master.

4. Dragon Boots

These are probably the ones that people wear the most.

The Dragon Boots have great bonuses, like a +4 bonus to power.

It also makes them one of the few boots in OSRS that give an extra boost to strength.

With +16 in stab, +17 in slash, and +18 in crush, they have the third best melee defense bonuses in the game.

Overall, these boots are pretty good, especially since they only cost about 200k.

Players who want to dress up their boots can also get an ornamental kit that gives them a classy gold finish. Just remember that you can only get the decorative kit from hard clue caskets.

How to Get: First, you need a killer level of at least 83, which lets you kill Spiritual Mages. There is a small chance that these masters will drop the Dragon Boots.

3. Eternal Boots

The three boots at the top of this list are all improved versions of boots that came before them. They are the best fighting boots in OSRS.

The Infinity Boots have been made better with the Eternal Boots.

And with a strong +8 attack and +8 defense bonus, they have the best magic attack and defense of any boot in OSRS.

They also give +5 defense in both close combat and long range.

Just remember that you need a magic level of at least 75 and a defense level of at least 75 to wear these boots.

And like the Infinity Boots, these don’t hurt your attack in any way. That is, they can be used with both close and far attacks without lowering damage.

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How to Get The Eternal Boots are made by putting an Eternal Crystal, which Cerberus drops, on a pair of Infinity Boots. This can’t be undone, and you need at least level 60 Runecrafting to do it.

2. Pegasian Boots

Both of our second-place and first-place entries are really just as good as each other, so this could end in a tie.

The Ranger Boots have been replaced by the Pegasian Boots, which are better.

These have the best attack bonus for long range out of all the pairs. In particular, they give an insanely high +12 bonus to ranged attacks and +5 bonuses to all defense stats.

The only bad bonus they offer is a +12 in magic, which makes them a bad choice for magic.

All rangers, except pures in PvM settings, use these a lot. Since they are worth 34m, they are rarely used in PvP. So it’s safe to say that they have a lot of worth.

To wear these, you must have a range and defense level of at least 75.

How to Get The Pegasian Boots are made by putting a Pegasian Crystal, which Cerberus drops, on a pair of Ranger Boots. This can’t be undone, and you need at least level 60 Runecrafting to do it.

1. Primordial Boots

The Primordial Boots, which are an improved version of the Dragon Boots, take the top spot. They have a +5 strength bonus and are the best in slot for strength bonus in OSRS.

These boots also have +22 better protection stats for melee and +2 better attack stats for melee.

Just based on defense, these boots are in the top two for best defensive boots for fighting.

But they give a -4 magic bonus and a -1 range bonus, so if you want to tri-brid, you should take them off.

These boots are the best in slot boots for Theatre of Blood, training to be a melee slayer, Chambers of Xeric, and Cerberus. They are also used in all other events in OSRS.

They can also give you a new top hit, as their +5 strength bonus is very strong.

They also cost about 25m, which is a lot of money.

How to Get The Primordial Boots are made by putting a Primordial Crystal, which Cerberus drops, on a pair of Dragon Boots. This can’t be undone, and you need at least level 60 Runecrafting to do it.