18 Best Potions in Old School RuneScape

In OSRS, potions are very helpful.

From restoring your prayer to healing poison to protecting you from dragonfire, there seem to be a lot of different things that can be done.

Using the right potion for the job can also save you a lot of stress and money, and there are a few worth looking into.

There are so many choices that it can be hard to know where to start.

So, which drugs should you keep and which ones should you get rid of? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best ones.

18. Antipoison

When you put marrentill and unicorn horn dust in a vial of water, you get 37.5 Herblore experience and can make an antipoison potion. It needs Herblore level 5.

Potions that cure poison and give protection for 90 seconds are called antipoison potions. Adding roe to a 2-dose drink turns it into a 2-dose anti-poison mix that heals 3 Hitpoints.

Potions that remove disease can be bought from players or at Jiminua’s Jungle Store on Karamja.

In the Observatory Dungeon, there is also a spawn place in a chest north-east of the stairs that lead up to the Observatory.

17. Overload

Overload is a drink that can be bought for 1,500 reward points per dose from the Nightmare Zone minigame.

You can only get these points if you play the minigame.

You can’t use overloads outside of the minigame.

Also, you can’t use an Overload drink if you have less than 50 HP. But if a player drinks an overload potion and quickly drops to 50 HP before the first hit of damage, the overload will kill the player if they don’t heal.

When the surge ends, the 50 HPs come back.

16. Antifire potion

A small amount of protection from a dragon’s breath is given by an antifire potion.

When used with an anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield, it will keep dragonfire from hurting you for six minutes.

A player with 69 Herblore can make it by putting clean lantadyme and dragon scale dust in a vial of water. This gives 157.5 Herblore experience.

It can only be used after Dragon Slayer I has begun. It can also be improved to an extended or super antifire by adding lava scale shards with 84 Herblore or crushed superior dragon bones with 92 Herblore, respectively.

15. Hunter Potion

The Hunter Potion is a potion that can be used early in the game to briefly raise a player’s hunter level by +3.

To make it, you need a level 53 herblore.

This one can help players who are looking for rare imps as they move. For example, the Dragon Impling, which is very sought after, needs a hunting level of 83.

At level 80, you could catch a wild one with this drink.

This is especially helpful for Ironmen because it is one of the few ways to get an Amulet of Glory early in the game.

How to Make: Making this potion requires a clean avantoe and some kebbit teeth dust. You can get the kebbit teeth from sabre-tooth kebbits, and crush them with a pestle and mortar.

14. Weapon Poison++

Some weapons in OSRS, like the Dragon Dagger and the Dragon Spear, can be poisoned to make them much more powerful. This is done by adding a layer of poison to the tips of the weapons.

The only way to do this is to make a bottle of weapon poison, with weapon poison ++ being the most dangerous.

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It takes level 82 of herblore to make, which is pretty high.

But if you put it on a weapon, it gives your target a 25% chance of being poisoned.

Once poisoned, it will do 6 damage every 18 seconds with close-range weapons and 4 damage every 18 seconds with long-range weapons.

This drink is also great for pking because it slowly drains the health of your target.

How to Make: You’ll need cave nightshade and poison ivy berries. Use these on a vial filled with coconut milk to make this deadly concoction.

13. Agility Potion

Now, this potion works like the Hunter Potion, and low-level ironmen often use it to get past hard agility obstacles, help with quests, or finish jobs in their diaries.

To make an agility potion, you need to know 34 things about herbs. The potion will temporarily raise your agility level by 3.

The things that go into these little potions are also easy to find and make.

How to Make: Mix toadflax and toad legs, which you can find in the Gnome Stronghold.

12. Divine Battlemage Potion

As the first combat-boosting drink on this list, the battlemage potion is the best choice if you want to use magic.

This potion is both a magic potion and a super defense potion all in one.

Most of the time, these would be used against bosses in PvM, like Zulrah, where a high defense level and a boost to magic attack are useful.

