10 Best Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods

Here, we see how this reign of blood and fear started, when little Elsa just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

This anger needs a way to get out, and other Sims seem like the right way to do it.

Have you ever wanted to make your Sims game a little bit more real?

Maybe you’re the kind of Simmer who likes to cause chaos and trouble for their Sims.

You can find anything here that catches your eye.

10. RoM – Untamed Magic is Untamed! by Zero

 Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods

Some spells don’t seem to have the power they should have. Now, you can make Inferniate, Chillo, and ZipZap as dangerous as you want.

Oh, how we’ve all wished that our destructive magic were, well, more destructive. They can now be.

Use Inferniate to set your enemies on fire, Chillo to stop their hearts from beating, and ZipZap to melt their heads. Whoever taught you magic never expected you to use it to kill people.

  • Give those normie Sims a reason to call you the wicked witch in the woods!
  • Adds an air of danger to all those Untamed Spellcasters waltzing around. They’ll never look at Morgyn the same way again.
  • This mod comes in two flavors, one in which these three spells are always deadly and the other in which these spells are only fatal if your caster is Charged.

9. Life Tragedies by Sacrificial

In the blink of an eye, bad things can happen. Bring some of these disasters to life for your Sims and leave them more scarred than ever.

Your Sims can now go through scary things in their lives. They could be taken hostage, robbed at gunpoint, or hurt in a car crash.

If your Sims make it out safe, they will be able to talk about what happened. You can also change how often disasters happen to NPCs and played Sims over the age of two.

  • Add some of the dark sides of realism to your game by forcing your Sims to face the same traumas we do.
  • This mod is great for storytelling! Maybe your older sister goes for a walk, is struck by a car, and never makes it home. That will prove to be a journal-worthy day.
  • Armed robberies can take Sims lives at random or you could even be held for a ransom.

8. Basemental Drugs

Thought-altering drugs let you fall into the void and explore the deepest parts of your mind.

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This mod adds one of the darker parts of our world that are more widespread. The issues that come with using hard drugs. Your Sims can now buy drugs, sell them, take them, and make more of them.

  • Add depth to your Sim’s story by taking them through drugs, addiction, and recovery.
  • Have your Sim’s lead the life of a hardened criminal by selling drugs and even growing a few such as Cannabis and Shrooms.
  • Watch out! If you sell or buy too many drugs too quickly the cops or even the SWAT team will show up for a raid. You can avoid this through Money Laundering (requires Get to Work) and be more patient between sales.

7. VAMPIRES – Can Kill by Zero

Vampires aren’t always meant to be beautiful and on their own. On the other hand, a real creature of the night doesn’t mind that its bite could kill.

Sometimes, being a vampire feels a little too good and perfect. What vampire hasn’t accidentally drained someone dry? Find some cattle and make your vampires more dangerous.

  • Vampires can now drink Sims dry either on accident or in an uncontrollable drink.
  • Watch in awe as they enslave other Sims to be their feeding cattle by manipulating their life spirit. Find yourself a constant source of drink.
  • A rival Vampire may even seek to release your thrall and steal your meal.

6. Hoe it Up by Sacrificial

There are always more than one ways to make money. Most people wouldn’t even consider selling their bodies to do it, but you would. With these new skills, your Sim is sure to make a lot of money.

Is life for your Sims not hard enough?

Take up one of these new skills to make extra money and you won’t need anything else to help you get over the college blues.

Any Sim can hire you, and you can say no if you don’t want to, but that won’t pay for your fees, will it?

  • Your Sims can take on up to three new skills to make some money with what their mamma gave ‘em. Each skill has 5 levels.
  • Your Sims can now offer sexy services in exchange for Simoleons. Offer a lapdance, a strip dance, and more.
  • Sims now have a chance to be serviced in return for their hard work.

5. Extreme Violence by Sacrificial

Elsa just couldn’t stand that snide look on her father’s face any longer. No matter, his worries have all melted away now.

This mod goes above and beyond when it comes to absurd violence in your Sims game. It gives you everything from murder, gangs, and is compatible with the Life Tragedies mod.

  • Sims now have a plethora of violent interactions to choose from, ranging from non-lethal to deadly. You can do as little as slap a child or as much as open fire on civilians.
  • Gangs take over the streets and will act violently towards one another. Join your gang of choice: The Thotties or the HardWood gang and start your turf war.
  • Police can be called to take away murderous Sims. Your Sims also have a chance to defend themselves from any violent action. Pump up those Fitness skills Simmers! You never know when you might need it.

4. Custom Career: Teen Criminal by Rex

Crime isn’t just done by adults. You’ve probably seen a few troublemakers in the park lately. Let’s hope they aren’t making their own gang.

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If you let your kids live a life of crime, you are setting them up for a bad future. It’s hard to say if their parents will cry or freak out, but who cares?

You are the “big bad evil guy” now.

  • Adds a part-time weekend career for your Teen Sims to partake in. Who knew pickpocketing your rich friend could turn into a lucrative business?
  • Plan crimes online, perform bank heists and get custom Chance Cards that affect your Sim’s Character Values.
  • Your parental Sims can either persuade or force their child out of the career. If they convince the Teen and they quit within one day, they can gain back much of their lost Empathy.

3. Torture and Chaos by Sacrificial

Elsa may have killed their dad, but it was Sofie’s job to kill their mom. With just a quick look through a book, mom is shocked at how quickly her daughter has changed.

Your Sims who don’t do weird things must be sick of being walked all over. This mod gives them a book of dark power that lets them hurt other Sims or even kill them.

  • Torture other Sims by making them and those around them get abducted, depressed, or set them aflame!
  • Your Sims are more deadly with the Book of Chaos in their pocket. They can electrocute, burn, and freeze Sims to death, even the Children.
  • Your Sims can give others the Kiss of Death, the Kiss of Flame, or just a straight-up heart attack. Enjoy laughing maniacally as your enemies perish.

2. RoM – Potion of Nausea is Poison by Zero

You can put all your trust in Spellcasters and the occult, but who knows if that Potion of Plentiful Needs is really a nasty Nausea Potion?

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The Potion of Nausea has sometimes seemed like it didn’t do much. You could do less work and make them sick by giving them bad food.

No, why don’t you use that drink to poison them instead? It has to be worse than getting food sickness.

  • Gives you a reason to use that useless Potion of Nausea, make sure your own stomach can handle it.
  • Kill off Sims that have crossed you by offering them a drink…to friendship. Right, right, friendship.
  • Bring back the bloodlust of your Sims in an unassuming way. No one ever suspects the Practical Spellcaster.

1. RoM – Black Magic by Zero

There was only one way to stop this dangerous family dance, and that was to kill the person who started it all. Sofie had to say goodbye to her last family member, her sister Elsa.

With this mod, your Spellcasters can play around with dark magic. Give your Sims the power to kill and sell the souls of other Sims to the Old Gods.

  • Any Sim may purchase the Weird Tome to begin the process of worshipping the Old Gods. After reading the book you can sacrifice the spirit at a tombstone or urn to the Old Gods.
  • Upon proffering your first soul, you become a worshipper of the Old Gods. From here, your Non-Spellcasters are considered Wild Witches.
  • Gain the ability through the Old Gods to Reaperify and steal souls for them! You can also drain another Sim’s life force, adding days to your own life. Be careful though, the more souls you reap the more likely your Sim is to be corrupted by evil.