12 Best Magic Weapons & Staves in Old School RuneScape

In OSRS, being able to use magic is pretty important. As you level up your magic, you’ll also be able to use more fighting and utility skills.

By training the Magic skill, you can learn to teleport, turn items into coins, do strong surge strikes, and even freeze your opponents.

So, what kind of tool should a skilled mage use?

There are a lot of staves and wands to choose from in OSRS. Some of them are so powerful that only the best witches will be able to use them.

But if you need ideas for your mage build, here are the best OSRS magic tools to look at.

12. Ancestral Robe Top

Best Magic Weapons & Staves in Old School RuneScape

The top of the family robe can sometimes be found in the Chambers of Xeric.

It is part of the set of ancestral clothes and can only be worn by people with level 75 in Magic and level 65 in Defense.

It can be kept in the magic closet of a house owned by a player.

11. Ancestral Hat

The family hat can be found in the Chambers of Xeric as a rare drop.

It is part of the set of ancestral clothes and can only be worn by people with level 75 in Magic and level 65 in Defense.

It can be kept in the magic closet of a house owned by a player.

10. Ahrim’s Staff

The first staff on this list is the Ahrim’s Staff, which is a barrows item.

To use this staff, you need to be at least level 70 in both magic and attack. It has a +15 magic attack and defense bonus and a +5% magic strength boost.

Not bad at all.

If you use this staff with all of Ahrim’s items, the set effect will be unlocked.

This gives you a chance that each hit you land on your opponent will lower their strength level.

If you combine this with an Amulet of the Damned, you can automatically cast Ancient magic and have a 25% chance to do 30% more damage!

Where to Get: This is obtainable from the Barrows minigame as a rare drop.

9. Staff of the Dead

The Staff of the Dead is a magical weapon that can be used as both a ranged and melee weapon. Its stats are close to those of a Dragon Longsword, which makes it stand out from other magical weapons.

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Just keep in mind that you need 75 magic and attack to use it.

But the staff gives a +17 bonus to both magic attack and defense and a very strong +15% bonus to magic strength.

When you use a spell that affects battle, there’s a 12.5% chance that you won’t use any runes at all.

This is definitely a very useful staff for both PvP and PvM.

In addition to all of the above, the staff has a special move that reduces by half any melee damage done to it for 60 seconds. But it needs to keep its tools in order to get the rewards.

Where to Get: This is a rare drop from K’ril in the God War Dungeon at a rate of 1/512.

8. Dawnbringer

In the game, the Dawnbringer stick is the second most powerful weapon.

It is at the bottom of this list because it can only be used in one place:

Phase 1: Verzik in the Blood Theater.

But it has a very strong +25 magic attack bonus, and its special attack does 75–150 damage to Verzik each time it hits.

This uses up 35% of the special bar, so it needs to be passed around to your teammates to give enough damage to break down her shields.

Where to Get: Obtainable in the Theatre of Blood temporarily. It cannot be removed from the raid.

7. Master Wand

At last, our first wand on this list.

The Master Wand has a magic attack and defence of +20, and requires level 60 magic to wield.

It’s notable as being one of the few magic items in OSRS being able to autocast Ancient Magic. As a result, it’s always been quite a popular option among players.

Sadly, it’s locked behind the Mage Training Arena which is just boring to do.

I mean, it’s really some of the worst content to grind in OSRS. So getting this wand will take many, many hours of your time.

Where to Get: Only buyable from the Mage Training Arena with points obtained from doing activities within.

6. 3rd age Wand

The Master Wand has the same stats as the Master Wand, and it can automatically cast regular magic spells.

And to use it, you need 65 magic, which is 5 more than the Master Wand.

This item is unique because it’s from the 3rd age, which makes it very rare.

It’s so rare that it costs about 140m while the Master Wand only costs about 3.5m. Yeah.

Most people who have this wand do not use it in fight. Instead, they use it to show off.

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Where to Get: Obtainable from elite and master clue caskets.

