12 Best Clue Scroll Rewards in Old School RuneScape

Treasure hunts are fun for everyone.

And clue scrolls give players the chance to solve puzzles and riddles all over RuneScape, which could lead to very rare prizes.

Clue scrolls can be beginning, easy, medium, hard, elite, or master level.

All of them have prizes that get better as you go up, with a beginner clue giving you maybe 100 coins and a master clue giving you well over 400k.

But there are some rewards that are so special that many players work hard to get them. So, which of these reward tip scrolls should you try to get?

12. Torag’s Platelegs

Best Clue Scroll Rewards in Old School RuneScape

Torag’s platelegs are a piece of melee armor that Torag The Corrupted wears in the legwear slot. They are part of his set of barrows gear. A player must be level 70 in Defense to wear Torag’s platelegs.

Torag’s platelegs are part of the Torag’s barrows set. If all of the other pieces of Torag’s barrows set are also worn, the player gets a special move.

There is a 20% chance that melee attacks that do damage will drop the victim’s adrenaline by 20%. The Smithing skill can’t be used to make this piece of armor.

Torag’s platelegs can only be sold if they are not broken or if they are completely broken.

11. Karil’s Top

Karil’s top is a piece of ranged armor that Karil the Tainted wears on his chest. It is part of his set of barrows gear. A player must have 70 Defense to wear Karil’s top.

Karil’s top is part of Karil’s barrows set. If all of the other pieces of Karil’s barrows set are also worn, the player gets a special effect.

The set effect gives a chance that a hit will make the Magic level of the target go down. The Crafting skill can’t be used to make this piece of armor.

Karil’s top can only be traded if it is not broken or if it is completely broken.

10. Master Scroll Book

The first thing on our list is an inexpensive but very useful item.

The Master Scroll Book can store teleport scrolls and can be gotten from any hint level except for the first one.

This will save you a lot of bank room because it has 15 slots for teleport scrolls and each slot can hold up to 1000 scrolls.

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The book is not the hardest thing to get either. A person who likes to look for caskets will run into at least one or two of these on their trips.

Just be careful if you take this out into the wild. If you die while carrying it, you’ll lose all the books inside, which could cost you a lot of gold.

How to Get: Obtainable from any level of clue scroll except beginner clues.

9. Holy Sandals

Holy Sandals are rare drops from medium hint scroll caskets. They give a +3 prayer bonus, which is the second best in OSRS.

When you change them to the Devout Boots, they become very useful. The +5 prayer bonus they give is the best in your foot slot.

But you have to be at least level 31 in prayer to get the Holy Sandals, and you have to be at least level 60 in prayer to get the Devout Boots.

So just remember which pair fits your account build the best.

People often use these boots to go to the Dagannoth Kings or another PvM spot where they need to pray for longer trips.

The boots can also be used as a Saradomin item, which can help in God War Dungeon.

How to Get: Obtainable only from medium clue scrolls at a rate of 1/1133.

8. God Book Pages

God book pages are very important for almost every account build.

There are 6 god books, and each one does something different.

For instance, the Saradomin book works on improving the player’s defense, while the Zamorak book only improves the player’s offense.

Each book has a total of 4 pages, so there are a total of 24 pages to finish every book in OSRS.

Pages can also be dropped from all types of clues except beginning. So it’s a lot of work to finish the set.

The best pages right now are the Unholy book set and the Book of evil set, which both cost about 200k for all four pages.

How to Get: You can obtain these as a drop from any clue except beginner.

7. Gilded Armour and Items

Gold is used to make things that are gilded. And, well, they’re as hard to find as gold.

You can only get gilded armor and things from hard clues and higher, and it’s very hard to get them. They are worth a lot of gold pieces.

Most gilded things have the same benefits as rune items and can be used in both pay-to-play and free-to-play worlds.

This means that rich players who want to show off and risk fighting in the Wilderness are likely to have them.

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The gilt Scimitar, which costs about 17m, is the most expensive item that has been gilt.

