What is Pre-Roll & What Does It Mean in OSRS?

A pre-roll is a list of specific things that can drop and that the game will roll for before the main drop table. And if none of these things are rolled, the main drop table is.

In OSRS, monsters and certain actions (like reading clue scrolls) can drop a lot of different things. Most events and monsters that drop special items have pre-rolls.

For example, the Twisted Bow, Kodia Insignia, and Dexterous Prayer Scroll are all rare items that can drop in the Chambers of Xeric.

There are also important things you can get, like Pure Essene, Lizardman Fangs, and different runes.

When the raid is over, the game will “pre roll” all of the unique things before you get them. If none of these things come up, the main drop table will be used.

And if you get a “pre-roll,” you won’t get a “main item.”

How Do Drop Rates Work?

Even pre-rolled things have a chance to drop in OSRS.

This tells you how likely it is that you will get a certain drop from an action.

A Bandos Chestplate, which only drops 1/381 of the time, is an example of a pre-roll. But this drop is based on a table of Bandos armor pieces, like tassets and boots, that has already been set.

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The chance of getting one of these is 1 in 127.

This means that if you kill a Bandos, you have a 1/381 chance of getting that thing for every Bandos you kill.


What is a pre-roll in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)?

A pre-roll in OSRS refers to a specific list of items that the game will roll for before accessing the main drop table. It determines the potential drops that players can receive from monsters or certain actions, such as completing raids or reading clue scrolls.

How does the pre-roll system work in OSRS?

After completing an activity or defeating a monster, the game performs a pre-roll process where it checks for specific rare or unique drops associated with that activity. If any of these pre-rolled items are obtained, they will be prioritized over the items from the main drop table.

Are pre-rolled items the only drops players can receive in OSRS?

No, pre-rolled items are just a subset of potential drops in OSRS. If none of the pre-rolled items are obtained, the game will proceed to the main drop table, which contains a wider range of items that players can receive as rewards.

Can players influence or manipulate drop rates in OSRS?

Drop rates in OSRS are predetermined and cannot be directly influenced or manipulated by players. However, players can increase their chances of receiving certain drops by engaging in activities that have higher drop rates for specific items, or by using certain items or strategies that boost drop rates, such as wearing specific gear or using consumables.