8 Best Sims 4 Graveyard & Cemetery CC

Death is a sad part of life, though. And giving land to our dead has been done for hundreds of years.

In older games, when a Sim died, it was a much bigger deal. You used to be able to go to the graveyard.

The size of a Sim’s gravestone depended on how they lived and how they died, and you could even have a “party” for their funeral.

In Sims 4, the dead don’t get nearly as much attention. So it makes sense that the people who make CC have stepped in to fill the holes.

Even though it might make me sound crazy, I kind of like graves. Seeing the gravestones of my own family members makes me sad, but the ones that are hundreds of years old are interesting.

After this list, you can make any kind of graveyard you want, whether it looks old and abandoned or is a nice place to honor your Sims’ lives.

8. Graveyard Lot Trait

I think we can all agree that a graveyard lot is needed.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really seen the point of headstones without names on them. No one burys a loved one on their own land anymore, or at least I don’t think they do.

With this new lot feature from Simularity, you can finally have a graveyard that is set aside.

This mod does more than just give you a place to “officially” put your headstones. It also has a lot of features that add a lot of depth.

Townies and ghosts will do different things on the lot at different times of the day.

Whether your sim goes to the graveyard during the day or at night will have an effect on them, just as it would on anyone else.

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As your Sim thinks about the people they’ve lost, they can feel a lot of different emotions, like sadness, fear, or even happiness.

7. Graveyard Set

Here are some ideas for old graveyard decorations.

There are several gravestones here, and they all look like they are at least a hundred years old. Any of them will be a nice change from the round headstone that is used for every death in The Sims 4.

I don’t know why it’s always a tradition that the trees in a graveyard are dead, but there are a few ways to show that.

Most of the time, the trees are fine.

But in every computer game, a cemetery has no leaves on any of the trees. That was the case in The Sims 3, so it makes sense to have them back.

The angel figure is a nice touch as well. A cemetery isn’t really a cemetery if there aren’t some creepy-looking stone things watching over you as you mourn.

6. Divinity Gravestones

In this CC set, Bramblefinch gives us ten more great gravestones to choose from.

The cracks and dirt are great features, and so are the different kinds of stone.

Still, these look pretty old, which I can’t get enough of. It’s a warning, just like in real life, that time goes on and things change. You know, the circle of life and all that.

To be clear, I don’t just hang out in cemeteries for fun, but you can’t avoid going by (or even through) them, and seeing graves that are hundreds of years old is somehow humbling.

Now, your Sims can have the same experience by visiting sites that might have been there before Willow Creek was built.

I like that they are all different sizes and shapes, because when you are making a graveyard in The Sims 4, you need as much variety as you can get.

5. Gravestones & Mortuary

Now, this gravestone and funeral home set looks more modern.

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They will work well if you want your graveyard to look like someone cared about the dead and their burials in the last hundred years.

One cool thing about this set is that many of the pieces have spaces in them where you can put things like flowers or candles.

The scary statue that comes with this is the same as the last one.

Even though these are things from The Sims 3, they have been changed to fit the style of The Sims 4.

4. Spooky Grave

This is not like any of the other graves we’ve seen so far.

After all, not everyone is buried with a chain around their body.

The question is whether that is to keep people from getting too close to the grave or to keep the dead in it.

Hmm. Your Sims had better hope they never have to find out.

Most of the cement on this grave looks nice and smooth, so it might be a little less worn than other graves in your cemetery.

3. Graveyard Collection

Most of the time, the words “graveyard” and “collection” shouldn’t be used together, but I’ll make an exception for this great set.

This is the top of creepy and old graveyard stuff.

All of the gravestones look like they came from a Halloween display, but they are dirty enough to look like they belong there.

Some are really big and sit on the ground. I’m sure there’s a better word than “grave” for them, but I always get graveyard words mixed up. Why are there so many different words for places where people are buried?

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Even the plaque is broken, and I always feel a little sad when I see that no one is taking care of the grave. But hey, that’s just how life is. Or perhaps death?

Fences are also an often-overlooked part of a graveyard, but artist Jennisims has added two new options that are both quite scary.

And last but not least, there is a little rat in this group. What a cute thing!

2. Fresh Grave

Fresh dirt in front of a gravestone is the best way to show that someone just died.

EmilitaRabbit, who made this pile of dirt, set the price at $600, which is about how much it costs to dig a real grave.

And I think it’s great that they’re trying to make the game seem more real.

So it’s easier for Simmers, many people will make all of their CC things cost 0 simoleons. But there are always ways to get around paying for things, and this little bit of truth is really cool since we can’t have funerals or other burial costs.

1. Mausoleum Remake

This time, fire2icewitch, the person who made The Sims 4, added a standard cemetery to the game.

This tomb was always fun to play with in Sims 3, and now you can play with it again.

Your Sims can make out, cry, and woohoo in this tomb.

Yes, they can go inside because the tent from Outdoor Retreat was used to make it.

We can finally have some fun at the graveyard.

This tomb is also interesting to look at from the outside. It does look a lot like the original, but there are a few new shades so you can choose whether the windows are blue, green, or red.