Why Do Hellhounds Drop Nothing in OSRS?

In spite of what most people think, Hellhounds Drop do things other than bones. But their drop table mostly gives out rarer things, so you won’t see these very often.

And what they drop depends on where they die and how they die.

For example, if you are doing a certain Slayer job or killing them in a certain place, their drop table will change a little bit.

What Do Hellhounds Drop?

First, let’s talk about killing Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon and other places.

Most of the time, these Hellhounds will drop bones, but they might also drop hard hint scrolls. And if you’re looking for hard signs, they’re one of the best enemies to kill!

They lose 1/64 of their theses.

There is also a 0.00003% chance that a Smouldering Stone will fall from the sky, which is a drop rate of 1/32k.

If you kill Hellhounds on a Konar or Krystilia Slayer task, you have a chance to get all of the drops listed above, plus a Brimstone (Konar) or Larran’s key (Krystilia), based on which slayer master gave you the task.

These keys can be used to open chests that can contain high-level prizes that are often worth more than 100k.

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And the last place you can kill Hellhounds to get a special drop is in the Catacombs of Kourend, where they might drop parts of the Dark Totem that you can use to fight Skotizo.

The rate at which these fall is 1/384, or 0.002%.

So, yeah, their drops are just very rare in general. Some are just so incredibly rare that many players ask the same question that this piece answers.

Are There Alternatives Besides Regular Hellhounds?

You can fight the Hellhound boss Cerberus if you have a Hellhound slayer job and a slayer level of at least 91.

He is deep inside the Taverley Dungeon.

He has a much better drop table than most Hellhounds, and he can drop the highly sought-after Primordial Crystal, which is worth about 25 million gold.

Just take care here.

Cerberus is a tough boss who can kill a player without the right gear in a matter of seconds.


What is the drop rate for rare items from Hellhounds in Old School RuneScape?

The drop rate for rare items from Hellhounds, such as the Smouldering Stone or parts of the Dark Totem, is very low. For example, the chance of obtaining a Smouldering Stone is 1 in 32,000 (0.00003%).

Where is the best place to kill Hellhounds for rare drops?

Killing Hellhounds in the Catacombs of Kourend is the best option if you’re seeking rare drops. There, they have a chance to drop parts of the Dark Totem, which can be used to fight Skotizo, a powerful boss. The drop rate for these totem pieces is 1 in 384 (0.002%).

Can I obtain valuable items from Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon?

While Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon primarily drop bones, they can occasionally drop hard clue scrolls, providing an opportunity for valuable rewards. Additionally, there is an extremely rare chance (1 in 32,000) of obtaining a Smouldering Stone, a highly sought-after drop.

Are there any alternative options for fighting more rewarding Hellhounds?

Yes, players can take on the Hellhound boss named Cerberus, located deep within the Taverley Dungeon. Cerberus has a significantly better drop table compared to regular Hellhounds and has the potential to drop the valuable Primordial Crystal, worth around 25 million gold. However, be cautious, as Cerberus is a formidable boss that requires appropriate gear and strategy to defeat.