OSRS Spirit Flakes: Where to Find, Effects, and Best Uses

You can get Spirit Flakes by fighting Tempoross in its Cove and beating it.

These can’t be bought or sold and can’t be alched either.

Even though the boat to the Tempoross Cove is in Al Kharid, both that area and the minigame can only be played by paying members.

Free-to-play players can’t even get to Al Kharid.

The Tempoross Menace

Tempoross is a Boss who is focused on fishing and needs at least 35 Fishing. The player can also use their cooking and building skills if they want to.

This fight doesn’t use Combat skills. If Tempoross is angry, you may fail the fight, but it can’t kill the player in any way.

To catch Harpoonfish, all you need is a harpoon, a rope, and maybe some buckets.

Note: while Tempoross is a group activity, certain strategies allow players to defeat it by themselves, given no other players are present on that world.

To get to the cove, you can just take a boat from the shores of Al-Kharid.

You’ll find a bank chest and a dock with a big ship when you get there. When you get on it, you’ll be put in line for the minigame.

If you’re able to beat the Tempoross, you’ll get prize permits based on how many contribution points you’ve earned. This gives more points to players who are more involved and help with the kill.

Once you’re done, you can just get back on the ship to start another run, restock at the bank box, or leave the Cove.

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Fishing on the Reward Pool

With a small fishing net and a reward ticket, you can fish in the pool just south of the dock. Each time you catch a Tempoross, you’ll lose a reward pass and roll the loot table once.

The loot table has a lot of different kinds of raw fish (depending on your level), caskets, some special rewards, and spirit flakes.

More exactly, there is a 25% chance of getting spirit flakes with each permit, and you can get between 32 and 64 per catch.

The pool is always there as long as you have reward passes, so it’s up to you if you want to fish after every game or use them all at once. You can also leave the Cove and get your prizes when you come back.

But if that’s the case, what do Spirit Flakes do?

Fishing with Spirit Flakes

When you have Spirit Flakes in your collection, there is a 50% chance that any fish you catch (except Tempoross and Camdozaal Ruins) will give you twice as many fish.

This means that you might get an extra fish for free!

The bonus fish doesn’t give you any extra XP, and you have to use one Spirit Flake every time you catch a fish, whether the effect goes off or not.

Also, they don’t replace the need for food. If you’re fly fishing, for example, you’ll still need feathers.

This is a great way to stock up on food, especially big, slow fish like Anglerfish that take a long time to catch.

On the other hand, this is not a good idea for Karambwan or Salmon, which are small and move quickly.

The Spirit Angler Outfit

If you want something more fancy, you might be interested in the Spirit Angler set.

This is a different color of the Angler set you can get from the Fishing Trawler minigame. It increases the amount of XP you get from fishing.

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The Spirit Angler set has the same benefits as the standard set and looks like what fishermen in the Cove wear.

Also, when you fight Tempoross with the Spirit form, you can tie yourself to poles without a rope. This will save you a spot in your inventory and give you a small boost to your XP rates.

If you use the right teleports, this way can earn you up to 350k GP per hour. Even though it’s simple and doesn’t give XP or open anything, it can make a huge difference for new players who are stuck.

Talk to Gita Prymes inside the Cove to get it.

She can change the color of your Angler gear for 1200 Spirit Flakes per piece.

So, the whole Spirit Angler set would be worth 4,800 Flakes.

Even though this is a bit pricey, it is definitely worth it if you plan to camp Tempoross during your Fishing efforts because it makes the fight easier.

Note: Once the set piece is unlocked, Gita will let you switch it back and forth as many times as you want for no extra cost. Of course, this won’t give you back the Spirit Flakes you’ve already spent.

The Great Blue Heron

If you get the Heron pet, which is part of the Fishing skill, you can use Spirit Flakes for something else.

If you give your pet 3,000 Spirit Flakes, it will change colors and become a blue bird with a yellow head. Some new conversation will also be unlocked, and it seems that Spirit Flakes are addicting.

If you change your mind, giving your pet raw fish will make it look white again if you ever change your mind. On the other hand, once it’s unlocked, one Spirit Flake will turn it back into the blue form.

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This is a completely cosmetic app that people who want to show off their Tempoross grind might be interested in.

It could also help finish off a stylish blue outfit!

But if you want to get the most out of your Fishing supplies, look like a sailor, or feed a pet bird, you can find Tempoross and its benefits by the Cove.


What are OSRS Spirit Flakes, and where can I find them?

OSRS Spirit Flakes are unique items obtained from Spirit implings, which can be caught using Hunter skill. They are found in various locations across Gielinor, with Puro-Puro and the Wilderness being popular spots.

What do Spirit Flakes do in Old School RuneScape?

Spirit Flakes have a special ability to be used on certain pets, turning them into a ‘revenant’ version of themselves. These revenant pets have a different appearance and are purely cosmetic, offering no combat or gameplay advantages.

Can I use Spirit Flakes on any pet in the game?

No, Spirit Flakes can only be used on specific pets, known as ‘spirit pets.’ These pets include the Pet Dark Core, Pet Snakeling, and Pet Smoke Devil. Using a Spirit Flake on any other pet will not yield any results.

How rare are Spirit Flakes, and can they be traded with other players?

Spirit Flakes are relatively rare drops from Spirit implings, making them a valuable commodity. Yes, they can be traded with other players, allowing you to buy, sell, or exchange them on the Grand Exchange or through player-to-player trading.

Are there any benefits to using Spirit Flakes on pets, aside from aesthetics?

Using Spirit Flakes on spirit pets purely serves cosmetic purposes. It does not grant any in-game benefits or advantages to gameplay, combat, or skill training. The primary appeal is to personalize and customize your spirit pet’s appearance for a unique touch to your gameplay experience.