28 Best Sims 4 Mods For Adults

The Sims 4 is a great game that gives you a lot of ways to make up life stories.

The bad thing about this game, though, is that it doesn’t have any adult or dramatic material.

The Sims 4, on the other hand, is a very customizable game, so players can add mods to add all the things they want to their save.

We put together a list of the best adult mods to spice up your game.

28. No Mosaic/Censor


If you hate censorship, this is for you. This mod removes the mosaic/censor grid that appears over your Sim when they shower, use the toilet, breastfeed, streak, and woohoo.

This mod doesn’t affect any sim behaviors but does add a touch of NSFW content to The Sims 4.

What’s Great About No Mosaic/Censor:

  • Removes censor
  • Realistic
  • No bugs!

27. Ghosts Can Have Babies

This freaky mod allows ghosts to become pregnant and woohoo! A human male can impregnate a ghost female, two ghosts can become pregnant, and a ghost male can impregnate a human female.

Unfortunately, the babies aren’t ghosts as The Sims 4 hasn’t yet made it possible for babies to die, but this mod is still fun and exciting.

What’s Great About Ghosts Can Have Babies!:

  • Have sims woohoo with ghosts
  • Have ghosts become pregnant, or impregnate sims/ghosts
  • Fun and different from many other mods

26. Basemental Gangs

This mod adds gangs to The Sims 4. It needs Basemental Drugs and the Get to Work expansion pack to work.

There are fights between gangs, gang members who try to control each other, drug runners, gang offices, and much more.

What’s Great About Basemental Gangs:

  • Lead a gang
  • Make money
  • Have a gang headquarter
  • Form rivalries between gangs
  • Drug runners

25. Psychic Mod

Starting with an easy one, the Psychic Mod gives your sim special skills that are linked to how they feel.

The psychic can make predictions, take away good feelings, help with bad feelings, and talk to the dead.

With this mod, you can make other sims’ lives hard or fun for as long as you want. It’s up to you.

24. Smoking Mod

This small hack adds the ability to smoke cigarettes or cigars. It will definitely make the bright world of Sims more real.

With a Smoking mod, you can make your sim smoke and give them this terrible habit. The sim will get a moodlet that says he’s addicted to smoking, and it won’t be easy for him to stop.

The movements of smoking sims, both when they are standing and when they are sitting, are very real.

23. The Realistic Reactions Mod

This is a great mod that makes the game more exciting. Your sims often act like nothing important has happened when something big does?

That’s no longer a problem! With the Realistic Reactions mod, your sims can feel and act more like real people.

  • Cheating now is a big no-no and will lead to the break-up or divorce.
  • Your sim’s children will be devastated because of their parents’ fights.
  • Teen pregnancy can be a blessing or a curse. Your lovely sim will decide.
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The mod adds a lot of realism to the game and can be a perfect add-on if you want to achieve more realistic gameplay.

22. Ultrasound Scan Mod

This small mod makes it possible for pregnant sims to see a doctor or get an ultrasound.

The Ultrasound Scan mod lets your pregnant sim (not just a girl, remember the alien pregnancies) check the gender of the baby, get a scan that can be hung on the wall, and make a special memory.

This mod makes age a little more real, and now your sims will remember having kids much more.

21. Sugar Life

Life doesn’t have to be all bad or all good. If your sim likes to hang out with other sims but doesn’t want to get married and needs money, just ask him or her to be your “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Mommy.”

The Sugar Life mod adds 3 new traits: Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy, or Sugar Baby.

Your sim can ask someone to be a Sugar Partner if he or she has the Baby trait and is in a good friendship with that person.

When your sim has a Sugar Daddy/Mommy Trait, he or she can take care of the Sugar Baby of your choice.

You can ask your Sugar Partner for a daily limit of 500 Simoles. If you want more, you should have a passionate WooHoo with them.

If the Sugar Partner wasn’t happy with the sexual interactions, you would lose your higher daily allowance and some romance between sims.

It’s a great mod if you want to add more types of romantic interactions to your game, or if you just want to have fun.

20. Snb Bank

The grown-up Sims have adult problems. With this cool mod, you can add a payment system that works like a mobile phone to your game.

The SNB Bank will give you extra accounts for every sim you want (don’t let your partner spend that hard-earned money on the Don’t Wake the Llama board game), and you will now have to pay for every new utility you want.

With this mod, a great tax system was also added to the game.

After the Eco Lifestyle patch, you can now use some of the mod’s features in your game, but the SNB Bank mod still gives you a real sense of how the banking system works in the game.

19. Extreme Violence Mod

Not everything in life is always rosy. The Extreme Violence mod adds a lot of violence to the game, like murders, gangs, violent attacks, suicides, and major fights.

It gives the game a lot more depth and a lot of new ways to play. You can even get arrested or lock up some NPCs who aren’t very nice.

You can be a good guy or a real bad guy. The Extreme Violence mod adds a new level of chance and things to your game.

18. Drugs Mod

You can now add more habits to your game than just smoking. The Drugs mod has custom drugs, like alcohol, prescription drugs, and regular drugs, as well as different affects that come with being addicted, like different walk styles and moodlets.

With this mod, you can also sell drugs and turn into a real drug boss in The Sims.

If you sell drugs, the cops could catch you and cause you trouble.

The cops are another important part of the mod. You can work with them to do your bad things, like hide money, bribe people, etc.

17. Hoe It Up

With this new Hoe It Up mod, you can get services like street prostitution, lap dancing, and striptease.

With the mod’s skill system, your sim can give other sims sexual services.

