Sims 4: Entrepreneur Skill Cheats (High School Years)

The ability to become entrepreneurs was added to our repertoire.

Thank goodness, every new talent we get in the game also comes with a fantastic cheat for us to utilize, and the same is true for the cheat for the entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4 as well.

This ability can be acquired by your Sims through a variety of means, including the sale of paintings, the acquisition of a side career, such as becoming a streamer, or the performance of odd jobs.

A Sim sitting at a computer and playing video games, as well as a Sim earning the Sims 4 Entrepreneur Skill by selling products on Trendi while sitting on their bed.

What Is The Entrepreneur Skill In Sims 4?

Sims 4: Entrepreneur Skill Cheats (High School Years)

One of the small skills taught in High School is how to be a business. The better Sims get at something, the better they will do at side jobs and independent work.

Since this is a minor skill, it won’t take your Sims too long to master it, and they can usually figure out the best ways to be an entrepreneur in a decent amount of time.

But life can get crazy sometimes, so they need to learn these business tricks quickly and unlock the skills that come with them before starting a new job.

Sometimes you don’t want to waste time building skills because you have better ideas for how to use your Sims’ energy. This is when business cheats come out to play.

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Guidelines on How to Use Cheats?

In order to make use of the majority of The Sims 4’s cheats, you will first need to ensure that cheat codes are enabled on your computer.

By doing so, you will not only inform the game of your intention to employ hacks but also guarantee that all cheats will function properly.

To accomplish this, you will first need to access the cheat dialogue box by entering a few commands, which may vary depending on the platform you’re using to play the game, as follows:

PC: Control-Shift-C key combination

On a Mac, use Command + Option + C.

Console: All Four Triggers

When the cheat box appears, all you have to do to activate cheats is type “testingcheats true” followed by the enter key on your keyboard.

When you do this, the game will confirm that cheat mode is active by displaying a message.

After that, you are free to make use of whatever cheat codes that you choose within this same box.

Who Can Benefit From Entrepreneur Cheats?

Anyone who wants to learn can easily learn the business skill, just like they can learn any other skill.

You will be able to advertise your side job online, make and research a business plan, ask angel investors for money, and appear on The Llama’s Lair TV show once you have this skill.

When the skill is at its highest level, the special “Gain the Knowledge” trait will be unlocked. This trait will help them earn more money and make more money from their creative business.

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The entrepreneur cheat is best for Sims who want to become Simfluencers or Streamers, or who want to make a living from any kind of work. Let’s look at how to cheat!

How To Enable Cheats In Sims 4?

Before you can use cheats in Sims 4, you must first turn on cheating. To do this, just press SHIFT+CTRL+C on a PC or Mac to open the dialogue box.

Hit Enter after typing testingcheats true. If you are playing on a console, press all the triggers at the same time to open the dialogue box, type the same cheat, and finish the action.

Your cheats are now working as they should. You can now easily use tricks for entrepreneur or any other game.

To start using other cheats, you’ll use the same way (without trying testingcheats true again) to open the dialogue box.

How To Use Entrepreneur Skill Cheat In The Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, we have access to either minor skills or major skills, and both types of abilities can be used in the game.

The entrepreneur talent, on the other hand, only has five levels, making it a minor skill rather than a major one.

Major skills have ten levels for your sims to progress through.

This indicates that there are five different levels of the Sims 4 Entrepreneurial Skill Cheat for you to become familiar with.

You will already have a solid foundation of stats if you use this hack for talent.

set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur X, where X should be replaced with any number between one and five that corresponds to the level of entrepreneurial experience you wish your sim to have.

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Level of The SkillCheat Code
Level 1stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 1
Level 2stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 2
Level 3stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 3
Level 4stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 4
Level 5stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 5

Final Remarks

There is nothing better than having a nice cheat to use, and there are a lot of wonderful cheats in the game that you can really have fun with.

There are a lot of amazing cheats in the game.

The greatest way to genuinely customize your gaming experience and have more fun with it is to become familiar with these awesome cheat codes and understand how to use them.

Happy Playing!