10 Most Expensive Skills To Train Up To 99 in OSRS

It can cost a lot of money to get to level 99. But, with a few exceptions, almost every skill has a useful way to get to level 99.

But sometimes we need to get experience quickly and don’t want to worry about spending weeks to level up a skill.

So, you ask, what’s the best way to quickly level up a skill? Of course, spend a lot of money on the problem until it goes away.

And if you do that, it helps to know which ones will cost you a lot of money to get to 99.

So, let’s look at some of the skills that get you to level 99 in the game the fastest and cost the most.

10. Cooking


No one doesn’t like wine.

Well, if you’ve made over 62,000 wines, you might be sick of the stuff. It takes that many Jugs of Wine to get from level 68 cooking to level 99 cooking.

Making Jugs of Wine should give you about 500k experience per hour. And it should take a player 25 hours to reach level 99 with this.

So how bad is it?

To make Jugs of Wine up to 99, you’ll have to pay about 4.5m. Which, all things considered, isn’t too bad.

Most of the time, you get to stand on the bank, and it’s pretty easy work.

Total Cost: ~4m

9. Smithing

The Blast Furnace is the fastest (and most expensive) way to get to level 99 in smithing.

You’ll need to be able to get to Keldagrim and have finished “The Giant Dwarf” task.

If you use the Goldsmith Gauntlets, you can make Gold Bars at level 40, which give you 56 experience per ore used.

This method takes a total of 230k gold ores and costs around 20m from smithing level 40 to 99.

You can earn between 300,000 and 400,000 experience points, based on how hard you work.

Total Cost: ~20m

8. Magic

The fastest way to get to level 99 in magic is to fight Maniacal Monkeys in Kruk’s Dungeon, which you can access after Monkey Madness II.

With the best magic gear, like an ancestral set, an enchanted god cape, and an occult necklace, you can get between 350k and 400k experience per hour.

And this way isn’t cheap, since runes and prayer potions will cost you about 1.4 million coins per hour.

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The cost of setting up is already well over 100m. So you’ll need a pretty big bank to start using this method successfully, since the cost will stay the same but your experience can always go down!

Expect to spend at least 25m–30m if you use this method to get to level 99 in Magic.

Total Cost ~25m – 30m

7. Ranging

Now onto wandering. This is learned in Kruk’s Dungeon, the same place as magic.

But setting up this way is much cheaper, since you can use full void, which is free to get.

Overall, though, the cost per hour is much higher. The only difference is that you get more practice per hour.

Black Chinchompas are the fastest way, but they cost about 5m per hour.

If you bring a Necklace of Anguish with you, you can expect to gain between 700k and 800k experience per hour. Here, the total cost of getting 99 can be more than 40m, so make sure your bank is ready to take a small hit.

Total Cost: ~40m

6. Crafting

Crafting is another skill that takes a lot of time and money to get to level 99.

From level 71 to 99, d’hide bodies is the best way.

Start at level 77 with blue d’hide bodies. This will cost you about 4m.

Next, you can start with red d’hide bodies up to level 84, which will cost about 11m.

Lastly, black d’hide forms can be used until level 99.

From level 84 to 99, black D’hide forms will cost you around 100m each. You’ll get about 450k experience per hour here, which makes this the fastest way to level up your crafting to 99 in OSRS.

You’ll also have to make about 39,000 bodies, so get ready to craft a lot.

Total Cost: ~125m

5. Fletching

Fletching is usually a skill that is easy to learn and can even make you money.

But on this list, we’re looking at the fastest way to get to level 99 (no cost is too great!).

If you make darts, you can take this skill from level 1 to level 99 in a single day if you spend a lot of money on it.

You can get between 1.2 and 1.5 million experience points an hour by making Dragon Darts, which is a lot. Using this way alone, you can go from level 95 to level 99 in about 3–4 hours.

But this will cost you about 38 million for just 4 levels.

If we do Rune Darts from level 81 to level 95, it will cost about 47 million gold. If we go all the way to level 99, it will cost 140 million gold.

But it would only take you about 14 hours to get to level 99, so I would definitely call this fast.

