15 Sims 4 Pet Food & Pet Bowl CC

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs pack adds a lot of cute, customizable animals to the game, as well as some cute items that are all about pets.

But why stop at what the base game and packs give us?

Because the people who make Sims 4 CC are very creative and have a lot of talent (as we all know).

So, here are some custom pet food bowls and decorative pet food options to spice up your Build & Buy catalogue.

15. Waiting for Pets by Around the Sims 4

This pack has a decorative stack of bowls for aspiring pet store owners and pet owners who like to keep extra supplies on hand, just in case.

They don’t work, which is sad.

But they are colourful, bright, and help tell a story.

You can put them next to xSarahsSadyx’s Realistic Bags of Dog Chow decorations to really sell the story of the “ultra-dedicated pet parent.”

14. Cats and Dogs Deco Set by asteria

This pet set has both pretty and useful items, and it’s both unique and fancy.

Even though sleek, dome-shaped robot vacuum cleaners aren’t as futuristic as they were a few years ago, it’s still fun to watch them work (both in life and in-game).

On the side of the pack for pets, there is a Versace Pets Bowl with a gold rim. Yes, you did read that correctly. (I don’t know if Versace really has a line of pet supplies, but if they do, talk about glitzy!)

The other bowl in this set is made of stainless steel like any other.

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Not as jaw-dropping, but still pretty sleek.

Plus, you get extra bags of dry pet food!

13. Naturalis Pets Bowl by SIMcredible!

The SIMcredible! Naturalis Pets set has a useful little food bowl that lives up to what it says about the pack.

All of the items are meant to have a “natural touch,” says the person who made them. The glass bowl, wooden supports, and simple, straightforward design all check all the right boxes.

It’s great that it’s fully functional, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was just for looks. It’s so beautiful!

12. Décor Pet Food by pinofurude

This set is so cute!

Really, I can’t be the only one excited about the graphics.

Cute little puppy and kitten cartoons and paw prints, oh my!

Some people might find it a little too cartoony. But it doesn’t bother me. In fact, I’m going to keep it set up.

I like giving cute, useless gifts to the pets of my Sims.

11. Realistic Bags of Dog Chow (Requires Cats & Dogs) by xSarahsSadyx

IAMS, Beneful, Redford, Pedigree… Your Sim’s pet should only have the best.

If you don’t mind when real-world brands that aren’t Simmified show up in your game, these decorative dog food bags are a good thing to add to your Buy catalogue.

And if “dedicated furparent” is a big part of your Sim’s personality, it makes sense for them to have piles of 20-pound Pedigree and IAMS sacks all over their living space.

10. Meow & Woof – Food & Water Bowl by Syboubou

This two-dish combo, also made by Syboubou, is simple, stylish, and innovative. It keeps your Sims’ pets’ food and water in the same place.

When you put food in one bowl, water goes into the other bowl by itself.

It’s cool, it’s handy, and the designs you can choose from are super cute.

I do like the dark wood texture in the preview photo, but I promise that the other thirteen colour combinations are just as beautiful.

9. Meow & Woof – Cat Bowl by Syboubou

If you want to keep the cat theme going for your Sim’s cat friend, pair this cute cat-head-shaped food bowl with Syboubou’s Meow & Woof – Cat Food Dispenser.

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It’s small, has a nice texture, and is the cutest thing you could ever eat.

Yes, the bowl and dispenser are part of the same set. As you can see, the ears of a kitten are a defining trait.

8. Meow & Woof – Cat Food Dispenser by Syboubou

Ok, cool, a bowl for cat food. But does it really give food out?

Yes, it does!

Your Sim will still have to fill out forms by hand, but who cares?

When the way your cat’s treats come out looks this cute, what’s one or two more steps in the process?

It works with any food bowl, including the ones from EA’s Cats and Dogs pack, and comes in 14 soft colours.

7. Old Food Bowl by TheKalino

Does your Sim’s dog eat a lot?

Are they fun to be around and don’t they care where they eat as long as they get fed?

Then you should look at TheKalino’s Old Food Bowl.

It looks like a metal bucket and can hold a good amount of dog food. It’s also without a doubt the most practical pet item ever made.

Because when your dog friend is done eating, your Sims can use the bowl to hold water.

6. Cats & Dogs – Pet Food Bowl by sim.saurus

So, I didn’t know there were no pet food bowls with a single colour until sim.saurus told me.

Some people might not care much about this, but it’s always nice to have the choice of something simpler and less flashy.

Also, if your Sim is a strict minimalist who hates patterns, this should fit right in with the way they decorate their home.

This custom pet food bowl comes in 44 different colours that are all solid.

5. Canned & Dry Food for Cats & Dogs + Litter Bags by Around the Sims 4

Some Sims like how easy it is to feed their pets from a can.

Some people like that bagged dog and cat treats can be used more than once and last longer.

Around the Sims 4’s cute little set of decorations now lets you choose between the two!

Also, the decorative food packages have labels written in Simlish.

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Each item comes in different designs, like Dry Food for Cats with 9 and Deluxe Can with 2.

All of the designs seem to be based on real pet food brand labels, but they are all made to look like Simmified versions of them.

It’s kind of cool!

4. IAMS Proactive Health Cat Food by CoatiSims

Keep your Sims’ cats safe and healthy with custom cat food from IAMS, an American brand that people trust.

Even though this is just a decoration, it adds to the story of a furparent looking out for their child. I like that a lot!

Plus, the real-life prints (swatches) of all the flavours are crazy accurate.

3. MissChaii’s Pet Pack by MissChaii

MissChaii’s Pet Pack is basically a huge set of recolored versions of most of The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs’ pet items.

It doesn’t add any new mesh to the game, but it does add a lot of new colours and textures that are smoother.

Check out the photos in the sneak peek. The finish looks beautiful.

This CC pack is a great choice if you want new colour combinations for the Petmate Programmatic Pet Feeder, the Bow Wow & Meow Chow Pet Food Bowl, and the Modern Pet Food Bowl.

2. Muttropolitan Food Bowl by Ravasheen

Ravasheen’s Muttropolitan is still one of my all-time favourite custom pet sets for Sims 4.

It has a cute name, a cute idea, and twelve new and actually creative things.

A place to practise agility? Talk about being set up!

This Food & Water Bowl is part of the set, and it would be a great dog dish to use instead.

You get food in one bowl, water in another, and a handy little tray to keep them together.

It’s right and useful, like all things for pets should be.

1. Piwi – Pet Bowl by Syboubou

Want your Sim’s dog to feel like a well-cared-for show dog?

Get them the Piwi pet bowl, which is a beautiful porcelain bowl with a “trendy Terrazzo” pattern that is hand-made.

It’s all the rage among rich kittens and puppies, and your Sim’s pet shouldn’t feel left out!

Plastic bowls for dogs and cheap bowls for cats?

No longer the case.