15 Best Healing Items in Old School RuneScape

Whether you’re getting ready for a slayer job or a high-level boss, one of the first things you’ll think about is what healing items to bring.

If you want to be productive, you’ll need to make good use of your stock.

Most players want to make sure they aren’t about to lose because it can be expensive to get things from Death’s Domain.

But this list has something for everyone, no matter what kind of healing you need.

Let’s look at what we can do to keep our health in good shape no matter what.

15. Tuna Potato

Tuna Potato Best Healing Items in Old School RuneScape

Even though they sound gross, tuna potatoes are a member-only food that is thought to be one of the best in OSRS.

To make a tuna potato, you need to have a cooking skill of level 68. It will recover 22 hit points, making it one of the foods that restores the most hit points in a single bite.

To make this dish from scratch, you will need to bake a raw potato on a stove and add butter to it.

Then, you should cook raw tuna and sweet corn on a stove, and then mix the chopped tuna with the sweet corn in a bowl.

Once you have these things, you can make a tuna potato by putting tuna and corn on a potato and adding butter.

You can also buy this item on the Grand Exchange, but it costs more than 1000 coins, so making it yourself is a better deal.

14. Karambwan

Karambwan is one of the most unique foods in OSRS because it can be eaten almost immediately after another food or drink.

If you drink Saradomin’s brew, eat a karambwan, and eat a base food item, this affect will be even stronger.

Players can quickly heal more than 50 hit points, but you have to eat the base food first, then drink the brew, and finally eat the karambwan for it to work.

When paired with some of the best melee armor in OSRS, this food item can keep you alive in some very dangerous conditions.

This food item can heal 18 hit points by itself and can be made with a cooking skill of level 30.

But this item can be cooked on both fires and ranges up to level 99, so it’s best to use the Cooking Cape.

13. Dark Crab

Dark crabs are a type of fish that can only be caught by users in the Wilderness. To catch them with a lobster pot, you need to have a fishing level of 85.

You’ll also need some dark crab bait, which can be dropped by monsters in the area or bought for about 3 coins at the Grand Exchange.

If you can’t catch them yourself or don’t want to, you can buy raw dark crabs on Exchange for 900 coins.

Dark crabs are one of the most famous foods in the game because they heal 22 hit points when eaten.

But players need a cooking level of 90 to cook these crabs, and even at level 99, there is a chance of burning them.

If you want to cook dark crabs, you should use the Hosidius Kitchen, which increases your chance of success by 5%.

Still, if you have the Cooking Cape, you can cook dark crabs anywhere and they will never burn.

Even though dark crab heals as well as tuna potatoes, it is lighter and easier to take.

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Cooked dark crab can be bought at the Grand Exchange for about 1000 coins each, just like other foods.

12. Monkfish

In the Piscatoris Colony, you can catch a monkfish with a small fishing net if you have a fishing level of 62 and have finished the Swan Song quest.

Monkfish is one of the best OSRS foods because it heals 16 hitpoints. This makes it a popular choice when fighting monsters or going through hard dungeons.

Monkfish meat, unlike shark meat, will stop burning at level 90 on a range or level 92 on a fire, so it can’t be ruined.

Some players like them more because they don’t need the Cooking Cape to make sure they can be cooked properly.

If you don’t want to catch these fish yourself, you can also buy them for 250 coins on the Grand Exchange.

Even though it heals the same number of hit points as egg potatoes and potatoes with cheese, monkfish is easy to make because it only needs one ingredient.

You can also cook them even if you haven’t done The Swan Song quest because you can buy or trade them with other players.

11. Shark

Shark is one of the most commonly eaten foods in Old School Runescape because it heals a lot and is easy to catch.

But sharks can only be caught with harpoons, which require a fishing level of 76, or by hand, which requires a fishing level of 96 and a strength level of 76.

You can also buy them from the Grand Exchange for about 550 coins each, which makes them easy to find.

Shark gives 20 hit points when eaten, but even with a good cooking skill, it can be hard to cook.

Even if your cooking skill is at level 99, shark won’t stop burning at fires or standard ranges.

To stop them from burning, you will need the Cooking Cape, which is one of the best skillscapes in OSRS.

If you can keep a couple of cooked shark pieces in your collection, you will be ready for any hard quest.

10. Regen Bracelet

The one and only Regen Bracelet is the first item on our list.

I think this item is great for things like Agility, Thieving, Pyramid Plunder, and Zalcano that need slow passive healing.

The Regen Bracelet doubles the rate at which your health heals on its own. This means that every thirty seconds, you heal one point of health.

Plus, this affect stacks with the Rapid Heal prayer and the Hitpoints Skill Cape, so you could technically heal 1 hitpoint every 15 seconds.

The band is also pretty good in other ways. It’s better than a battle bracelet but not as good as barrows gloves, so it’s kind of in the middle.

How to Get: Enchant an onyx bracelet, which requires level 87 magic.

9. Purple Sweets

Purple sweets are very useful things. Low-level pures often use them to try to get their Fire Cape or to tick-eat bosses that hit hard.

These sweets are great because you can stack them and each one heals between 1 and 3 hit points and gives you 10% more run energy.

This may seem low. But since you can take as many of these as you want, they work as a source of food that never runs out.

At the moment, the only place you can’t use sweets is in the Inferno. Jagex knew that this would have made the content too easy, letting players just check it off or “buy” their way through.

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How to Get: Sweets are obtainable as a reward from all levels of clues except beginner clues. You can also buy them in bulk from the Grand Exchange.

