18 Best Slash Weapons in Old School RuneScape

Slash would be the attack style that completely ruled Old School RuneScape.

The majority of the most potent weapons feature the slash style, making it the most popular of all the fighting techniques.

The variation ranges from scimitars to scythes. But how is anyone to determine which weapons are junk and which are god-tier slash weapons of incredible strength when there are so many options available?

Here are my top selections for the greatest slash weapons in RuneScape after testing practically all of them out.

18. Black Dagger

Best Slash Weapons in Old School RuneScape

The black dagger is a little bit better than the steel blade in terms of accuracy. It can be poisoned, just like any other dagger, which gives it an edge in battle.

This dagger can be bought at the Varrock Swordshop or won from the Shades of Mort’ton minigame or level 1 Treasure Trails.

This item is rarely used, like all blades except the dragon dagger. Shadow warriors in the Legends’ Guild can drop this sword. Like all black weapons, you need an Attack level of 10 to use it.

As with all black and white items, the Black dagger can’t be made from raw materials using the Smithing skill.

17. Staff of Balance

The staff of balance is a bladed staff that can only be used by someone with 75 Attack and 75 Magic.

Bring a Guthixian icon and a staff of the dead to Juna in the Chasm of Tears. She will make it for you. This process can’t be stopped.

All of the affects of the staff of the dead are passed on to the staff of balance.

The only difference between them is that the staff of balance automatically casts the god spell Claws of Guthix instead of Flames of Zamorak, and it can’t automatically cast battle spells from Arceuus.

In the God Wars Dungeon and the Desert Bandit Camp, it also counts as a Zamorakian item.

You can’t add a magic fang to the staff of balance to give it the extra magic attack boost and toxic effect of the toxic staff of the dead.

16. Crystal axe

The crystal axe is used in the Woodcutting skill. To make and use it, you need 71 Woodcutting and Song of the Elves.

You also need 50 Agility and 70 Attack.

It has the same special attack as the dragon axe, and cutting logs with it is 15% faster than with the rune axe, which is faster than the dragon axe’s 10% boost.

So, the crystal axe is about 4.5 percent faster than the dragon axe.

15. Rune Scimitar

With the greatest in slot non-member weapon on this list, we have to show some appreciation for the non-members:

Scimitar of the Rune!

This scimitar possesses an unparalleled DPS on non-member worlds with a +45 slash boost.

This recognizable Old School weapon ought to be available to almost every F2P gamer.

How to Get: Dropped by Fire Giants, or make one with 90 Smithing.

14. Dragon Scimitar

One of the most recognizable weapons in the entire game may be this one.

It’s also difficult to not fall in love with this mid-game slash weapon with its blood red sleek curve blade.

With a +67 slash boost, it is also the strongest scimitar in Old School RuneScape. Thus, the Dragon Scimitar is among the best tools for one-handed strength training.

This is a tactic that Ironmen frequently employ till the very end of the game. Many people will even use this up to 99-strength.

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How to Get: Complete “Monkey Madness 1” to be able to wield this powerful weapon. After the quest, you can buy it from Daga on Ape Atoll.

13. 3rd Age longsword

To be absolutely honest, this weapon is less of a practical slash weapon to equip and more of a flex weapon.

Although it is technically the finest longsword in Old School RuneScape, it does have a respectable slash bonus of +72.

Because it’s so rare and expensive compared to the other weapons on this list, I argue this is a flex weapon.

As of the time of writing, it has a market value of approximately 500 million coins.

The majority of people who had the means to do so would probably just go ahead and purchase the other top weapons in this rating. But hey, I get it—sometimes having the nicer things in life is wonderful.

How to Get: The 3rd age longsword can only be dropped from elite and master clue scrolls, with a roughly 1 in 300,000 chance (yes, you read that right!)

12. Saradomin Sword

The Saradomin Sword, also commonly referred to as “SS”, is a really decent two-handed slash weapon commonly used for getting fast strength experience.

It has a desirable slash bonus of +82, and is very fast for a two handed weapon.

If you really want to up your game, you could attach a Saradomin Tear to the sword to give it an additional +18 in slash.

Now we’re getting into some territory of a truly deadly weapon!

