Best Mithril Mining Spot in OSRS? (F2P + P2P)

Both free-to-play and pay-to-play players can find the Mithril Mining Spot in the same place: the Mining Guild.

This is because the Mining Guild is one of the few groups in the game that all players can join.

The guild is under Falador, and you can get to it either through the city or through the Dwarven Mines.

To get into the Mining Guild, players must have at least a level 60 mining skill.

To work on Mithril rocks, players must have at least a level 55 mining skill.


F2P vs. P2P Mithril Mining Differences

There will be a total of 6 Mithril Rocks in the guild that F2P players can use. The group isn’t very good for F2P players, but it makes it easy for them to get Mithril rocks in OSRS.

I suggest using a Rune Pickaxe if you want to get ore quickly here.

But P2P players will get a +7 boost to their mining skill when they’re in the guild, which means they’ll be able to mine ores much faster.

P2P members also have access to a part of the guild that is only for members and has 10 Mithril rocks. This is almost twice as much as what was in the F2P area.

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But Mithril and all the other rocks in this area have a faster return time. More exactly, it’s twice as fast as normal rocks you’d mine elsewhere.

This means you’ll spend less time waiting and more time collecting.

All players will also be able to use a bank box inside the guild, which makes it easy and quick to bank your ores.

Lastly, while P2P users are in the guild, you may be able to get minerals that you don’t know what they are. You can use these to buy the highly sought-after Mining Gloves, which have some pretty useful benefits.

Mithril Rocks have a 1/40 chance (or 2.5% chance) of giving you an unnamed mineral at random.

Even more reason to do all of your digging here.


How much experience do I gain for mining Mithril ore?

In OSRS, each successful Mithril ore mined grants 80 experience. This amount can be increased with various mining bonuses, such as using the mining gloves obtained from the Family Crest quest.

Can I boost my mining level to mine Mithril ore?

Yes, you can boost your mining level temporarily to access and mine Mithril ore. The Dwarven Stout, which is a drink that can be purchased or brewed, boosts your mining level by 1. This can be handy if you’re close to the required level.

What equipment do I need to mine Mithril ore?

To mine Mithril ore, you will need a pickaxe. The minimum requirement is a Steel pickaxe, which can be purchased from various stores or obtained as a drop from certain monsters. However, using a higher-tier pickaxe, such as a Mithril or better, will increase your mining speed.

Can I use the Mithril ore for anything besides smelting?

Yes, Mithril ore has various uses besides smelting it into Mithril bars. For example, Mithril ore is an ingredient in the creation of Mithril equipment, such as weapons and armor. It is also used in certain quests, such as The Knight’s Sword, where you need to mine and smith a Mithril sword.