12 Most Useful Skillcapes in Old School RuneScape

What are the best OSRS skillcapes?

Old School Skillcapes When you get certain skills to level 99 in Runescape, you get some pretty unique rewards.

Even though each skill cape gives the same bonuses, +9 to all defensive stats and +4 to prayer if the player’s level goes above +99, they are all different in that they have special powers that can’t be found on any other piece of gear.

Some can be very useful if you can get your hands on them, so you won’t want to miss out on them.

Before you run off to level all of your skills to 99, which can take a while, it’s important to know which skill capes are the most useful. This way, you can focus on only learning the skills you need to get those capes.

You don’t want to spend hours getting better at a skill only to find out that the skill cape isn’t the best.

We’ve done a lot of the work for you so that picking the best cape doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

12. Strength Cape

15 Most Useful Skillcapes in Old School RuneScape

Players with 99 Strength can get the Strength cape, which is a Cape of Accomplishment.

For 99,000 coins, you can buy the Strength cape and hood from Sloane in the Warriors’ Guild. Sloane is on the second floor, on the other side of two iron doors.

The move for the strength cape being done by a player.

Like all skill capes, the Strength cape gives +9 to all defensive stats and +4 to prayer if it is trimmed, which takes a separate skill at level 99.

If this is true, the cape will be immediately trimmed.

11. Attack Cape

A Cape of Accomplishment is an Attack cape. It can be bought from Ajjat at the Warriors’ Guild for 99,000 coins, along with the hood, by any player who has reached level 99 in the Attack skill.

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The Attack cape’s move being done by a player. Like all skill capes, the Attack cape gives +9 to all defensive stats and +4 to prayer if it is trimmed, which takes a separate skill at level 99.

If this is true, the cape will be immediately trimmed.

10. Cooking Cape

There are benefits to being a great chef.

If you put on the cooking cape, you will never burn food again. No matter if you cook on a stove or over an open fire, you’ll always be successful.

This saves you money and makes sure you don’t waste any of the fish you caught.

This cape would work best at the fireplace in the Rogues’ Den or in the Myths’ Guild.

How to Get It: Only the head chef in the Cook’s Guild sells this cape.

9. Thieving Cape

Let’s say you’ve become a great thief and want to keep picking pockets with your light fingers.

Well, if you wear the stealing skill cape, you have a 10% better chance of not getting caught when you pick someone’s pocket anywhere in OSRS.

The effect of the Ardougne Diaries can also be added to the effect of this item. This would make it very hard to catch you.

How to Get: Buy it from Martin Thwait in the Rouges’ Guild.

8. Defence Cape

This is a niche reward that will almost only be used by Hardcore Ironmen who want an extra layer of defense.

When worn, the Defense cape works like a ring of life. The effect can be turned on and off at will by the person.

Most Hardcores might choose to use this in places where they are likely to get knocked out, like God War Dungeon or Cerberus.

But it also helps to know that you can be saved by the cape if you get separated.

How to Get: Get it from the melee combat teacher just outside of Lumbridge.

7. Mining Cape

First of all, if you have this, you should be proud because you have one of the rarer skill capes in OSRS.

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The passive effect of this skill cape gives you a 5% chance to get an extra ore when mining, up to adamant ores.

This effect also works with the Varrock armor sets from the Varrock diary, which increases the total odds.

This is very helpful for ironmen who want to keep digging after they reach level 100.

How to Get It: To buy this cool cape, talk to Gardin at the Mining Guild in Falador.

6. Magic Cape

The magic cape is a great useful item that you should keep in your bank or on a cape rack in your player-owned house so it’s easy to get to.

This skill cape lets you switch your spell book to any of the ones you’ve unlocked five times a day.

I keep this in my bank so it’s easy to switch between spell books. But some players, like PKers, take this cape with them and use it to switch between the ancient and normal spell books when fighting high-value targets.

This lets them use teleblock and ice assault whenever they want.

How to Get: To buy this cape, talk to Wizard Sinina at the Magic Guild in Yanille.

5. Farming Cape

There are two pretty useful things about this cape.

First of all, when you wear the gardening Cape, you’ll get 5% more herbs when you’re gardening. This works with the Kandarin Diary and the Magical secateurs to give you a much higher total yield.

Second, this cape lets you travel to the Farming guild on Zeah as many times as you want. A great tool for quick trips to the farm.

How to Get: Go to Draynor Village and ask Martin the Master Farmer for this cape.

4. Crafting Cape

The Crafting Cape lets you travel to the Crafting Guild as many times as you want and puts you close to any bank in OSRS.

Many high-level players use this cape because it cuts down a lot on the time it takes to get to any bank.

Even if you haven’t finished the Falador Hard Diary yet, you can use the Crafting Guild Bank with this skill cape.

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How to Get It: Buy it from the Master Crafter at the Falador Crafting Guild.

3. Slayer Cape

The Slayer cape is one of the more rare skillcapes in OSRS. It has a really cool effect that can help you find a certain monster drop while you’re looking for it.

It gives you a 10% chance that you’ll be given the same job you just did.

This is helpful because, if you’re lucky, you can farm boss jobs or monsters.

Note that you have to be wearing or carrying the cape for the effect to work.

How to Get: To buy this cape, talk to Duradel in Shilo Village.

2. Construction Cape

Now, this cape is one of the most useful in OSRS because it lets you move to your Player Owned House as many times as you want.

This helps almost everyone a lot, since most people use their house as their base of operations.

Most of your teleports, your decorative pool, and your items are kept here. And being able to go back in time as many times as you want just makes things easy.

How to Get It: To get this cape, talk to any real estate person in OSRS.

1. Max Cape

I think we could have all seen this coming.

This cape is very hard to get and is without a doubt the best skillcape in OSRS.

You’ll need level 99 in all of your skills, which is a huge task.

But what’s so great about this cape?

Well, it’s like having all of the perks of every skill cape in the game in one cape.

So, this cape has all the effects of the capes mentioned above, as well as all the effects of every other skillcape.

This cape is the most useful thing I’ve ever seen.

How to Get: To buy this cape, talk to Mac, who is west of the Warrior group. It costs 2.277m, which is much more than any of the other skillcapes.