Lately this has become a lot less popular, just because there are many alternatives out there.

But the Saradomin Sword is still commonly used by Pker’s, specifically pures who want to keep their defence low.

How to Get: Dropped by Commander Ziliyana and her bodyguards at the God War Dungeon.

11. Zamorak Godsword

This Godsword, also known as a ZGS, boasts a powerful +132 slash bonus and +132 strength boost.

It can therefore smack extremely forcefully.

The sole drawback is that it is one of the slower weapons in the game, which is why slash types don’t frequently utilize it as their primary weapon of choice.

The ZGS is mostly employed for its special attack, “Ice Cleave,” which, like the spell Ice Barrage, may immobilize a foe for 20 seconds.

This is highly helpful in PvP and some PvM scenarios, such as the Chambers of Xeric when used to keep Muttadiles from getting to the meat tree.

The ZGS, however, is ultimately the least well-liked of the four Godswords.

How to Get: Dropped solely by K’ril Tsutsaroth. You’ll need to get a Zamorak Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade.

10. Armadyl Godsword

This ZGS, also referred to as a Godsword, has a potent +132 slash bonus and +132 strength boost.

So it can smack with a lot of force.

Slash types don’t commonly use it as their primary weapon of choice because it is one of the slower weapons in the game, which is its only disadvantage.

The ZGS is mostly used for its special attack, “Ice Cleave,” which, similar to the spell Ice Barrage, can render an opponent immobile for 20 seconds.

When used to prevent Muttadiles from reaching the meat tree in the Chambers of Xeric, for example, this is quite helpful in PvP and some PvM situations.

But of the four Godswords, the ZGS is ultimately the least favored.

How to Get: Dropped solely by Kree’arra. You’ll need to get an Armadyl Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade.

9. Crystal Halberd (i)

The Crystal Halberd has a +110 boost and is a power slash weapon.

However, due to how slow it is, it is hardly ever utilized as a main weapon.

The actual advantage is that this weapon is simple to obtain (for high level players) and that it has a powerful special attack.

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It is frequently utilized as a special weapon only in PvM, particularly in locations like Theatre of Blood on bosses like Bloat or the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

Here, a 10% damage increase is provided by a special attack that consumes 30% of your special bar.

The accuracy of each successive special will, however, be 25% less accurate. I should also point out that only huge monsters are eligible for usage of this special attack.

How to Get: Complete the Hard Western Province Diary and take a crystal weapon seed to Islwyn.

8. Saradomin Godsword

Another Godsword, ah.

You must be familiar with the procedure by now!

We know what this gives stat-wise—a +132 slash bonus and a +132 strength bonus.

Let’s now discuss the Saradomin Godsword’s incredibly practical special attack, which makes it unique.

The special attack “Healing Blade” on the Saradomin Godsword (also known as an SGS) is one of its many features.

This uses up 50% of your special meter, doubles accuracy, improves max hit by 10%, recovers hitpoints by 50% of damage caused, and recovers prayer by 25% of the same damage.

Goodness gracious.

It’s understandable why so many players bring this along for bossing or slayering as it has such a flexible special attack. Essentially, it serves as a source for food and prayer.

And in locations like the Fight Caves and Inferno, where inventory space is at a premium and banking is not an option, this is extremely helpful.

How to Get: Dropped solely by Commander Zilyana. You’ll need to get a Saradomin Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade.

7. Dragon Claws

Another well-known RuneScape weapon is the D Claw, which is renowned in the PvP scene for doing a lot of damage extremely quickly.

You may be asking why it is ranked so highly considering that these only have a low +57 slash boost.

But its powerful special attack makes up for this smaller advantage.

The name of the game is “Slice and Dice,” and it hits an enemy four times in quick succession while only utilizing half of the special bar!

Such a potent special frequently leaves your opponent either dead or struggling to heal.

How to Get: This is a rare drop from the Chamber of Xeric.

6. Arclight

I adore the style and moniker of this weapon.

With a +38 slash boost, it is also the strongest demonbane weapon in Old School RuneScape. You’re already saying, “What?” Only +38?? How in the world did this get that high up on this list?

Let me now discuss Arclight’s passive effect, my friend.

