17 Best Sims 4 Supernatural & Occult CC

The main idea of this piece might not work for everyone… But who needs a reason to enjoy some good old-fashioned occult content?

Only once a year is Halloween. You can always have a party with your Sims, though. Especially those who are more interested in the supernatural and witchcraft.

Here are some of the best custom content (CC) items for The Sims 4 that have to do with the supernatural or occult and will fit any creepy or mysterious story (and maybe give you some cool pictures, too).

17. The Siren Trait: Reloaded


Mermaids were a colorful and fun addition to the Sims game. They are outstanding and all, but Sirens are hauntingly cool.

I mean, who has never wanted to lure someone to death with their voice? Well, with the Siren Trait Reloaded mod, your sim gains the ability to lure other sims with nothing more than their voice.

In the Siren Trait: Reloaded mod, the singing, charisma, and mischief skills are gained twice as fast compared to human sims.

16. Dana Scully From The X Files

Number ten on our list is The Sims 4 mod of the infamous Dana Scully from the popular show, The X Files. This is a simple little mod, but a great addition to anyone who was a fan of the X-files.

Given the show’s premise, it felt necessary to add this to our list! As someone who watched X-Files as a child and always admired Dana Scully, this mod is a dream.

15. Demon Days – Vampire Stuff by Pyxis

Pyxis’ Demon Days: Vampire Stuff is a collection of small details and easy CC that the creators have wanted for their Vampire Sims for a while. It is called “bits ‘n’ things” because it is made up of “little things” that they have wanted for a while.

Eyebags, a skin-tone overlay, skin-tone changes, spider lines, horns… All of these are small aesthetic changes that, at first glance, don’t seem to matter much.

But man, they sure make a difference.

I think the preview shots speak for themselves, but things like eyebags and veins on the skin can make a vampire look even more dead.

The horns are odd for a vampire, but they are not impossible. They can also make a vampire look more “demonic.”

My favorite part is definitely the skin.

When combined with pale or gray skin, the gradients add more depth and personality to a Vampire build that would otherwise be boring or uninspired.

All of it is subtle, yes.

But trust me: all the pieces in this pack can make a character design so much more solid.

People often say, “It’s the little things.”

14. Ghost – Skeleton Makeup by Pyxis

Like taraab’s Halloween Collection CC, I didn’t go looking for this unique full-face makeup set… but it was something I was definitely glad to find.

Most likely, the preview pictures say everything that needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway:

You can use these marks as both makeup (full face or blush) and skin details, so you can mix, match, and add as much as you want. Each mark’s edges have a soft, airbrushed look that makes them fit in with your Sim’s face.

Gives the impression that your Sim is part-ectoplasm.

It also works as a sort of tribal face-paint mask, like the kind witch doctors would use for rituals.

No matter what, it’s gross enough to be on this list.

13. Tarot Reader Career by PurpleThistles

The Paranormal Stuff pack for The Sims 4 does give us the Paranormal Investigator job. Which is a pretty cool job on its own, don’t get me wrong.

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But what if you just want to be that medium who is always lit from behind by a candle and can tell people’s futures by looking at a few cards?

This job mod is for that.

The Tarot Card Reader mod by PurpleThistles is a rabbit-hole career that can add a lot to a supernatural or psychic plot.

There are 10 levels in total, starting with Minor Arcana Training and ending with Guru Tarot Reader.

All of them have great accounts of what your Sim will be doing at work, including fair pay and hours.

This job would also go well with radioactivedotcom’s Fortune Teller pose pack, and you’ll soon see why (don’t worry, it’s next).

12. Fortune Teller Poses by radioactivedotcom

As you can see from the preview pictures on the CC’s page, these custom poses are the definition of dark, mysterious, and alluring.

Just what you want in a master tarot reader or future teller.

There are 18 single poses for readings with one Sim and two bonus poses for reading palms with two Sims.

There are a lot of different feelings in the solo poses, from worried to sly to slightly interested.

Just know that the card set accessory that the creator links to in their description doesn’t show up in my game, but the download is still live and (as far as I know) up to date.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can grab this Tarot Deck and Spreads recolor by drosims (mesh included). Worked just fine for me!

11. Witchy Décor Set by tinywards

Some witches like to hide their arcane foci in a secret room and blend in with normal, non-magical society.

