What is The Best Shark Fishing Spots in OSRS?

One of the most common foods in PvM, PvP, and high-level bossing is shark. They heal 20 hit points with a single bite, which makes them one of the best foods for healing.

To catch these powerful predators, you need to be at least level 76 in fishing and have a good harpoon.

But there are other ways to catch them, like using minnows. We’ll talk more about that below!

But it’s important to know where to catch sharks because Best Shark Fishing Spots will make you more money, cut down on the time you spend banking, and help you catch more sharks.

5. Burgh de Rott

One of the few places where you can catch live sharks is in the town of Burg De Rott. The sharks swim off the southern coast of the city.

To get into the city properly, you need to finish the quest “In Aid of the Myerque.” This lets you build a bank in the city, which is very important if you want to fish there right.

All of the spots where people fish are also good for sharks. This means you can leave the game and just click a spot to get sharks.

I strongly suggest that you use a Crystal, Dragon, or Infernal Harpoon here.

One of the tasks in the Morytania Elite Diary is to catch a shark here without any tools. But you need a very high fishing level of 96 to do this.

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4. Jatizso

The fishing spot in Jatizso is the one closest to a bank in the whole game, which makes it a good choice.

The only problem is that it’s locked behind the Fremennik task line, so you have to have finished the Fremennik Trials and begun the Fremennik Isles before you can get it.

This used to be the best place to fish in the game because it was right next to a bank. And yes, it’s still great. Depending on how good you are at fishing, you can catch anywhere from 90 to 150 sharks per hour here.

And just like with Burgh de Root, I strongly suggest using a Crystal, Dragon, or Infernal Harpoon.

3. Catherby

Catherby is in the middle of everything and has always been a fishing town.

There is even a beautiful fishing shop right on the beach that you might want to visit.

You can catch shrimp, cod, tuna, swordfish, bass, crab, herring, and, of course, sharks here.

If you want to cook what you catch, this is a great place to fish. The bank is right next to a place where you can cook. And Ironmen will find this especially useful.

There are also many farming patches near the fishing spots, so when you need a break from getting sharks, you can quickly take care of your crops. This makes it easy to do more than one thing at once, since you can fish and grow at the same time.

And don’t forget your gun! Dragon and Crystal Harpoons are, of course, the best choices here.

2. Fishing Guild

The Fishing club is a great place to catch sharks and just about any other kind of fish.

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But you have to be at least level 68 fishing to get in.

Still, a clever player can use a fishing potion to raise their level and get in early.

Here is a great place to fish. There’s a +7 fishing boost for the guild that you can’t see, so you can catch fish much faster here.

Note that this does not let you fish at a higher level.

There’s also a bank in a good spot and a lot of places to fish for sharks in the area. The rate of getting experience should be slow, around 20k per hour. But you’ll catch a lot of sharks while you’re here.

1. Minnow Platform

By far, the best place to fish for sharks in OSRS is on the Minnow Platform. But it requires the most clicks compared to the other choices on this list.

You’ll need a full Angler’s set and a fishing level of at least 82 to get to the deck.

The Fishing Trawler minigame is where you can get the Angler’s set.

Once you’re on the stage, you can catch minnows that move around the interior every 15 seconds. If you want to fish here, you’ll need a small net.

I also suggest a Rada’s Blessing (4), which has an 8% chance of doubling the number of fish you catch. Certainly useful.

Then, you can trade 40 minnows for 1 shark.

Minnows can be stacked in your collection, so they only take up one space, which is very helpful.

35k experience per hour and between 350 and 400 sharks per hour are also pretty good.

Not only that, but the money you make from all this work is between $300,000 and $500,000 per hour, which is more than any of the other ways on this list.

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What level Fishing do I need to catch sharks?

Sharks require a Fishing level of 76 to catch in OSRS. Prior to reaching this level, players can gradually level up their Fishing skill by catching and cooking other fish.

Can I profit from shark fishing in OSRS?

Yes, shark fishing can be profitable in OSRS. Sharks are a highly sought-after food item for players, especially those training combat skills. Selling raw or cooked sharks on the Grand Exchange or to other players can generate a decent income.

Should I bank or drop sharks while fishing?

It depends on your goals and preferences. Banking sharks allows you to store them for later use or sell them at a higher price. Dropping sharks, on the other hand, speeds up the fishing process by eliminating the time spent running to the bank. Consider your Fishing level, proximity to a bank, and whether you prioritize speed or profit.

Is it recommended to use fishing potions or equipment while shark fishing?

Fishing potions, such as the Fishing Potion or Admiral Pie, can boost your Fishing level temporarily, increasing your catch rate. Additionally, fishing equipment like the Fishing Cape or the Angler’s Outfit can provide bonuses to experience gained or catch rates. While not necessary, these can be beneficial for more efficient shark fishing.

Are there any quests or activities related to shark fishing in OSRS?

While there are no specific quests centered around shark fishing, there are activities indirectly related to it. For example, completing the Swan Song quest unlocks access to Piscatoris Fishing Colony, which offers a monkfish fishing spot that can be used as an alternative to shark fishing.