Best Potions For PK’ing in OSRS

A big part of the OSRS group is people who like to pk. A lot of people only play the game for the player-versus-player parts.

And if you want to do well in Player vs. Player, you’ll need to learn a lot of skills, such as how to use potions.

There are a few potions that I think everyone who does Pk should use.

Here’s what I’d suggest, how it works, and what you’d get from each.

5. Ranging Potion

Best Potions For PK’ing in OSRS

The first thing on our list is the Ranging Potion, which is a must-have for anyone who uses the range style.

It gives a big boost, up to a maximum of +13 between levels 90 and 99.

This drink is the best way to improve your range in PvP in the whole game.

Stat boosts are very important if you want to make sure you hit as hard and as often as possible. In PvP, every little thing counts.

Even more so when your opponent could be there to try everything.

The range drink is also most useful when using crossbows or special attacks, like with the Dark Bow.

4. Guthix Rest

Here’s our first healing item on this list, and a great one to look for.

The Guthix Rest will restore 5 hitpoints, 5% of your run energy, and reduce poison/venom by 1.

And here’s something even better: this is one of the few potions in OSRS that can be used without interrupting a game action.

So no worries about keeping up your attacks, since you can sip this potion at the same time.

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The Guthix Rest is almost exclusively used for PvP, since you’re able to combo eat with it very effectively! It’s also quite cheap, meaning they’re accessible to most people Pk’ing.

I would only recommend using these once you’ve become a bit experienced in the PvP community, since they’re only truly useful to those who have a strong understanding of game ticks and Player Killing mechanics.

3. Super Combat Potion

Now here’s a potion that’s also a stat boosting potion, just like the ranging potion mentioned earlier.

Super Combat Potions are a high level choice that temporarily boosts your strength, attack, and defence.

The maximum boost is +19, which can be achieved at level 94 in any of the above stats.

This potion is incredibly useful since a large portion of PvP is made up of using melee-based knock out weapons, like the Dragon Claws or the Armadyl Godsword.

So you’ll want the maximum potential to hit as accurately as possible, and as often as possible – the boosts help a lot here.

Super Combats are also very well suited to Dharok Pk’ing, since you’ll have low health and be trying to hit as high as you can.

I will admit that this potion is more on the expensive side, though. You’ll pay around 2.4k per dose, however if you’re high-risk fighting this isn’t a large consideration.

2. Super Restore Potion

Super Restores are used to restore a player’s prayer.

But their second most important use is to restore stats that have been reduced by Saradomin Brews.

These make a better option than Prayer Potions in most cases, since they restore more prayer and have the stat restoring aspect as well.

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Assuming your stats are level 99, you’ll restore a maximum of 32 points in any lowered skill with one of these potions.

I cannot overstate how important these are for PvP.

For example, if you’re using Saradomin Brews and sip too many doses without a restore, your magic level will be severely depleted. A lower magic level means a lower magic defence.

And then if you’re targeted by a mage, well, you may not have a great time. You also won’t have high enough combat stats to deal any damage!

Restores help avoid all of these issues. But they also bring us to our top pick…

1. Saradomin Brew

Saradomin Brews are the best healing item in the game because they can recover a total of 64 hitpoints per potion, or 16 hitpoints per dose.

This brew also gives you a good boost to your defense. It will go up by 20% of your defense level +2, up to a maximum of +21 at levels 95–99.

On the other hand, every time you drink Saradomin Brew, your other battle stats will drop by 10% of your level +2.

You should use these drinks along with the Super Restores we talked about earlier to protect yourself from this side effect. More specifically, you should try for a mix of 1 sip of Restore for every 3 sip of Saradomin Brew.

This ratio will heal your character in the best way possible without wasting any goods.

Even though this might not be possible in PvP because Player Killing is so fast-paced.

The Saradomin Brews are also on the pricey side. About 1.2k for a single shot.

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But the price usually doesn’t matter in PvP, since you’ll need these items in your inventory if you want to Pk in the deep woods.

The reason is that they let you go far away from banks and tank possible teams in the worst case.