18 Most Expensive Items in Old School RuneScape

So, let’s say you have a lot of gp but don’t know what to do with it.

Or maybe you need money and you’re looking for ways to get rich quickly?

Or you might just be interested because you’re interested. It happens to all of us.

No matter what, OSRS has some crazy expensive things with prices that range from tens of millions to billions of dollars!

The top 5 OSRS most expensive items are as follows:

  • 3rd Age Pickaxe – 2.14B GP
  • 3rd Age Druidic Robe Top – 1.79B GP
  • 3rd Age Druidic Robe Bottoms – 1.61B GP
  • Twisted Bow – 1.07B GP
  • 3rd Age Druidic Cloak – 946M GP

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive things in the game and how you can get them.

18. 3rd Age Druidic Robe Bottoms

Most Expensive Items

The 3rd age druidic robe bottoms are a rare reward obtained from master Treasure Trails.

It is part of the 3rd age druidic robes set, and requires 65 Prayer to wear.

17. 3rd Age Druidic Cloak 

The 3rd age druidic cloak is a rare reward obtained from master Treasure Trails.

It is part of the 3rd age druidic robes set, and requires 65 Prayer to wear.

It has the same stats as Vestment cloaks.

16. Elysian Sigil

The elysian sigil can be attached to a blessed spirit shield to make an elysian spirit shield. To attach the sigil to the blessed spirit shield, players need 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing.

It is a very rare drop from the Corporeal Beast.

Players without the required skill levels to create the shield may ask Abbot Langley in the Edgeville Monastery to combine the sigil and the blessed spirit shield, for a fee of 1,500,000 coins.

15. Gilded Armour Set

This list starts with the most expensive set of free-to-play armor in the whole game.

The Gilded Armor Set costs 13 million gold pieces and has the same stats as the Rune Armor Set. So, the same rules still apply to level 40 defenses, and to use the platebody, you’d have to finish Dragon Slayer I.

The whole set is made of gold, and it looks very shiny. Why else would it cost so much?

It’s also so expensive because it only drops from hard, elite, or master hint scrolls, which only P2P players can do.

This is also often used in Wilderness risk fights.

Estimated Cost: The Gilded Armour Set will set you back roughly 13m. The plate is 2.8m, helm is 2.9m, legs are 4.4m, and the kite is 2.7m.

14. Gilded Scimitar

This is the most expensive item in F2P, costing a total of 17 million gold.

This is more than the whole gold set added together, plus 5m more.

The only way to get this is through hard, elite, or master hint scrolls, just like the armor set we talked about earlier. Since it’s an extremely rare drop, there aren’t many of them.

This crazy scimitar has the same numbers as a Rune Scimitar, which is the best one-handed free-to-play weapon in its slot. So, if you want a useful scimitar for fighting, go with a rune.

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The Gilded Scimitar is often used by those who are rich enough to walk around with one.

Estimated Cost: The Gilded Scimitar will set you back around 17m coins.

13. Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi Rapier is worth the price of 118m, which is a lot. Why?

Well, it’s the best single-handed tool for stabbing in OSRS.

Reason it’s so expensive is because you have to do crazy things to get one.

You’d basically have to finish the Theatre of Blood, which is the game’s biggest raid. And since it’s almost impossible to do this raid by yourself, you’ll need a team to help you, which will probably lead to a split drop (if you can get one at all).

12. Ancestral Robe Set

The Ancestral Robe Set is worth 131 million gp and has three pieces:

The hat cost about 9 million, the top of the robe cost 60 million, and the bottom of the robe cost 62 million.

In general, this set of magic armor is the best in the game. If you can pay for it, it’s probably worth it.

The whole set is locked behind the first raid in OSRS, the Chamber of Xeric. Getting through this raid won’t be easy, either. You’ll need the best gear and high-level skills to make it through.

If you want to try it out, here’s a pretty good film guide.

The raid can be done by very skilled players on their own, but it’s best to do it in groups to get the most done.

Estimated Cost: The Ancestral Robe set will cost you about 131m in total.

11. Arcane Spirit Shield

Since we just covered the best magic armour set, let’s take a look at the best magical shield in the game – costing a hefty 141m gp just by itself!

This item has the best magical attack bonus you can get (with a massive +20) as well as decent melee and range defences.

Its value is based on its rarity, as it’s only obtainable for the Corporeal Beast at a drop rate of 1/1365.

The fight is not easy, and seldom done solo except by ironmen.

Estimated Cost: Worth 141m, but the value of this shield is well worth it for its impressive bonuses.

10. 3rd Age Axe

I think the prices on this list need to go up.

So let’s talk about the first 3rd age thing, which is just the first of many I’ll talk about here. More specifically, the 3rd age Axe, which only costs 342 million gold pieces.

It works exactly the same way as a Dragon Axe. To use it, you need 65 attack and 61 woodcutting.

It costs so much because you can only get it from master-level clue caskets, which have a crazy 1/313,000 chance to drop it.

Basically, it’s a luxury thing that only the rich and famous use.

Estimated Cost: 342m gold. Only buy this if you have nothing better to spend you funds on, because a Dragon Axe works just as good!

9. Inquisitor’s Armour Set

The Inquisitor’s Set is one of the newer pieces of armor that came out in the last few years. Because it’s so new, it’s still quite expensive.

For the best crush armor in all of Tamriel, you can expect to pay 500 million gold pieces.

There are three parts to this set:

The helmet went for 129m, the hauberk for 185m, and the plateskirt for 189m.