8. Elidinis Statuette

Statuette is a very unique item on this list.

Partly because it’s not something you can own or carry around with you. Instead, it’s a place you can go.

Nardah is where you can find the statue. And if you pray at it, you’ll get all of your stats back, run energy, pray, use a special move, cure poison, heal all of your hitpoints, and get an extra 7 hitpoints for a short time.

This place is basically a fancy pool, and if you don’t have one in your player-owned house, it’s a great option.

Desert amulet (4), which gives you infinite teleports to Nardah, also makes it easy to get to this statuette.

How to Get: To access the statuette you’ll need to complete the quest “Spirits of Elid”.

7. Tuna Potatoes

This is the first food item on our list, and it is a great way to heal at a high level.

Each Tuna Potato heals you for 22 hitpoints, making it one of only four foods in OSRS that can do this.

So, yes, it’s definitely one of the best options.

The reason these are number 7 on this list is because they are the cheapest of the four foods. Since no one wants to lose all of their hard-earned gold, this makes them a much better choice.

How to Get: You can spend time cooking these, but I recommend buying them in bulk on the Grand Exchange.

6. Summer Pie

Summer pies are a very expensive treat. You eat them in two bites, and each bite gives you 11 hitpoints back, for a total of 22 hitpoints.

These cheap treats taste great and are a great way to train agility because they raise your agility level by 5 and give you 10% more run energy.

I also think that summer pies are the best food to bring when facing the Chaos Fanatic or the Chaos Elemental.

This is because these bosses have a special attack that takes your armor away and puts it in your backpack. But in this case, the empty pie dishes will stay in your collection after you’ve eaten the food. This means that you can’t take off your armor.

How to Get: Like tuna potatoes, these pies can be cooked once you’re at level 95 cooking – and making them in bulk will be tiresome. I suggest buying these off the Grand Exchange.

5. Saradomin Godsword

Godswords are useful all the time. But the Saradomin Godsword is the best when it comes to healing.

This weapon has a special move called “Healing Blade” that heals you for 50% of the damage you do to your enemies and increases your prayer by 25% of that damage.

And this attack only takes up 50% of the special bar, so you can use it twice in a row!

This is great for slayer jobs and pretty much any other place where you’re fighting. Even more so because your special will slowly refill, giving you an endless source of hitpoints and prayer points.

How to Get: Dropped solely by Commander Zilyana. You’ll need to get a Saradomin Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade. The hilt drops at a rate of 1/512.

4. Basket of Strawberries

This one might seem out of place on this list, but I promise it’s one of the best ways to fix an inventory spot in all of OSRS.

So, what’s so great about these strawberries?

Five strawberries can fit in a basket, and each one heals 1+6% of your full hit points. So, a basket can hold 30 healed hitpoints, all in one store space.

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Many players choose to bring strawberry boxes to places like the Fight Caves because strawberries are a good source of food that will increase your chances of success.

How to Get: Strawberries can be grown and placed in baskets with the farming skill. This requires a level 31 farming.

3. Guthan’s Armour Set

Guthan’s is a set of Barrows armor that has the best silent healing effect in the game. This effect only works when the full set of Guthan’s is worn, though.

This has a 25% chance of healing you for all the damage you do to an opponent, which is insanely good.

For example, if you hit an opponent for 25 damage, you get 25 health back.

You often bring this set with you and keep it in your luggage as a switch. Then, when your health starts to get low, you can switch to Guthan’s to get better. This saves room in your inventory and means you don’t have to carry as much food.

This is another item that is often brought into the Fight Caves. It is also used at Bandos in the GWD and on slayer jobs.

How to Get: Guthan’s items can be obtained at the Barrows mini-game. However, if you don’t wanna grind that out, you can also purchase these items on the Grand Exchange.

2. Anglerfish

Anglerfish are an interesting food because, depending on your hitpoints, they can be the best or worst food for healing.

If your hitpoints level is 92 or higher, each Anglerfish will heal you for 22 hitpoints.

So the real question you might be asking is, “Why is this the second best thing?”

Because Anglerfish can heal you beyond your base hitpoints! This means that if you have 99 hitpoints and eat a fish, your total hitpoints will go up to a maximum of 121.

This is often used to “pre-pot” for dangerous events like the Theater of Blood and GWD bosses.

Anglers are useful in PvM, but players should be aware that their over-healing affect doesn’t work in PvP.

How to Get: Anglerfish can only be caught at Port Piscarillius with 100% house favor. You’ll also need a minimum of level 82 fishing. These fish are caught very slowly, and require a fishing rod with sandworms to catch.

1. Saradomin Brews

Sara Brews are one of the most popular healing items in the game, if not the most common.

Sara Brews increase your hit points by 15% +2 and your defense level by 20% +2 for each sip.

But this great boost comes with a drawback: your strength, attack, magic, and range are all lowered by 10% +2.

To stop the loss of stats, you should balance your brew consumption with Super Restores, which bring back prayer and all numbers that were lost.

As a general rule, you should take one sip of a Super Restore for every three sips of brew. So, you get all the good affects and none of the bad ones.

At hitpoint levels 94–99, one sip of Sara Brew heals 16 hitpoints. And if you have four sips in each store spot, you can heal 64 hitpoints at once.

So, other than purple sweets, these potions give the most hitpoints per store space.

And, just like Anglerfish, these potions can heal too much, but only up to 115 hit points.

How to Get: Mix a crushed bird’s nest in an unfinished toadflax potion to create a Saradomin Brew. This requires a level 81 Herblore.