What Does Elite Void Do in OSRS?

Elite Void Knight gear is an improved version of the Void Knight armor set, which you can get when you finish the hard diary for the Western Provinces.

The Elite Void set has almost the same stats as the normal Void set, except that it has a +6 prayer bonus and both the magic and range sets do 2.5% more damage.

This makes the Elite Void set very valuable.

This armor is so useful in the game that almost every player needs to have it because the bonuses are so big.

And this set is one of the best ways to learn how to hybridize and tribridize early on in both PvP and PvM.

Since the Elite Void doesn’t cost anything, it’s one of the best choices for players who are low on cash or want to lower their risk.

In short, you should get this tools, but how often you use it will depend on what you’ll be using it for.

Here’s what Elite Void does in OSRS:

  1. Increased accuracy and damage: The Elite Void set provides a 3% increase in both accuracy and damage for Ranged and Magic attacks, making it particularly useful for players utilizing these combat styles.
  2. Prayer bonus: The Elite Void Knight equipment offers a +3 Prayer bonus, which can be beneficial for players who rely on prayers during combat for various buffs and effects.
  3. Set effect: The full set effect of the Elite Void gear provides an additional bonus. When wearing the complete set, players receive an extra 2.5% accuracy and damage boost with Ranged and Magic attacks. This bonus is multiplicative with the individual 3% boost, resulting in a total of 5.5% increased accuracy and damage.
  4. Helmet effect: The Elite Void Knight helmet has a unique effect where it increases the player’s accuracy by 10% and damage by 10% when using Ranged attacks. This effect applies even if the player is not wearing the full Elite Void set.
  5. Void Knight mace effect: If a player wields the Void Knight mace while wearing the Elite Void gear, it provides a 1% Prayer bonus for each piece of the Void Knight set worn. This can further enhance the Prayer bonus provided by the Elite Void equipment.
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It’s important to note that the Elite Void equipment is obtained by upgrading the regular Void Knight equipment through the use of commendation points, which are earned by participating in the Pest Control minigame.

The upgrade requires a certain number of commendation points and completion of specific tasks.

Where is Elite Void Most Useful?

Elite Void has been used a lot in Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Corporeal Beast, Vorkath, and PvP, among other places.

It is also used by people who are just starting out in PvM and changes at places like Zulrah where Hybriding is needed.

The range set also has some of the best range attack bonuses in OSRS. This makes it a great choice for PvPers and range-only players.

In the end, the set is great for people who want to switch between styles less often, since all it takes to switch between range, magic, and fighting is to change the helmet.

How do I obtain the Elite Void equipment in OSRS?

You can get elite Void Knight gear by spending 400 Void Knight Commendation points to upgrade the top and bottom of your current Void robe.

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If you’re just starting out, you’ll also need to grind for the full set and all the caps. So, if you want to get the update, you’ll need a total of 1,650 points.

You’ll need to play the Pest Control minigame at the Void Knight Outpost to get these points.

To buy and use the armor, you’ll also need to be at least level 42 in strength, attack, defense, range, magic, and prayer.

I strongly suggest that you don’t start this grind until you have reached level 100 in combat, so that you can get on the Veteran Lander.

This is because at this level, every game you play will give you 5 points, which makes the grind go by a lot faster.

World 344 is the real game world for the Pest Control game. So, if you want to join the games and get started, look there first.


Do I need to wear the full Elite Void set to receive the set bonuses?

Yes, to benefit from the full set effect of the Elite Void gear, you must wear all four pieces of the set, including the Elite Void top, Elite Void robe, Elite Void knight gloves, and Elite Void knight mace (or Elite Void knight deflector). Wearing individual pieces or incomplete sets will not grant you the complete set bonuses.

Are the bonuses from the Elite Void equipment stackable with other items or effects?

Yes, the bonuses from the Elite Void gear stack multiplicatively with other equipment or effects that boost accuracy and damage. For example, if you have the full Elite Void set equipped, the 5.5% accuracy and damage bonus will stack with other gear, potions, or prayers that provide similar benefits.

Can I use the Elite Void equipment in all combat situations?

While the Elite Void gear offers significant bonuses, it is worth noting that it lacks defensive stats compared to other armor sets. It is most commonly used in situations where accuracy and damage output are crucial, such as boss fights or high-level PvM (Player vs. Monster) activities. In scenarios where survivability is a primary concern, you may opt for alternative armor sets with higher defensive attributes.