When battling demon creatures like K’ril or Cerberus, Arclight offers a 70% increase in damage and accuracy. This improvement affects all of your equipment stats, not just the blade.

The Arclight is thus occasionally the strongest weapon in Old School RuneScape.

For a straightforward +38 slash boost item, not bad.

But in addition to everything mentioned above, the Arclight has a unique strike called “Weaken”. This reduces any enemy’s strength, attack, and defense stats by 5%.

Additionally, demonic foes suffer a 10% reduction in those stats.

This weapon is essential to have in your armory if you’re fighting any demonic creatures.

How to Get: You’ll need to have a Darklight and upgrade it with 3 ancient shards from the Catacombs of Kourend to obtain an Arclight.

5. Bandos Godsword

Finally, the final Godsword in Old School on this list—and, in my opinion, the best—is here:

The BGS, also called the Bandos Godsword.

By now, you are already aware of the statistics: slow attack speed, +132 slash and +132 strength bonuses.

Let’s check out its unique attack and get on to the important stuff!

The “Warstrike” special attack is used by the BGS.

It takes 50% of the special bar, doubles accuracy, deals 21% more damage than usual, drains your opponent’s stats (the total amount drained depends on how much damage you just caused), and increases accuracy by 50%.

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But more specifically, the stats of Ranged, Defense, Strength, Prayer, Attack, and Magic are drained in that order.

This is crazily helpful in PvM, especially in areas where bosses have strong defenses, like the Theatre of Blood or the Chambers of Xeric.

How to Get: Dropped solely by General Graador. You’ll need to get a Bandos Hilt drop and attach it to a Godsword blade.

4. Abyssal Whip

This item is unquestionably the most recognizable weapon in Old School RuneScape.

Having a whip was the pinnacle of success in the early years of the game. Everyone could see how elite you were because of it.

Long-time players should still be able to recognize this one even though things have changed over time.

Despite being introduced so many years ago, the whip is still a popular weapon thanks to its quick speed and +82 slash boost.

It’s frequently utilized as a main weapon in the game, and to go even further, it might still be the weapon that most players use the most.

How to Get: The easiest way to get this is from a drop by Abyssal demons. But you can also get this from the Abyssal sire.

3. Abyssal Tentacle

Here is a better version of the Abyssal Whip, with better stats to match.

The Abyssal Tentacle is a weapon that can be broken. It has a +90 slash bonus, which gives it a slight advantage over the whip version.

This is the weapon of choice for a lot of things, but the big ones are staking at the Duel Arena and the Theatre of Blood.

Just keep in mind that it costs money to use the tent whip, as it is often called.

A kraken limb and an abyssal whip are used to make it.

Slowly, the whip is used up until it’s gone and only the stalk is left.

This makes it much more expensive to use than a normal Abyssal whip, so it’s usually only used when it’s an absolute must.

How to Get: Combine a Kraken tentacle with an Abyssal Whip.

2. Blade of Saeldor

With a +94 slash bonus, the Blade is the best single-handed slashing weapon in Old School RuneScape.

It is tied for the best single-handed weapon with the Ghrazi Rapier and the Inquisitor’s Mace.

The Blade of Saeldor starts out degradable, and it takes 1000 crystal bits to make it non-degradable, though this is a change that happened not too long ago.

Also, keep in mind that making this weapon non-degradable makes it impossible to sell, which many players think is too much of a cost.

How to Get: Complete the Gauntlet or Corrupted Gauntlet to have a chance at this unique item.

1. Scythe of Vitur

In all of Old School RuneScape, the Scythe of Vitur is the most powerful offensive weapon.

It only has a +75 slash bonus.

But the passive effect of this weapon is what makes it so powerful, and that’s why it’s at the top.

This Scythe can hit up to three small enemies with a single swipe, or it can hit a big enemy up to three times with a single swipe.

The amount of damage this scythe does is crazy.

With the right setting, it can easily do more damage per second (DPS) than any other weapon on this list.

The only bad thing about this god-like tool is that it costs a lot to keep up.

About 22 million coins are needed to fully charge the Scythe. It’s actually one of the most expensive guns to keep up in the game because of this.

But if you want to cut through enemies like butter, the work is more than worth it.

How to Get: This is a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood. Good luck!