What is The Purpose of Firemaking & Why Train It in OSRS?

Firemaking is an OSRS skill that has to do with making fires, like by burning logs or taming the Wintertodt.

The skill is helpful, but only in some cases. For example, if you have a good enough firemaking skill, you can use a tinderbox and some logs to start a fire almost anywhere in OSRS.

This is great if you want to cook food on the go, and you need it for a few quests, like Monkey Madness II, that require you to make a fire.

The Balloon Transport System also uses the firemaking skill, and you’ll need between level 20 and 60 firemaking to be able to go to different places.

Even if it seems useless, you’ll want to train this skill in the end. Not only is it good for getting your account to its limit, but it can also help you stay alive.

What’s The Best Way To Level Up Firemaking?

Purpose of Firemaking

I’d say to burn Oak, Willow, and Maple logs until you reach around level 50 in firemaking. You can do this in a big open space like the Grand Exchange or outside the Varrock West Bank.

If you keep doing this, you’ll gain quite a bit of experience, so it shouldn’t take you too long to get to a good level.

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Not only that, but if you get all the logs yourself, you will also get better at cutting wood.

Then, when you get to level 50 in making fire, I would recommend going to Zeah and playing the Wintertodt minigame.

There’s a lot of experience per hour, and you can get great prizes like the Tome of Fire and high-level seeds.

This minigame can be played at any level of fighting, so it’s open to all account builds.

Firemaking is one of the 99s that you can get the fastest in OSRS. At the Wintertod, it will only take you about 40 hours to go from level 50 to level 99.

Which sounds like a long time, but compared to other things you’ll be working on, it’s not that long.

Because making fire is so easy, many players reach level 99 with it as their first skill in the game. It’s also an easy way to get a skill cape early on.


What are the fastest methods to train firemaking in OSRS?

The fastest method to train firemaking is by burning logs on a bonfire, preferably higher-level logs as they grant more experience. Utilizing the “bonfire” feature on the Wintertodt boss or burning logs on portable braziers in specific locations can expedite the training process.

Can firemaking be trained alongside other skills?

Yes, firemaking can be trained simultaneously with other skills. For example, players often train firemaking while woodcutting or fletching, as they can gather logs and burn them for experience.

Are there any quests or rewards associated with firemaking?

Yes, there are quests that involve firemaking or grant firemaking-related rewards. For instance, the Shades of Mort’ton quest requires players to light pyres, and the Firemaking Skill Cape can be obtained at level 99, which provides various perks related to firemaking.

Are there any alternative uses for firemaking besides light and warmth?

While the primary purpose of firemaking is light and warmth, it also has some niche applications. For example, lighting certain braziers or fires may be necessary to access specific areas or unlock hidden content within quests or mini-games.