5. Trident of the Swamp

Most people probably use Trident of the Swamp more than any other staff in OSRS.

It costs a lot to use, but not as much as a Sanguinesti Staff, and it still does a lot of damage.

To use this trident, you’ll need a magic skill of at least level 75.

It gives a +25 bonus to magic attack and a +15 bonus to magic defense. The most damage this staff can do at level 99 magic, without any boosts, is 31. This can go up to 38 if you add all the magic bonuses you can.

The Trident of the Swamp is different from the other staves on this list because it comes with a spell. Also, the staff needs to be paid.

So you don’t even need to bring runes with you.

The staff can only be used in PvM, since it’s not allowed in PvP right now.

And finally, there is a 25% chance that this amazing staff will poison an enemy. When you wear a snake helmet, this chance goes up to 100%.

Where to Get: You’ll need to attach a Magic Fang from Zulrah, onto a Trident of the Seas.

4. Toxic Staff of the Dead

Now, this version of the Staff of the Dead is better because it has a magic fang on it.

To use it, you’ll need at least 75 attack and 75 magic.

The staff’s numbers are the same as those of a Staff of the Dead, but it also has a 25% chance to poison an enemy.

And, just like before, putting on a snake helmet makes this chance go up to 100%.

Because it does quite a lot of damage, this staff is often used in PvP situations with a lot at stake. Even more so with surge spells.

You’ll also need Zulrah scales to charge the staff, which will cost about 1.3m to fully charge.

Where to Get: You’ll need to attach a Magic Fang from Zulrah, onto a Staff of the Dead.

3. Harmonized Nightmare Staff

As a very strong staff, you’ll need at least level 75 magic and 50 hitpoints to even think about using this.

At a crazy 840m, this is the most expensive magic tool on this whole list.

But it’s great for PvP because it has 4 ticks and no initial delay. This makes it one of the fastest guns in OSRS.

When you use an offensive spell from the standard spell book along with this special attack, it goes into effect.

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With its speed, +16 magic attack, and +15% magic strength bonus, this staff is a very strong weapon. No wonder it’s so expensive.

It can also be used in PvM to fight bosses like Zulrah, the Nightmare, and the Kraken.

Where to Get: You’ll need to have a Nightmare Staff and combine it with the very expensive Harmonized Orb.

2. Sanguinesti Staff

I’ve already talked about this one, and it’s a well-known choice for a magical tool.

The Sanguinesti Staff gives you a +25 bonus to your magic attack and a +15 bonus to your defense. It has the same kind of stats as a Trident of the Swamp.

The thing that makes this staff stand out is its strong silent effect.

The Sang has a 1/6 chance of healing you for about half of the damage you just did to your opponent when it hits them.

And the staff comes with a spell that you can use.

But it needs blood runes to work, which makes it very expensive to get and keep.

20k blood runes, which cost about 22.6m, are needed to fully charge a staff. This means that each spell costs about 1,100 gold.

Due to its high price, the Sanguinesti Staff is mostly used by very wealthy people or for very specific things, like raids.

And if you want to buy one, you should start saving money. This staff usually sells for 70m, which is a very high price.

Where to Get: Obtainable as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.

1. Kodai Wand

The all-powerful Kodai Wand is our number one pick.

The Kodai has a magic attack bonus of +28, a defense bonus of +20, and a magic strength bonus of +15%. It feels like the best magic weapon in OSRS.

Just keep in mind that you need 75 magic to use it, so it will be a while before you can carry it around.

But it can automatically cast spells from both old and new spell books!

As if this tool couldn’t get any better, the wand lets you use water runes as much as you want. This makes it easy to cast ice magic and saves you a spot in your inventory.

It also costs 86m, which is a lot of money. But if you can pay for it or get it some other way, it may be worth the trouble.

Where to Get: You’ll need to get a Kodai Insignia from the Chambers of Xerics, which is a mega-rare drop. Once obtained, you’ll need to combine that with a Master Wand.