What’s The Best Willow Tree Spot in OSRS? (F2P + P2P)

For free-to-play players, the best place to find willow trees is in Draynor Village, and for paid players, it’s in the Woodcutting Guild.

These trees can be cut down by anyone who has reached level 30 in woodcutting.

This makes them a great way for new players to get quick experience (and maybe even some extra money).

Draynor Village Willows

Willow Trees offer the best general experience per hour for cutting wood on F2P.

And in Draynor Village, you can often see a lot of people cutting down willow trees at any time.

There are 5 willow trees in this area, and they are all right next to the Draynor Village Bank. This makes it very easy to bank your logs, and it only takes a few seconds.

Willow Tree

At level 60 in woodcutting, hacking willows will give you about 45k experience per hour.

Just be careful if you have a level 3 account, because there is a Dark Wizard nearby who can kill you quickly if you don’t pay attention.

Woodcutting Guild Willows

In the P2P worlds, the Woodcutting Guild is one of the best places to cut down willows.

There are 6 of them right next to a bank deposit box, which makes it easy and simple to do banking here as well.

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Players will also get an unseen +7 woodcutting level boost just by being in the Woodcutting Guild. This means you can cut down trees faster and get more logs in the end.

That is a great bonus!

But I should say that this bonus is unseen, so you’ll still need level 30 woodcutting no matter what to cut down Willow Trees.

Perry’s Chop-Chop Shop is just west of these trees. It offers axes up to and including Rune.

So this is really helpful because as you level up in the guild, you’ll be able to buy new blades.


Are there any specific requirements to access the recommended willow tree spots?

For the F2P spots like Draynor Village, Port Sarim, and Barbarian Village, no specific requirements are needed. However, for the P2P spots like Tree Gnome Stronghold and Seers’ Village, you will need to have a membership to access those areas.

Which willow tree spot is the least crowded and provides a good amount of trees?

The popularity and crowdedness of willow tree spots can vary depending on the server and the time of day. However, generally, spots like Draynor Village in F2P and Tree Gnome Stronghold in P2P tend to be popular but still offer a good number of willow trees.

Can I find other players competing for resources at these spots?

The competition for willow trees can vary based on the server and the time of day. Some spots, especially popular ones like Draynor Village, may have other players cutting trees. If you find a spot crowded, consider exploring other spots or switching to a less populated world for a better chance at finding available trees.

Are there any alternative spots besides the ones mentioned?

Yes, there are alternative spots for cutting willow trees in OSRS. These spots can be found throughout the game world, and some players may prefer less-known or less-crowded areas. Exploring areas like Catherby, Taverley, or outside the Farming Guild may reveal additional willow tree spots for cutting.

Remember, the availability and competition for willow trees can vary, so it’s recommended to explore different spots and be flexible in your choice of location to find the best spot for your needs at a given time.