41 Best Alpha Curly Hair CC for Sims 4

I’ve had a few perms, so I know how hard it is to take care of wavy hair.

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you do something to it to make it look curly, it takes a lot of time and work to keep curls crisp, neat, and defined.

Sims don’t have to go through all of that, though. They can have all the loudness and bounce they want without having to take care of it.

I know it’s not fair, but what can you do?

What’s more, enjoy it!

Here are some beautiful alpha curly hairstyles for The Sims 4.

41. GoAmazons’ Diablera Hair

Curly Hair

One thing I love about The Sims Resource is the variety of styles that the artists bring.  There are so many skilled artists here that we have quite a range of CC. 

I love that there is a good deal of Alpha and Maxis Match CC.  GoAmazons is one of the fabulous Maxis Match creators creating amazingly elaborate hairstyles! 

Like, whaaaaa, you can have detailed curly hair Maxis Match CC!  Just look at that hairstyle. It is lovely!

40. Iris by Anto

Anto is one of the best Alpha CC makers, especially when it comes to hair.

They do a lot of different styles for people of color that always look right. Plus the feel and details of them? So on-point!

This beautiful haircut on Iris is a great example.

39. Diara Hair by Simpliacity

Simpliacity is another well-known maker, and the standard of their custom items never lets them down. I really like this look of long hair with a middle part.

That fullness and those curls? Chef kisses.

38. Wings-TZ0912 by wingssims

Curly-haired The amount is never a problem for Sims. Look at how thick and full this TZ0912 haircut is.

When your hair is this long and wavy, it’s so easy to look glam.

It comes in 20 unique colors, too!

37. Layla Hair by Simpliacity

A half-up, half-down hairdo looks super cute on everyone.

With some free curls and lots of stray hairs, you can make a very cute and eye-catching hairstyle.

It also helps that the hair patterns in Simpliacity look so real. Really, just look at those curls. Look at how bright it is!

36. Fluffy Male Curly Hair ER0714 by wingssims

This hair really is soft and wavy!

It comes in fifteen colors, and believe me, the colors make a huge difference in how it feels.

Right now, the blonde swatch makes you think of a child, right? If the curls are black or brown, they feel very different!

It’s pretty cool how flexible it is.

35. Jessica Hair by SonyaSims

Thick, full ringlets that work for kids and adults alike? Yes, thank you!

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The Jessica hair that Sonya Sims has is a total vision that you can never get tired of looking at.

I mean, look at how sharp and clear all the hair is. They look great around the face of your Sim. Don’t even get me started on the color swatches, or we’ll be here all night. Short version: get this hair.

34. Irati Hair by NoNvme Studios

At first view, this hair may look like a lot. I don’t blame you; just the height and size are scary.

But if you try it on your own Sims?

Believe me, they’ll look royal as hell.

It comes in 60 different shades, so I’m sure you’ll find one you like.

33. Liberty Hair by SonyaSimsCC

Came for the stunningly beautiful Sim model in the preview pictures and stayed for the just as stunningly beautiful hair.

Seriously, the length, the wild curls, and the side part make for one of the most beautiful looks ever.

32. Curly High Top (For All Ages) by XxBlacksims

One of the best places to get POC (or SOC, I guess) things is from XxBlacksims.

This unique haircut shows how talented and good they are.

Even from far away, the kinks and curls look nice and clear. You’ve also got to like the photoskinned appearance.

31. Canna Hairstyle by DarkNighTt

Came for the gorgeous Sim model in the sample pictures and stayed for the equally gorgeous hair.

Seriously, the length, the wild curls, and the side part make this one of the most beautiful hairstyles ever.

30. Noelia Hairstyle by Anto

Will I ever stop telling people how great Anto is? Most likely not.

When every single thing in their resume is beautiful, it’s hard not to be amazed.

Noelia’s hair is super curly and has a side part. It’s pretty and a little puffy.

29. Male Split Curly Hair – TO1223

This hairstyle looks like it should be on a Hollywood star from the 1980s.

I don’t know if perms were popular back then, but this style looks like something the “Boy Next Door” would wear when he’s out of hair product or just wants to relax.