But this drink gives you a +4 magic boost and increases your defense based on your base defense level. For example, if your defense was 94, you’d get a +19 boost, but if it was 80, you’d get a +17 boost.

Since this is a divine potion, the boost will last for 5 minutes without losing a single level.

How to Make: You’ll need a vial of blood, obtainable from the Theatre of Blood, plus a candantine and a potato cactus for the battlemage potion. To make it divine, add crystal dust.

11. Super Strength Potion

Super Strength potions are popular for both PvM and PvP, and they are cheaper than super battle potions since many players just want a strength boost.

This is exactly what you get.

More specifically, this drink gives you more strength based on how much strength you already have. It works the same way as the battlemage potion we talked about earlier.

But this version of Super Strength costs almost 1/10th as much as a Super Combat Potion. This makes it a good choice for many things.

How to Make: Use a Limpwurt root on a kwuarm potion to create this vial of strength.

10. Extended Super Antifire

Dragonfire is no laughing matter, and will burn you to a crisp in seconds without the right protection!

The Extended Super Anti-fire potion is not only the best of the anti-fire potions, but also the hardest-to-make potion in OSRS, with a herblore requirement of level 98!

A single dose provides full immunity to dragonfire for six minutes.

The only exceptions are Vorkath, KBD, and Galvek, who can all still damage you partially.

Note you’ll need to also have completed Dragon Slayer II and spoken to Primula, who resides in the Myths’ Guild, to learn how to brew this concoction.

How to Make: Using a lava scale shard on a super anti-fire potion will create an extended version. You can get lava scales from lava dragons in the Wilderness.

9. Prayer Potion

Here is a Prayer Potion, which can be used to get back 7 + 27% of your overall prayer level in prayer points.

For example, if you had prayer level 80, you would get back 27 points. And if your prayer skill was level 84, you would get back 28 points.

Since prayer is a common mechanic, being able to recover your points while doing PvP or PvM is very important.

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For most high-level material, you’ll need some kind of prayer restoration. And often the first pick is a prayer potion.

To make it, you only need a level of 38 in herblore.

This means that most people can get the drink early on in their account builds.

How to Make: Combine some Snape Grass with an unfinished Ranarr potion to make a Prayer Potion.

8. Guthix Rest Tea

The Guthix rest is a very unique item that is mostly used in PvP. Why?

It heals and doesn’t take any game ticks to use. That is, it doesn’t get in the way of a player’s move, like an attack.

This can be very helpful if you’re fighting a special weapon like Dragon Claws or an Armadyl Godsword when you’re eating combos.

This is one of the few things in the game that can do this.

It heals 5 hit points, gives you 5 run energy back, and cuts the damage you take from poison or venom by 1.

You only need a herblore level of 18 and to have finished the quest One Small Favour to make this drink.

How to Make: Get a tea cup, 2 guams, a harralander, and a marrentill. Fill the tea cup and use any of the herbs on it to make the brew.

7. Super Restore Potion

With a few key changes, super restore potions work the same as prayer potions.

One of these is that each dose gives an extra +1 prayer point.

They also bring back all stats that were lowered, which makes them a popular addition to Saradomin Brews.

Hitpoints are the only thing they don’t bring back.

And because they are often used with Saradomin Brews, they are used more often than prayer potions because their benefits are much more useful in general.

Most high-level PvM will need these, but to make them yourself, you’ll need a herblore level of 63.

How to Make: Use some red spiders eggs with a snapdragon potion.

6. Anti-venom+

Anti-Venom+ can cure any poison or venom right away and keeps you from getting poisoned again for 3 minutes if you have at least level 94 herblore.

It also keeps you from getting poisoned again for 15 minutes.

This is often used to fight Zulrah and Vorkath, since both of them can poison their enemies.

This drink is also used at the DKS, because each dose’s anti-poison effects help trips last for a very long time.

How to Make: Use a Torstol on an anti-venom potion to create the + version.

5. Sanfew Serum

Sanfew Serums are way better than Super Restores because they fix poisons and diseases and do everything a Super Restore does.

