What Are Ensouled Heads Used For in OSRS?

Prayer training is done with ensouled heads, which is a different way to learn the skill than using bones.

When teaching, it is often cheaper to use ensouled heads, but the whole prayer experience will be much slower.

The reason is that using bones on a Gilded Altar gives faster total EXP than using bones in a fight or with magic.

Using the top level ensouled head on a high level account will usually give about 340k experience per hour.

For this, you would need a magic level of at least 93 and a fighting level of 110 or higher.

These ensouled heads have various uses and are primarily associated with the Prayer skill. Here’s how ensouled heads are used in OSRS:

  1. Prayer experience: The main use of ensouled heads is to gain Prayer experience. Players can take ensouled heads to the Dark Altar located in the Arceuus House and offer them to the Altar. Doing so will consume the ensouled head and grant Prayer experience based on the head’s type and the player’s Prayer level. The higher the level of the NPC the head came from, the more experience it provides.
  2. Reanimation for training: Along with Prayer experience, ensouled heads can also be reanimated into undead versions of the NPC monsters they originated from. By using the appropriate ensouled head on the Dark Altar, players can summon and defeat these reanimated creatures for additional combat experience in Magic, Hitpoints, and Slayer.
  3. Ensouled head rewards: After defeating reanimated creatures summoned from ensouled heads, players have a chance to receive various rewards. These rewards can include runes, bolt racks, herb seeds, and occasionally rare items like the Jar of Souls. The chance of obtaining these rewards depends on the type of ensouled head used.
  4. Arceuus Spellbook favor: Using ensouled heads at the Dark Altar contributes to earning favor with the Arceuus House in Great Kourend. Gaining favor is necessary to access certain content within the Arceuus House and progress in related quests or activities.
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It’s worth noting that ensouled heads are specific to the Arceuus spellbook and have no use outside of it.

They offer an alternative method for training Prayer and gaining combat experience while providing additional benefits such as rewards and favor with the Arceuus House.

How Do You Use Ensouled Heads?

You can only use ensouled heads at the Dark Altar in the Arceuus District of Zeah and in the area around it.

You’ll need at least 60% favor with the Arceuus house to do this, since you’ll need to use the Arceuus Spellbook.

When you are near the Dark Altar, you can use a reanimation spell on your ensouled head to bring back the trapped soul of an enemy.

If you kill this soul that has come back to life, you will gain prayer experience.

Ensouled dragon heads need a level 93 reanimation spell, which is the highest level of the spell.

This spell can only be used again if an enemy you’ve killed drops a head that has been ensouled.

The head can then be used in the place where the monster was killed. And this only works for the player who got the drop, as long as they are nearby.

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And this method won’t work if the head is traded or the price is checked afterward.


How do I obtain ensouled heads in OSRS?

Ensouled heads are obtained by casting the Reanimate spell on specific NPC monsters using the Arceuus spellbook. When you defeat the reanimated creature, it will drop the ensouled head as an item. The availability of ensouled heads varies depending on the monster’s type and combat level.

Which ensouled heads provide the most Prayer experience?

The amount of Prayer experience gained from offering ensouled heads at the Dark Altar depends on the combat level of the NPC the head came from. Higher-level monsters generally provide more Prayer experience. For example, ensouled heads from creatures like dragons, demons, or giants usually offer substantial Prayer experience rewards.

Can I use ensouled heads on any spellbook besides the Arceuus spellbook?

No, ensouled heads are exclusive to the Arceuus spellbook. The Reanimate spell and the ability to offer ensouled heads at the Dark Altar are specific to this spellbook. You must be on the Arceuus spellbook to access and use ensouled heads.

Do ensouled heads have any other benefits besides Prayer experience?

Yes, besides gaining Prayer experience, reanimated creatures summoned from ensouled heads provide additional combat experience in Magic, Hitpoints, and Slayer. Defeating these creatures can be an efficient way to train multiple skills simultaneously.