Others use them to decorate their living room.

Different strokes for different folks, I always say.

But if your spellcasting Sim is more of the latter, then this cute Witchy Décor CC Set by tinywardens should be high on your to-download list.

It’s got 34 items all designed with the same occult/arcane theme, meaning they’re all items you’d expect a practicing potion-maker/spellcaster/dark-arts summoner to own.

What I love is that all the items in this set are varying levels of cute and creepy. I mean, a witch doll with its own felt hat can be innocent. Same can be said for dusty leather tomes; impractical and unusual, but not quite disturbing.

But the goat skulls, the knives, or the pot of suspicious-looking fungi?

Now those might be a bit too weird for someone’s taste.

10. Apothecary Cabinet by bramblefinch

This handmade cabinet made by CC user bramblefinch is the best way to store things ever.

I’ll tell you now: it has 80 working spots for decorations.

Yes, 80.

Name a base game cabinet, show case, or shelf unit that comes close. Even the huge shelves that don’t need to be so big don’t have half of those empty spots, even though it would make sense for them to.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I tried it and it worked perfectly.

It’s called an apothecary cabinet, but you can really use it just like any other multi-slot storage/display cabinet.

But because of the theme of this piece, it would look really cool with glass bottles, herbs that can’t be identified, mushrooms that look suspicious, and rocks that softly glow.

I chose to decorate it with things from the Witchy Décor Set from tinywardens, and it looked great.

Fun fact: This cabinet only has 80 spots because the person who made it had to cut down from the original 250+ slots because it was making some people’s games crash. (That’s why the title says “Possible Fix”).

9. Night of the Witch Poses by Something Wicked Sims

This pose pack might be one of the most scary ones on this list. But since we want the best magical stuff, that’s a good thing.

It’s even scarier if your Sims have creature parts and creepy clothes on them. If you need ideas, I’ve listed a lot of them in this piece.

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There are seven poses in this set, and they all do a pretty good job of showing the classic group gatherings that are often acted out in the media.

All that fun stuff, like people dancing and making a lot of wavy hand motions.

And if you don’t like the idea of making sacrifices, you might not want to use the third pose with the altar…

8. Ouija Party Poses by Something Wicked Sims

This is probably my favorite of all the pose packs here because it feels like a scene (or, more correctly, scenes) from a teen horror movie.

Who else but a group of teenagers to young adults would be bored, brave, or arrogant enough to mess around with a Ouija board?

Aside from the fact that these poses are very well done (no awkward clipping, limbs out of place, or strange, forced positions, nope! ), the person who made them also managed to give the models some classic horror movie character traits.

You have the “Kind of Curious,” the “Arcane Expert,” the “Skeptic,” the “Supportive Boyfriend,” and the “This is a Bad Idea” Friend.

If it wasn’t already clear, I really like how all the models look.

And I’m glad to say that they worked really well in my game.

7. Arachne Set by Natalia-Auditore

I didn’t specifically search for a “half-woman, half-spider” costume when making this list, but damn. Am I glad I found this regardless.

Because this Spider Queen outfit is something straight from my occult nightmares.

And I mean that in the best way.

You want spooky, creepy, and arcane? How about a six-foot-tall monster spider lady that can scuttle up and down your walls?

The creator even went the extra mile to link some awesome custom poses in the description to match! So you can not only make this nightmare arachnid-hybrid, you can also take some attractively terrifying pictures of her screaming at the camera, hanging from the ceiling, or running after her prey.

Pair these scary spider bottoms with a not-of-this-earth skin color, some horns, and some pointy fangs, and there you go.

New horror game boss unlocked.

6. Arachnophobia – Accessory Spider Eyes by Pyxis

Want to make your Arachne!Sim more Spider then Woman? These creepy (but excellent) spider-eyes accessory are by a different creator (Pyxis!), but damn do they complete the look.

I found a couple other “third eye” or “insect eyes” CC while I was digging for cool occult/supernatural stuff, but this piece stood out.

It is crazy high-quality.

Other custom monster eye accessories looked either too flat or too bug-eyed. Could be just a difference in textures (the good ol’ Maxis Match versus Alpha CC debate) or something, but they really didn’t translate well in CAS or in-game.

On the other hand, these Arachnophobia – Accessory Spider Eyes by Pyxis worked almost too well.