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You can only get this by fighting The Nightmare, the new boss in Slepe. And this boss isn’t easy to beat, so your PvM skills will be put to the test to the fullest!

Estimated Cost: The entire set costs over 500m, but is well worth it.

8. Inquisitor’s Mace

Let’s take a look at one of the weapons that comes with the Inquisitor’s set: the Inquisitor’s Mace.

This mace is worth 551m, which is 50m more than the whole set that it is a part of.

But it’s so expensive because it’s the best crush weapon in OSRS and drops from The Nightmare only very rarely.

Before you spend a million coins, you should know that you’ll need an attack level of 75 to use this club.

Estimated Cost: The mace costs more than half a billion coins, 550m! This is easily one of the most expensive weapons in the game!

7. Scythe of Vitur

The Scythe of Vitur is the best and most expensive fighting weapon in the game, costing about 572 million coins.

To charge, it also needs blood runes and jars of blood.

That means that just having this weapon is very expensive, since blood runes are not cheap.

It is also very hard to get your hands on this blade. It’s a very rare drop from the notorious Theatre of Blood, which takes insanely good PvM skills and a strong team that will back you up throughout the Theatre.

Estimated Cost: 572m coins. It’ll also continue to cost more with regular usage, because it requires a charge to work optimally.

6. Harmonised orb

The Nightmare boss drops three orbs. The balanced orb is the best of the three.

It costs an insanely high 804 million gold pieces to buy, and The Nightmare drops it very rarely.

It can be used on a nightmare staff to make a “Harmonized Nightmare Staff,” which is a pretty boss magic weapon that needs 75 magic and 50 defense to use. It also has a very fast attack speed, which makes it very famous among people who use magic.

Estimated Cost: 804m, making this the most expensive magic item in OSRS to buy.

5. Elysian Spirit Shield

All of the next five things are very expensive, and as of this writing, they all cost more than 1 billion coins.

So get ready, because these things will only ever be available to the richest OSRS players.

The Elysian Spirit Shield costs 1,040m, which is just over 1 billion gold pieces.

This is the best shield in the game, and it is very hard to find.

To make it, you’d need an Elysian Sigil from Corporeal Beast, which only drops 1/4905 of the time. This is a very rare drop because the boss is hard to kill and takes a long time.

Estimated Cost: The Elysian costs a total of 1.04 billion coins. But if you can get one, it’s well worth it, as the shield itself is extremely powerful.

4. Twisted Bow

Here is the best bow in all of OSRS, and it doesn’t come cheap.

You would need about 1,068m in your bank account to buy the Twisted Bow for yourself.

Why does it cost so much?

This amazing tool is what everyone wants. It also drops very rarely from the Chamber of Xeric raid, so only a few of the best players can get it.

Because of the bow’s passive effect, it can regularly hit enemies for 70s and 80s. This makes it a great weapon and a must-have for high-level PvM players.

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Also, this bow is the most expensive drop from PvM. This famous bow that shoots arrows is more expensive than anything a monster could drop.

Estimated Cost: The Twisted bow is worth 1068m (1.07 billion gp). In the past this bow has been sold for over 1.1 billion, so as of this writing it’s currently “under-valued”. I highly recommend this for anyone with the pockets deep enough to afford it!

3. 3rd Age Bow

As you might have guessed, the last three items on the list are ridiculously expensive, and they all have one thing in common:

All of them are very rare 3rd age drops.

For this spot on our list, we have the 3rd Age Bow, which can only be found in master clue caskets with a 1/313k chance or elite clue caskets with a 1/488k chance (if my math is right, this is a 0.0002% chance).

As of this writing, it costs a huge 1,077m because this thing is so rare.

This is one of the few bows that can shoot dragon darts, and it does so at the same rate as a shortbow.

In reality, this is a pretty good bow, unlike some other 3rd age things. And it can be used in places where distance matters. But you need to be level 65 in range to wear it.

Estimated Cost: About 1077m (1.08 billion gp). The price is also rising as of this writing, due to its insane rarity and huge demand.

2. 3rd Age Pickaxe

The 3rd Age pickaxe comes in at number two because it is so crazy expensive.

Due to how rare it is, this tool is almost worth the most cash you can have in OSRS, and its price has been steadily going up for over two years.

If you want to buy this tool, you’ll have to pay an absurd 2,128 million gold pieces, or 2.12 billion coins.

Just to let you know, the most coins you can have in a stack is 2,147m.


This item can only be found in the wild as an ultra-rare drop from master clue caskets, which only drop them 1/313k of the time.

This pickaxe has the same statistics and special ability as the Dragon Pickaxe, so it might not be worth using… But if you still want to use it, you’ll need a level 65 attack and a level 61 mine.

Estimated Cost: An insane 2,128m (or 2.12 billion) coins.

1. 3rd Age Druidic Set

The beautiful 3rd Age Druidic Set comes in at number one.

I had to get out a calculator to figure out how much this is worth because it’s so expensive!

All together, this set is worth a mind-boggling 5,139 million gp! Yes, more than 5,000,000,000 coins.

With that much money, you could almost buy everything else on this list.

The robe bottoms cost about 2 billion, the robe top costs another 2 billion, the coat costs 750 million, and the staff costs 385 million.

So why does this set cost so much?

The only way to get the robes is from master clue caskets, which have a crazy 1/313k chance to drop them. They also give a pretty good prayer bonus, as the set as a whole gives a +23 prayer boost.

This is one of the best gifts in the game if you can get them all.

Estimated Cost: 5.1 billion coins for this awesome robe set. You’d truly have to be one of the richest players ever to afford this!