This defense against poison and sickness lasts for 15 minutes.

But making these is extremely hard, and each one costs 20k, which is a lot.

They are, however, very helpful against bosses like K’ril in the God War Dungeon, who can poison you quickly and use strikes that drain your prayer.

This basically saves a spot in your collection that you would have used for an anti-poison.

But because of how much it costs, you should only use this in very dire circumstances.

How to Make: I recommend buying this off of the Grand Exchange. Making them is a long elaborate process.

4. Divine Bastion Potion

The Divine Bastion Potion gives you the same amount of range level boost as a super range potion or a super defense potion.

Someone with 99 range and 99 defense, for example, would get a +13 range boost and a +19 defense boost.

Since this is a divine potion, the benefits of boosting last for a full 5 minutes. And their numbers won’t go down until the timer runs out. After that, all stats go back to normal.

Also, you’ll need a herblore level of 86 to make this potion.

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Overall, these drinks are useful for most bosses you face from a distance, such as Hydra, the Theater of Blood, Commander Zilyana, Kree’arra, and many more.

How to Make: You’ll need to use crystal dust on a normal bastion potion.

3. Divine Super Combat Potion

This is, without a doubt, the best fighting potion in the whole game.

The Divine super battle potion is a drink that has a super attack, super defense, and super strength potion all in one.

All of the fighting stats get a boost at the same time.

This would give a max-level player a brief +19 boost to all melee skills.

Like all other divine potions, the affect of this one lasts for 5 minutes.

This holy super-combat potion can be used anywhere melee fighting is done.

Most of the time, this means PvM, Slayer, and almost every boss that uses striking.

It’s also hard to make, since you need a high level of 97 herblore to do it.

This is, without a doubt, the best fighting potion in the whole game.

The Divine super battle potion is a drink that has a super attack, super defense, and super strength potion all in one.

All of the fighting stats get a boost at the same time.

This would give a max-level player a brief +19 boost to all melee skills.

Like all other divine potions, the affect of this one lasts for 5 minutes.

This holy super-combat potion can be used anywhere melee fighting is done.

Most of the time, this means PvM, Slayer, and almost every boss that uses striking.

It’s also hard to make, since you need a high level of 97 herblore to do it. It’s also hard to make, since you need a high level of 97 herblore to do it.

How to Make It: To make the divine version, add crystal dust to a super combat potion.

2. Stamina Potion

Strength pills can be used for both PvM and skilling.

A dose of stamina potion refills 20% of your run energy and slows down the rate at which your run energy goes down by 70% for 2 minutes.

In the end, this gives them almost endless energy to run for those two minutes.

To get to the level of 77 herblore needed to make this drink, you might have to work hard, but it’s worth it.

In PvM, this drink is very helpful for soloing Chambers of Xeric, Commander Zilyana, and Abyssal Sire. But this potion can also help with skilling tasks like farm runs.

Many players also choose to bring these with them on tasks because it speeds things up.

They’re a great way to improve the game’s general quality of life, so you should think about getting them whenever they could help.

How to Make It: To make stamina, add some amylase crystals to a super energy drink.

1. Saradomin Brew

Saradomin’s brews are the best way to heal with just one thing in your inventory.

The Saradomin brew takes level 81 of herblore to make and can heal up to +16 hitpoints per dose. Each liquid can be used 4 times.

So, multiply your gain by 4, and each potion can heal a total of 64 hitpoints.

These also work like a stronger version of a Super Defense potion. Someone with defense level 99 can get a temporary +21 defense boost, which is incredibly useful when combined with the healing benefits.

All of your other stats go down when you drink this Saradomin Brew. So, most of the time, Super Restores are used with brews in a ratio of 3 sips of brew to 1 sip of restore.

So, you get the right amount of everything.

Players use Saradomin Brews on almost every high-level boss, and there aren’t many bosses where they aren’t used.

How to Make: Use a crushed bird’s nest on an unfinished toadflax potion.