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You’ll get a strip pole for dance shows, and lap dancing can be done, you guessed it, on other sims’ laps.

As a streetwalker, you can give other sims sexual services on the street.

The animations for this mod were pretty good, so if you want to spice up the dark parts of your city, you should add it.

16. The Cursed Painting Mod

This mod is impressive and almost magical. The Cursed Painting will either make hell or heaven for your sim.

Just click “Gather Sims” to get everyone in the room, and then tell them to look at that scary picture.

You might get a prize of 1,000 Simoles or you might get burned to death (or get hit by lightning).

This is a simple mod that makes your game very chaotic.

15. Black Magic Mod

Realm of Magic Game Pack’s sweet and nice magic system can be so boring. Try the new Black Magic mod if you agree.

With this mod, your sim can become a black wizard or witch and start trading souls like a real creature of darkness.

Old Gods want a lot of gifts in exchange for their power, so feed them innocent souls, worship them, and you’ll get a lot back.

With this mod, you get new spells and skills that make magic a lot more fun.

14. Redapplenet Mod

With this mod, you can work for the Cybersex company and do a lot of things.

You will try to make other sims happy over the phone, in chats, and even in face-to-face video talks.

RedAppleNet mod lets your sim fall in love without ever talking to a real person. except maybe for the promotion with your boss.

13. Simda Dating App

It’s hard to date in Sims Life too! The SimDa app is coming your way to help! The mod adds a dating app to your sim’s phone.

With this app, you can find your love, go on a blind date, or just find someone for a one-night stand.

Don’t be shy, because we are all sims people. But try not to make your sim pregnant (you can add a pregnancy chance add-on to spice things up).

12. Life’s Drama

Your sim almost never has to deal with trouble or pain. But if you use the Life’s Drama mod, you can make your sim feel like a real person.

With this mod, your sims will have to deal with dirty secrets, talk, fighting against racism, violence, or bullying, public scraping, and so much more.

Drama in life brings a new social order and reputation, so be ready for the effects of what you do now.

11. Adult Life Mod

This mod is similar to the last one, but it focuses on how your sims connect with each other.

The Adult Life mod changes the fact that your lovely Sims can’t talk about adult things.

You can say that you’ve cheated, talk about STDs, drugs, and other things.

The mod even adds some adult interactions, like being able to smoke or drink, but we find that it works better for us to have different mods for each thing.

10. Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Mod

Every woman’s period is a big part of her life. It’s now possible to add it to your game!

Negative moodlets, unplanned pregnancies, cramps, and days when you can or can’t get pregnant.

This Cycle mod gives you a part of being an adult that can be very annoying, but it’s great for playing with your family.

9. Life Tragedies

The game needs real-life tragedies so much. Fatal illnesses, kidnapping, burglary attacks, trespassing, firestarters, armed robberies, car accidents, and serial killers will make your sim’s life an exciting and unpredictable trip.

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Bullying is also an important part of this game, since it can make your child’s life a living hell.

The natural disasters part of the mod is new and very interesting. With this cool add-on, your sim will live life to the best.

8. Rambunctious Religions

There is no belief system in The Sims 4, but modders can add anything they want.

Your sim can join the Worship of the Watcher church, the Cult of the Cowplant, or the Treaders of the Occult, or they can stay an atheist and join the Congregation of non-Believers.

The mod adds new ways to engage and events, as well as cool perks and a new skill called Religion. Fans of reality will love this new part of the game.

7. LGBT Mod

In The Sims, be proud of your sexuality! The LGBT Mod adds a lot of new sexuality-related traits, so you can make your sim pansexual, gay, queer, asexual, etc.

You can have a special LGBT event with other sims and talk to them a lot about this topic. With this mod, your sim can be proud of who he or she is.

6. Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

You can become a prostitute at home with this mod. But things aren’t that easy. The Nisa’s Wicked Perversions adds a lot of new traits and even career goals.

This is a cool mod that adds a lot of new sexual options and moodlets for your sims.

5. Slice of Life Mod

This is one of the best mods that was ever created for The Sims franchise.

Slice of Life adds pimples, bruises, flashing, tears, personality systems, menstrual cycle, and a lot more. Emotions are now deeper and more meaningful.

Your sims can now be truly depressed, furious, miserable, or stressed.

This mod has the most impact on the adults, but teens and elders will have their special buffs and moodlets too.

4. Torture & Chaos Mod

Ah, the magical book that makes your chosen Sim into a true evil lord. Your sim can kill and abuse other sims, make them pee themselves, or make everyone sad with the abuse and Chaosmods.

This mod is good for people who like fantasy games because you can make your sim a Dark Lord and make everyone afraid of you.

3. Gangs Mod

Be a loyal part of the gang or ruthless gang leader with a new Gangs mod. Gain skills, do the missions, create a gang, or hire someone new to it.

The gangs can go to war or do something for you if you want it. But do not cross their path, or you can become the next victim of the gang.

2. Mortem Mod

After all of those killing mods, your sim deserves a good funeral. With the Mortem mod, the regular Grim Reaper is replaced by a real funeral.

You will have to ask a medical officer to look at the body, do tests, and let you have a funeral.

You can mourn your beloved sim during the special event, that will pay all the honors to the sim.

This is a lovely mod that makes your sim’s death a bit more special.

1. Wicked Whims

Wicked Whims is probably the most well-known and cool mod for The Sims for adults.

It gives the player so much: new sexual interactions (including threesomes and foursomes), realistic bodies, active sexual interactions even between NPCs, and a system for periods and pregnancy.

We can’t say enough good things about this mod, because it really changes the game in The Sims.