In short, I love it. It’s so cute. We strongly suggest!

28. Isabel by Anto

Long, curly hair pulled back into a ponytail with neat ends and a few stray hairs sticking out.

This is Isabel by Anto. It’s a beautiful, expensive-looking hairstyle that makes me want to cry with envy.

It also comes in, wait for it, 60 different colors. Wow, that’s a lot of hair color!

27. Ximena Hair Conversion by NoNvme Studios

Don’t worry about tangled hair! Ximena is a short, curly, and puffy bob for boss babes. I love how neat all of the curls look, and all of the 58 color choices are so beautiful.

If you want your Sims to have curly hair, you need this alpha CC in your CAS folder.

26. Lala Hair by Leah Lillith

Don’t worry if your hair gets twisted! Ximena is a short, curly, puffy bob for women who are in charge. I love how neat all of the curls are and how beautiful all of the 58 color options are.

Put this alpha CC in your CAS folder if you want your Sims to have curly hair.

25. Yara Hair by Simpliacity

How does this high, fluffy hair look?

I don’t know if the phrase “thicker than a Snicker” can be used to describe hair, but that’s the best way I can think of to describe Yara’s hair from Simplicity. It’s really long, curly, and thick. It comes in 54 different colors as well!

24. ER0115 Fluffy Long Curly Hair by wingssims

Oh, yeah. Again, this hair.

You can be sure I’ll tell people about it every chance I get.

It’s long, thick, and has a lot of force and attitude. It comes in fifteen unique colors, too.

23. Curly Hair with Double Buns ER1008 by wingssims

What a cute way to do your hair!

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I don’t know many people in real life who can pull off space buns, and I’m one of them. That’s why I think that style is only for people who look cool all the time.

The fact that the person who made this hairstyle mixed space buns with a half-up, half-down style makes it even more unique.

22. Avery Hairstyle by SonyaSims

I don’t know who Avery is, but they have such beautiful hair.

It’s short, easy, and curly in a stylish way. Plus, it’s for both men and women of any age.

Yes, even toddlers can do it!

21. David by Anto

You have no idea how hard it is to find good curly hair for male Sims, both in Maxis Match and Alpha CC.

This is why artists like Anto are a blessing.

They totally get the idea of being open to everyone, and they have the talent to back up their goal. This David’s hair? Literally one of the best in the town.

20. Ciara Curls by XxBlacksims

You have no idea how hard it is to find good curly hair for male Sims, both in Maxis Match and Alpha CC.

Because of this, people like Anto are a blessing.

They get what it means to be inclusive, and they have the skills to back up what they want to do. Whose hair is this? This is literally one of the best things in the area.

19. Jael Hairstyle by DarkNighTt

I can’t stand curls that frame the face.

I really think they look good on everyone, no matter what shape their faces or bones are. And when you add a stylish updo to that? The game is over.

This hairstyle for Jael is exactly what it means to be classy.

18. Yazmine Hair by BADDIESIMS

A cool side ponytail with ripped ends and cute, curly bangs. This Yazmine hair is one of a kind for sure.

It works so well in the game as well!

17. TO0708 – Naturally Curly Hair by wingssims

“Naturally curly” is a good way to describe this haircut.

It’s not as wild or tightly wound as some of the other hairs on this list, but it has enough curls and whorls to not be called “wavy” either. It is also available in 36 lovely colors.

16. Luna Hair by Simpliacity

These curls look like the kind I’d want to touch all the time. They are big, bold, and springy.

Luna’s hair in Simplicity looks so healthy and full of life.

Again, Alpha CC texture is great for drawing attention to small features, which is what is happening here. You can almost see every ringlet and twist.

15. Raniyah Curls by XxBlacksims

Look at how cool and sassy this hairstyle is! The attitude comes through the screen, and I’m all for it.

Curls in an asymmetrical style that have been carefully dressed are a lot more attractive than you might think, and the style as a whole looks great!

14. Amunet by Anto

Your Sim can look like a sweet Southern belle if you give her blunt-cut hair and wrap a pretty bandana around them.

