What Are The Best Troll Slayer Spots in OSRS?

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling Troll Slayer journey in the world of Old School RuneScape?

Whether you’re a seasoned warrior seeking valuable drops or a budding hero looking for a swift slayer task, we’ve got you covered!

Join us as we unveil the best troll slaying spots and equip you with useful tips and gear to triumph over these mischievous foes.

Let’s dive in!

Here are all the good places to kill trolls for your slayer job, based on how strong your character is and whether you want to get more experience or better drops:

  1. North of Jatizso is the best place to shoot cannons and get good drops.
  2. (Safe spots, good drops) North of Neitiznot
  3. The second best place to fire a gun is south of Mount Quidamortem.
  4. Outside of where the Trolls live

Trolls are medium-level enemies that tend to live in snowy or mountainous areas of the map. Slayer masters often give troll killing as a job.

Many players choose to kill the ice trolls instead of the usual mountain trolls because the items they drop aren’t very interesting.

For example, the Granite Shield and the Rune Kiteshield are both semi-valuable items that can be dropped by ice trolls.

Even though they aren’t very strong, a new or poorly equipped explorer might still find them hard.

Also, higher-level players may want to use a Dwarf Multicannon in a multi-combat area to get their job done faster.

Table of Content
  1. The Best Troll Spots & Their Advantages
  2. Gear Up for Victory: Extra Tips and Essential Gear
  3. FAQs
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The Best Troll Spots & Their Advantages

North of Jatizso: Cannonball Carnage!

Troll Slayer

Located just north of the bustling city of Jatizso, the icy islands here are teeming with a plethora of Ice Trolls.

This spot is perfect for unleashing the power of your Dwarf Multicannon in the midst of multi-combat chaos.

What sets it apart?

These trolls boast precious items in their drop table, allowing you to recoup some of your cannonball expenses.

To access this spot, you’ll need to embark on the epic quest, “The Fremennik Isles.”

North of Neitiznot: Ice Troll Turmoil!

For our novice adventurers craving an easy task with some extra coin, head west to the Fremennik Isles.

Just north of Neitiznot, you’ll find a unique opportunity. Observe the thrilling showdown between friendly Honour Guards and Ice Troll Runts.

Play it smart by waiting for the guards and trolls to clash, then safely strike the distracted runts.

It may yield less Slayer experience, but it’s a fantastic option for those who need a helping hand.

Don’t forget, “The Fremennik Isles” quest is your ticket to this spot.

South of Mount Quidamortem: Trolls on the Rise!

Venture a few steps south from the Chambers of Xeric entrance, and you’ll discover easily-accessible multi-combat zones brimming with mountain trolls.

This spot is a dream come true for a quick and efficient Slayer task.

No cannon required here!

Equip yourself with prayer-boosting gear, activate Protect from Melee, and let the troll bashing commence.

The best part?

No quests or prerequisites are necessary to reach this troll-infested paradise.

Outside the Troll Stronghold: Classic Confrontation!

Prepare for an epic showdown at the legendary Troll Stronghold.

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This single-way combat area offers a haven for players who prefer a more traditional approach, sans cannons and pricey prayer potions.

The entrance alone houses an ample supply of trolls to vanquish, with additional rooms inside the fortress boasting clusters of menacing monsters.

While not mandatory, completing the intermediate quest “Eadgar’s Ruse” will grant you access to a convenient Trollheim teleport, simplifying banking and returning to the stronghold.

Gear Up for Victory: Extra Tips and Essential Gear

  1. Black Mask or Slayer Helmet: Unleash the Power! Arm yourself with a Black Mask or Slayer Helmet for unparalleled bonuses to both accuracy and damage. These mighty headgear options provide an astounding 15% boost, ensuring your troll-slaying skills are at their peak.
  2. Charged Soulbearer: Bank Those Heads! Save valuable inventory space by utilizing a charged Soulbearer. With this handy device, ensouled monster heads are automatically sent to your bank. Not only does it streamline your troll-slaying adventures, but the cost of a charge is currently lower than an ensouled troll head. A win-win situation!
  3. Herb Sack: Herb Preservation Specialist! Fear not, herb enthusiasts! The Herb Sack is here to safeguard your precious grimy herbs. With a capacity of 30 for each herb, no herb shall


Can I access the troll slayer spots without completing any quests?

Absolutely! While some spots may require quest completion, such as “The Fremennik Isles” for the spots north of Jatizso and Neitiznot, the south of Mount Quidamortem spot doesn’t have any quest prerequisites. Additionally, the Troll Stronghold spot can be accessed without completing any specific quests, although “Eadgar’s Ruse” is recommended for easier access.

Do I need to use a Dwarf Multicannon for the best troll slaying experience?

While a Dwarf Multicannon can certainly speed up your slayer task, it’s not mandatory for every spot. The north of Jatizso spot and the south of Mount Quidamortem spot are particularly suitable for cannon usage. However, spots like the north of Neitiznot and the Troll Stronghold can be tackled effectively without cannons, making them more accessible for players who prefer a different approach.

Is there a recommended gear setup for troll slaying?

For melee combat, it’s highly recommended to equip a Black Mask or Slayer Helmet for their significant accuracy and damage bonuses. Additionally, wearing prayer-boosting gear like Proselyte and utilizing the Protect from Melee prayer can enhance your survivability. Tailor your gear choices to your combat style and preference, and always strive for the best possible setup within your means.

Are there any unique items or tools that can enhance my troll slaying experience?

Indeed! Several items can augment your troll slaying adventures. The charged Soulbearer is a nifty tool that automatically sends ensouled monster heads to your bank, saving precious inventory space. The Herb Sack is another valuable item, allowing you to store up to 30 of each grimy herb and ensure none go to waste. Lastly, don’t forget about Granite Cannonballs, which can be earned from the Grotesque Guardians boss and provide a DPS increase for your cannon.

Remember, each spot has its own advantages, so choose the one that best suits your playstyle and goals.

Happy troll hunting!