Keep in mind that you need at least 40 defense to wear golden armor and at least 40 attack to use weapons like the 2h sword and scimitar.

How to Get: You can only obtain Gilded items from hard clues and higher. The drop rate is well over 1/10k per item, so it’s very rare to see gilded!

6. Blessed D’Hide Armour

There are 6 different kinds of Blessed Dragonhide, and each one represents an OSRS god.

So, you can use different pieces from each set to protect yourself in places like the God War Dungeon.

Each set has a helmet, a body, a pair of pants, a pair of vambraces, a pair of boots, and a shield.

All of the sets are worth more than 1 million coins, with the Armadyl set being the most valuable at 2.6 million.

This is because Kree’arra often wear the boots, which are worth 800k.

God Dragonhide is similar to black Dragonhide, but these sets are much better because they come with extra things like boots and a prayer bonus.

How to Get: You can only obtain this armour from hard clue scrolls.

5. Ornamental Kits

It’s always great to get the best prizes.

But if you really want to look your best, style is just as important.

Ornamental kits can change the look of Rune Scimitars, some amulets, Dragon Armor, and Godswords. They can be found on clue cards of all levels.

Some of the decorative kits are also very cheap. For example, the dragon skirt decorative kit only costs 8k. Some, like the Dragon Plate body decoration kit, cost more than 14m.

In the end, seeing one of these beautiful things as a prize for a clue can be, well, very rewarding. And can make your bank account worth millions more!

How to Get: Obtainable from all levels of clue scrolls. More expensive ornamental kits can only be obtained from Master level clues, though.

4. Ranger Boots

Ranger boots are the most sought-after medium clue prize because they don’t drop very often and medium clues aren’t too hard to solve.

At most, they are lost about 1/378 of the time. And since medium signs are easy to figure out, this isn’t too bad at all.

Plus, these beautiful green boots cost more than 35 million gold and have one of the best range bonuses in OSRS: an attack bonus of +8 at a distance.

They are also needed to make the Pegasian Boots, which are the best ranged boots in all of OSRS, along with a Pegasian crystal.

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How to Get: Obtainable only from medium clue scroll caskets.

3. Bloodhound (Pet)

This is possibly one of the coolest and most wanted drops in all of clue hunting.

The Bloodhound is actually a pet. Master clue books have a 1 in 1000 chance of dropping it.

This pet doesn’t really do anything useful, but he’s very cute and one of the hardest pets to get.

Plus, nothing is cooler than having your Bloodhound, which looks like a detective, follow you around as you look for loot.

Most of the time, very high-level players farm for this drop, since master clues are hard to solve and take a lot of skills.

How to Get: Only obtainable as a 1/1000 drop from master clue caskets.

2. 3rd Age Armour

To say the least, 3rd age armor is a big deal.

As of this writing, it is the rarest piece of tech in OSRS.

The 3rd Age set has a lot of different pieces of armor that can only be dropped by hard, elite, and master hints.

The chance that any of these things will drop is 1/313k, which is pretty low. Because of this, the armor is not only hard to find, but it is also very expensive.

Most of the armor pieces in this set cost tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of coins.

This very rare armor is only owned by the wealthiest players, and it is the best flex gear.

How to Get: You can obtain these items only from hard, elite, and master clue scrolls, at a rate of 1/313k (or 0.003%).

1. 3rd Age Pickaxe

This has to be the most expensive drop in the game and the best drop from a hint scroll.

It’s very rare, just like everything from the 3rd Age, and it drops just as often as the armor we talked about earlier.

This pickaxe works exactly the same as a Dragon Pickaxe. The only difference is that to use it, you need to be at least level 65 in both attack and mine.

Its special move is the same as the Dragon Pickaxe’s.

But what’s really crazy about this thing is how much it’s worth: 2.1 billion coins.

It is the most expensive thing in the game because of this.

This tool is rarely seen in the hands of anyone. And getting it as a drop changes the way the game is played.

How to Get: You can obtain this ultra-rare pickaxe only from master clue caskets at an incredibly rare 1/313k drop rate.