Aside from the actual spider eyes that sit on your Sim’s forehead, the creator included skin details like pale veins, warped discoloration, and shadows to indicate bulging and indents.

Without the eyes, the skin details make it look like there are genuinely multiple tiny eye sockets on your Sim’s forehead.

5. Werewolf Costume + Werewolf Posepack by Natalia-Auditore

As someone who also happens to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the side, I was ridiculously happy to see a TS4 costume modeled after the Skyrim Werewolf.

You can bet your plumbobs I downloaded it ASAP.

And I’m happy to report that the costume works just as expected.

It may not come with the “Transform Into Werewolf” option like in The Sims 3: Supernatural, but hey. Just assign the full body Werewolf costume as a second (or third, or fourth) outfit and have your Sim change into it whenever they want.

Here’s another thing I love about this particular Sims 4 CC creator: they are very, very good at bundling their CAS stuff with custom poses.

So yes: you can get your Werewolf-costumed Sim to crouch over and howl at the moon, just like the model is doing in the preview photos.

4. Aloha! Eyeset + Add-Ons by Pyxis

So, these aren’t really about the supernatural or occult, but I thought I’d include them because they helped me make some cool-looking creatures that aren’t from this world.

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This eyeset by Pyxis is one of the best and biggest ones I’ve found for making eyes that look like they belong in another world.

I’m sure there are other eyesets that are even bigger, like the ones by PralineSims, but Pyxis is well-known for their monster, beast, fantasy, and occult-themed Sims content.

They have a way of distorting faces and putting parts of terrifying creatures into their CC that is almost… cute.

Or, at the very least, nice to look at.

The Aloha! eyeset lets you change the color of the sclera and lens.

There are a lot of things to unpack, so I can’t name them all here. But I will say that this CAS pack and its matching add-on pack, both made by the same person, helped me make wraith eyes that glowed purple, werewolf eyes that were different shades of white, and Spider-Woman eyes that were so dark they scared the bones.

If you want to make a magical Sim, this eyeset is a great choice.

You can find the patches, which are things like the Aloha! Here are the Add-On Eyes and Overlays.

3. Magic Sigils by Natalia-Auditore

This is a pretty simple piece of decor, but I liked the idea behind it. So I thought, “Why not?”

Because an ominously glowing magic sigil can set the scene for so many occult events, you know?

Think about it: you called up a demon? Preparing a sacrifice for the blood moon? Finally figured out how to get power without limits?

There’s nothing like a perfectly symmetrical circle with symbols from a dead language coming to life right under your feet to set the scene.

The Magic Sigil CC from Natalia-Auditore comes in 12 different colors and styles.

There are the usual geometric shapes, as well as the pretty six-pointed star versions… There are even two patterns that look like portals. One leads to the cosmos, and the other leads to dark pits of who knows where.

They can be used as mats. Yes, they do light up on their own.

I think you should use the bb.moveobjects cheat before you put them down, because their footprint can get in the way of some of the game’s roots.

2. Devil’s Backbone – Maxis Zombie Skin 2T4 by Pyxis

If you want your Sim to look like a real zombie, you can’t just make their face gray.

Zombies are dead people who have come back to life, right?

The skin was sagging, the color was gone, the lips were sunken, and there were bags under the eyes for days.

So does Pyxis, who made Sims CC.

This CC pack is a bunch of really cool skins that can be used to make a realistic monster with no melanin that still looks good.

Even if I’m crazy, I think the veins and skin features look almost like they’re made of paper.

And it does give you a depressed, dirty, crawled-out-of-the-grave look that I totally dig.

Since the zombie pallor is a skin detail, you can put it on any skintone, not just the pretty zombie skintone the creator gave you, to give your magical Sims a bit of grime for flavor.

1. The Halloween Collection – Mark of the Wolf by taraab

Want everyone to know that your Sim got into a fight with a (were)wolf and won?

Taraab’s gotcha is the creator of Sims CC.

This CC may just be for looks. But I think the idea is great! Mark of the Wolf from the Halloween Collection is makeup, not a skin feature. It comes in two colors: fresh-blood red and silver.

Even though it wasn’t really magical, I tried putting it on my pale vampire.

The end result was pretty good.

If you want your vampire to be a little more scary, this unique scar is a great way to do it.