10+ Best Agility Shortcuts in Old School RuneScape

Agility is a pretty important skill to level up because it lets you run longer and uses less energy.

The skill also has a number of unlockables that improve the quality of life.

Shortcuts for quickness are one of these upgrades.

They can be found all over OSRS and make your life much easier.

But what are the best options you should try to find as soon as possible? Let’s take a look.

10. Rope to Saradomin Encampment

So you’ve heard about Commander Zilyana and now you want an Armadyl Crossbow or a Saradomin Hilt?

Then you’ll have to go to Saradomin’s camp in the God War Dungeon to find her.

This requires a level of speed of 70 because you have to climb down two narrow rock passes to get to the camp.

If it’s your first time, don’t forget to bring two ropes. Once you put the ropes in place, they will stay there, making your life much easier.

And don’t forget to wear something from Saradomin, or the whole camp will try to kill you.

Where to Find: This shortcut is located within the God War Dungeons by the entrance to the Saradomin Encampment.

9. Al Kharid Palace Window

Many players know that the Al Kharid teleport, which is on a charged Amulet of Glory, is one of the most-used teleports. This is because players want to get to the Shanty Pass as quickly as possible.

Using this teleport will take you inside the Al Kharid Royal Palace, where you would normally have to walk through the palace to get outside and then run around to the Shanty pass.

Well, if you have at least level 70 agility, you can just jump out the window right behind the place where you can teleport.

You’ll save a lot of time by doing this. To get through this spot, you’ll also need to have finished the Hard Desert Diary.

Where to Find: This conveniently placed window is located in the Al Kharid Royal Palace.

8. Lava Maze Stepping Stone

If you want to make money with Lava Dragons, this is a pretty good way to save time.

This turning stone is just south of Lava Dragon Isle, which makes it easy to get there. Many of you may already know that Lava Dragons live in an area with only one way in and out.

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This makes it hard to get away. And a PKer can trap you here very easily.

The jumping stone is in the south of the island, and if you have agility level 74, you can jump straight to the other side and avoid PvP.

This also needs to be done by filling out the Wilderness Hard Diary, which can be useful.

Why? Well, because the Pk’er won’t be able to follow you across if the log isn’t finished. So then you’re almost certain to get away in time!

Where to Find: Just South of Lava Dragon Isle, this works as a convenient entrance and exit to the isle.

7. Revenant Cave (hard)

The pillar jump here is another shortcut in the Wilderness. It is the second hardest route in the game in terms of the agility level you need.

You’ll need at least 89 to make it over this jump.

But this is a very useful route because it takes you from the main area with the revenants to a place you can’t get to unless you run all the way around.

In general, it’s the best way to get away from Pk’ers. There’s no way they could follow you across, assuming, of course, that they don’t have a high enough level.

Where to Find: Inside the Revenant Caves, this will take you to the southern area quickly.

6. Taverley Dungeon Pipe

I’m sure you all know about the famous pipe right by the door to Taverley dungeon.

I worked hard to get to agility level 70 just so I could use this awesome shortcut.

This path is so helpful because it goes straight to the Blue Dragons in the dungeon, which would normally take almost 2 minutes to walk to.

You can also keep an extra spot in your inventory open. If you don’t have the shortcut unlocked, you’ll need a Dusty Key to get to this place.

But you need a minimum agility level of 70 to open this route, which is well worth it.

You won’t have any trouble getting to the Black Demons or the rest of the “locked off” part of the basement.

Where to Find: Right by the entrance of Taverley Dungeon as you go down the ladder.

5. Kalphite Lair Crevice Shortcut

Here’s a good way to save time if you want to face the Kalphite Queen.

You’ll need at least agility level 86 to do this, which makes it one of the hardest things on this list to unlock.

In the end, this route makes it faster to get to the Kalphite Queen because you can skip most of the Kalphite Lair.

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This helps a lot when going to this boss more than once. I would suggest using this with the fairy ring BIQ for trips that go very quickly.

To get this, you’ll also need to finish the Desert Elite Diary.

Where to Find: Within the Kalphite lair, you’ll notice this near the wall connecting the entrance to the guardian’s area.