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Total Cost: ~150m

4. Farming

Tree runs are the best and fastest way to learn about farming.

Using high-level seeds like Magic and Palm seeds can really boost this experience. In fact, it’s easy to get around 280k experience per run.

Try to run about twice a day if you can.

Make sure to add hardwood plants like mahogany trees, which give a good amount of experience every few days, to this.

You can expect to spend about 200m on this skill if you plan to do tree runs all the way to level 99.

So farming comes in at number 7 because there are much faster and more rewarding ways to get to level 99.

Total Cost: ~200m

3. Herblore

Herbology is not an easy skill to learn.

You need to buy both the extra ingredients and the herb, which can be expensive.

There are many ways to get to level 99 in Herlore, so let’s look at some of the most expensive ones.

The first way would be to make Saradomin Brews at level 81. You can get about 400k experience per hour, and you’d have to make 60k brews to reach level 99.

But the whole thing would cost a crazy 150m!

This is one of the best ways to gain experience and the fastest way to 99 right now.

Stamina Potions are a slightly cheaper option that would cost you about 90m to get to level 99. And to do this, you would have to make 113k potions of energy starting at level 77.

So, herblore is one of the most expensive skills to learn no matter how you look at it.

Total Cost: ~150m

2. Construction

Construction is a huge money drain, and getting to level 99 requires a lot of logs and coins.

At the end of it all, you’ll either have a beautiful house or just a room with a table if you’re a skiller.

Mahogany Furniture, starting with tables, is the fastest way to get to level 99 in building.

From level 52 to 99, you can grind out mahogany tables, which take a huge 92k planks and cost around 186m gp.

Using this method, you get 900k experience per hour, which means you could possibly go from level 52 to level 99 in about a day.

Many people choose to do this and destroy all of their buildings at once (if they have enough money).

This is probably also one of the better ways to build, since all the clicking you’ll have to do can get very boring.

Total Cost: ~200m

1. Prayer

And now that we’re at the top of the list, let’s look at the most expensive skill in OSRS and how to get it to level 99 the fastest.

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Superior Dragon Bones are very expensive because Vorkath is the only one who can drop them. But they give more experience than anything else, so players who want to learn prayer as quickly as possible use them.

If you put these bones on a Gilded Altar, you would need about 24,000 of them to get to level 99, which should cost a huge 230 million.

Also, you’ll get about 580k experience per hour.

Note that this is only possible after you reach level 70, since you need to be at least level 70 in prayer to use superior dragon bones.

You can use Dagannoth bones to get to level 70 in the first place. This should be a little less expensive, with a total cost of about 5m.

So, prayer is very expensive in the long run. But every level is worth it because prayer is one of the most used skills in Old School RuneScape.

Total Cost: ~240m


How much does it cost to train Construction to level 99 in OSRS?

The cost of training Construction to level 99 can vary depending on the current prices of construction materials. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it could cost several hundred million gold coins.

Is it worth training Herblore to level 99 in OSRS?

Training Herblore to level 99 can be worthwhile, as it allows players to create powerful potions that enhance combat effectiveness and provide other benefits. However, it can be costly, so it’s important to consider the potential benefits and whether it aligns with your gameplay goals.

What is the most cost-effective way to train Prayer to level 99 in OSRS?

The cost of training Prayer to level 99 can be reduced by using alternative methods such as the Ectofuntus or the Chaos Altar. These methods require certain quests or tasks to be completed and can provide experience at a lower cost compared to burying bones or using an altar.

How much does it cost to train Smithing to level 99 in OSRS?

The cost of training Smithing to level 99 can vary depending on the current prices of ores and bars. It can range from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of gold coins, depending on the chosen training method and the types of bars used.

What are some ways to offset the cost of training expensive skills in OSRS?

There are several methods to offset the cost of training expensive skills in OSRS. One option is to engage in money-making activities such as bossing, skilling, or flipping items on the Grand Exchange to generate income. Another approach is to train complementary skills simultaneously, such as mining and smithing or herblore and farming, to gather resources and reduce the need for purchasing them.