What is a Pure in Old School RuneScape?

A pure account is one that focuses on training very specific skills, usually to control PvP fighting.

In OSRS, there are two different kinds of pures: battle pures and skilling pures. Both of these are popular account builds that train only certain skills and don’t train any others.

Because of these rules, players can make unique accounts that are good for certain jobs or that do the most damage on offense while staying at a very low level in PvP.

For example, a straight skiller might focus on a few skills and use their account only for those. While a combat pure might use their account to improve their combat skills to their fullest potential.

But let’s look more closely at these two kinds of pures and why you might want to go for one of them.

What is a Combat Pure?

A combat pure account is one that is made only for PvP and has specific combat skills learned to be useful in a certain combat bracket.

There are a lot of different kinds of fighting pures. Most pures, on the other hand, have very low defense levels (or defense level 1) and instead focus on increasing attack, strength, range, magic, and prayer in specific ways.

For example, an Obsidian pure (also called an Obby Mauler) only uses the Obsidian Maul as a knockout weapon, since it only needs level 60 strength and 1 attack to use. These pures would have an attack level of 1, a defense level of 1, and a strength level of 60 or more.

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This is to keep their combat level low while still doing a lot of damage, so they can (hopefully) kill other players with the same combat level very fast.

Another example of this is a 1 defense pure who might try to get very high levels of strength and attack while always keeping 1 defense.

This lets them hit hard and keep their combat level low, usually between levels 60 and 90, while still being able to use some of the best guns in the game.

What is a Skilling Pure?

A straight skilling account doesn’t fight at all and is almost always a level 3 account.

This type of player only does skilling tasks, like cooking or farming, and cares more about non-combat skills than combat skills in the long run.

This is hard in and of itself, because there are many strong monsters in OSRS that can easily kill a level 3 player, and a lot of tasks that can’t be done without fighting.

With Rings of Recoil, you can do some early quests that have to do with fighting, but it’s still not easy!

And most skillers wear a bow without any arrows so they can’t do any damage and don’t get combat experience by mistake.

Their attack options are usually set to “hidden” so that they don’t run into people by mistake.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a Pure in Old School RuneScape?

Advantages of playing a pure include:

  • High combat effectiveness in PvP situations, especially against opponents with similar combat levels.
  • Pures can deal significant damage with their specialized combat skills, making them formidable opponents.
  • Pures are often sought after in PvP clans or groups, as their focused combat skills can be valuable in coordinated battles.
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Disadvantages of playing a pure include:

  • Pures typically have lower overall combat levels, which can put them at a disadvantage in certain PvM (Player versus Monster) situations or when facing opponents with higher defense levels.
  • Limited combat versatility: Pures excel in their chosen combat style but may struggle against opponents who exploit their weaknesses.
  • Training and quest requirements for specific pure account builds can be time-consuming and require careful planning.


What is Pure in Old School RuneScape?

In Old School RuneScape, a pure refers to a player account that is specialized in certain combat stats while keeping other skills low. The goal of a pure account is to maximize combat effectiveness in player versus player (PvP) situations, such as PvP worlds, Bounty Hunter, or Clan Wars. Pures typically focus on specific combat skills, such as strength, ranged, or magic, while keeping their defense level low or even at level 1.

What are the different types of Pures in Old School RuneScape?

There are several types of pures in Old School RuneScape, each with different combat skill distributions. Some common types include:

Defense Pures: These pures focus on maximizing their attack, strength, and other combat skills while keeping their defense level at 1. They are usually seen as powerful melee combatants.

Range/2h Pures: These pures prioritize ranged combat and utilize a two-handed weapon, such as a bow or a crossbow. They often have a high ranged level and decent strength level.

Mage Pures: These pures specialize in magic combat, with high magic levels and low defense. They can deal significant damage using various offensive spells.

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Berserker Pures: Berserker pures aim for higher combat levels while maintaining low defense and high strength levels. They often complete specific quests to unlock powerful equipment like the Berserker helm.

How do I create a Pure in Old School RuneScape?

Creating a pure in Old School RuneScape involves careful planning and leveling specific skills while keeping others low. Here are some general steps to create a pure:

Determine the type of pure you want to create, such as a 1 Defense Pure or a Range/2h Pure.

Plan out your desired combat stats, including attack, strength, ranged, magic, and prayer.

Train your combat skills through activities like fighting monsters or completing quests, focusing on the desired skills while avoiding others.

Pay attention to your defense level, as pures often keep it low or at 1.

Utilize training methods that grant experience in the desired skills without gaining too much in others.

Be cautious while training hitpoints, as it increases your combat level without directly contributing to offensive capabilities.

Can I change my Pure account into a different build later?

In Old School RuneScape, it is not possible to directly change your account build or reset your skill levels. Once you have trained your skills and gained experience, those levels are permanent. If you wish to switch your pure account to a different build, you would typically need to create a new account and start from scratch, following the desired build from the beginning. It’s important to plan your pure account build carefully to avoid the need for drastic changes later on.