4. Karuulm Dungeon Pipe

This is another way to get to the Alchemical Hydra, which is a boss.

The Alchemical Hydra is very famous, and this shortcut lets you avoid all of the “baby” hydras in the dungeon.

Usually, you’d have to run through these and risk getting hurt, which is bad because you need every single hitpoint for the boss.

But you can go down this pipe if your speed level is 88 or higher. That will take you right to the Alchemical Hydra’s front door.

If you use this with Rada’s Blessing, it will cut in half the time it takes to restock and bank.

Where to Find: Right at the start of the Karuulm Dungeon, you can’t miss it.

3. Taverley Dungeon Strange Floor

This route is like the Taverley pipe, but it takes you even deeper into the Taverley Dungeon, to where the Black Demons, Black Dragons, Hellhounds, and Cerberus live.

Besides the Key Master teleport, it’s the fastest way to get to Cerberus.

But you have to be at least agility level 80 to use this option.

Where to Find: Found by the entrance and the poison spider area. This is just past the pipe agility shortcut.

2. Arceuus Essence Mine

There are two great ways to get around this:

The first one lets you quickly climb up the side and get out of the essence mine. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to run back and forth the whole way.

The other way to get back to the mine quickly is to drop down from the Blood altar. This path saves you at least 2 minutes of walking, since your run energy would be gone by the time you reach the blood altar.

In the end, if you want to train Runecrafting seriously, both methods are very important.

For the first route, you need to be at least level 52 in agility. For the second, you need to be at least level 73.

Where to Find: You will find these in and around the Accrues Essence Mine.

1. Zul – Andra Stepping Stones

Last on our list are the stepping stones that lead from a fairy ring to the Zul-Andra area.

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This is mostly used to get to Zulrah, as it is the fastest way to get there besides using a Zul-Andra Teleport.

If you have a fairy ring in your house and a fancy pool, it’s easy to farm Zulrah because the moving stones run in less than a minute.

This route is also used to get to the Tyras Camp quickly, which is a place where clue scrolls are often found.

You need to be at least level 76 in agility to use this route.

But if you plan to farm Zulrah for a while, it’s worth the work.

Where to Find: You’ll find the stepping stones inbetween Zul-Andra and the port by the Tyras camp.


  • Kalphite Queen Shortcut requires 86 Agility and the ELITE desert diary. Why.
  • Falador MLM Shortcut, 54 Agility and Medium Diary. (Honestly, this one isn’t too bad.)
  • Falador Hard diary is required for the Crafting Guild bank. Or 99 Crafting. This basically makes it unusable until endgame for most people.
  • Falador Hard: Shortcut to the Fountain of Heroes requiring 67 agility. You’re already at 67 agility, why add another barrier.
  • Fremmenik Hard: Access to Tan Leather and Recharge Dragonstone. One at 78 Magic, and the other at 89, both locked behind a quest series.
  • Fremmenik Hard: Shortcut to roof of the Troll Stronghold — Requires Agility 73 and the completion of My Arm’s Big Adventure
  • Karumja Elite: Access to the stepping stones shortcut leading to the red dragons in Brimhaven dungeon requiring 83 Agility. 83, Agility.
  • Lumbridge Medium: Access to Draynor Village wall shortcut, which IMO, isn’t even much of a shortcut, and is basically peoples introduction to diaries fucking them over.
  • Lumbridge Hard: Access to a shortcut from Lumbridge Swamp to the desert, which requires 66 Agility. I’ve used this maybe twice.
  • Varrock Hard: Access to the cooking guild bank. Why. By this point people have access to places like Hosidius without nearly as much effort.
  • Morytania Elite: Harmony Island herb patch, which is out of the way anyway, and will almost never get used, even if people had it.
  • Western Hard: Ability to purchase a crystal halberd from Islwyn for 750,000 coins, which is insane, because you’ve already done Regicide to get over there.
  • Wilderness Medium: Access to the shortcut in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon (requires Agility 46 ) (Honestly, not too bad, it’s only medium.)
  • Wilderness Hard: Lava Dragon Isle (74), Lava Maze (82). People already hate the wildy, why make them hate it more.