It’s a cute hairstyle that goes with a lot of different looks, from country comfort to urban chic. Plus, it’s hard to say no to 60 hair color choices, especially when many of them are soft, pretty pastels.

13. Dignified Long Curly Hair – ER0725 by wingssims

Dignified, indeed!

This is the kind of haircut that women with class wore in the 1960s and 1970s.

The kind who only wear perfectly pressed dresses and did very well in their manners lessons.

12. ER0620 – Frizzled Updo Hair by wingssims

This is proof that a little hair never hurts.

In fact, if done right, it can be the most beautiful updo. And one that is crazy classy!

Look at those curls that are puffy and sharp. This unique hair is both stylish and classy, and it is so pretty!

11. Strong Hair CC03 by SonyaSims

Yes, sir, these curls are very strong.

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Just look at all of those words. Also, the volume at the top is not a joke.

I also like that this hair style works for a wide range of ages. Most custom hairstyles only work for Teens to Elders, so the fact that SonyaSims’ Strong Hair CC03 works for Children to Elders is another point in its favor. Available in EA’s basic colors!

10. Janae Hair by Simpliacity

A wavy updo covered with a brightly colored headscarf? Sign me up!

Janae’s hair in Simplicity is a pretty basic style.

Fine waves are gathered on top of the head and held in place with a soft scarf or bandana. It looks so nice.

Also, the colors of the headscarf are different from the colors of the hair, so you can mix and match the 36 hair colors and 30 headscarf colors however you like.

9. TO0929 – Male Curly Hair by wingssims

Here’s a basic name for a straightforward hairstyle.

Wingssims’s TO0929 hairstyle is a classic side-swept cut with beautiful curls around the face and a bit of a tousled mess (the cool kind!) up top. In-game, it looks absolutely beautiful. There are 36 color choices, which is also a good number.

8. Irene by Anto

This is another one of my favorites from Anto that I wish I could use for all of my Sims.

It’s a thick, full style with luscious locks that have been carefully curled, snatched ends, and neat cornrows on top.

It comes in 60 beautiful colors, most of which are warm and earthy.

7. Curly Updo Hairstyle (Joan) by S-Club

I know this is probably the third or fourth curly updo on this list, but curly updos are so cool.

They are beautiful, well-made, and classy without even trying. And if the hair around the face is curly? The game is over.

Joan’s haircut in S-Club is modern chic and so beautiful!

6. Kim Butterfly Locs by brandysims

I don’t know if these are twisted curls or curled dreads.

This hairstyle is bold, interesting, and cool no matter what.

It’s not as full as the other styles on this list, but it sure stands out!

5. TZ1028 by wingssims

This is another thick, long, fluffy, and curly hairstyle.

This TZ1028 custom hair, unlike the other custom hairs with this texture, is meant to hang behind your Sim’s shoulders, not in front. It’s a small change that has a big effect on how the hair looks as a whole.

4. Kinky Curly Hair by xxBlacksims

This afro looks so soft and fluffy that it could almost be a cotton ball. I mean that in a good way—I think the hair looks bomb!

The small part on the side, the asymmetrical shape, and the stray wisps of curly hair give it a lot of personality.

3. Amma Hair Conversion by NoNvme Studios

Here’s another classic afro that is big and fluffy to the max.

I’m so happy when I see hair that is so well-defined and dressed in a unique way like this.

The CC’s smooth texture and wide range of individual hair colors (57 in total) are just the icing on an already tasty cake.

2. Craig by Anto

Don’t pay attention to the Sims model with the fire that could kill you.

Think about the hair.

It’s a beautiful handmade piece with mid-length curls, wispy strands that frame the face, and a lot of visual appeal.

When you change colors, like from a warm coffee brown to a bright pink peach, the vibes are a little different, but overall? Any Sim can look hot with this hair.

1. Ainhoa by Anto

This list comes to a close with another great work by Anto.

Ainhoa is beautiful and soft, with short curls and a lot of personality. I can’t get over how long and full the curls are.

It gives off an air of confidence and independence that is very attractive.

And there are 60 color choices for this CC, so there is a lot of choice.