15 Best Sims 4 Lion King CC

Despite the differences we all have, scattered across the globe as we are, I’m sure we all share some things in common.

One; we’ve all cried over Mufasa’s death.

Two; we can never sing the opening lines of Circle of Life normally. We will always, always belt it at the top of our lungs—as it was meant to be.

There’s not a lot of Lion-King-inspired Sims 4 CC, sadly. But I did manage to scrounge up some pretty cute (and completely free) custom items that could inject some Disney-fied Lion pride (get it?) into your game.

15. Lion King Tattoo

6 Swatches.

works with all Skins

These are adorable. You must try them.

14. Male sweatshirt with lion

Full-printed sweatshirt with lion for him.

Hope you enjoy it!

You must try.

13. Beds The Lion King (Children) by julimo

These custom beds are definitely something you’d see IRL.

Every kid who grew up watching Disney knows The Lion King.

And I’ll bet my bottom dollar most of them owned at least one piece of Lion-King-themed merch. (I had a backpack with Mufasa and Simba on it).

Julimo’s kid-friendly bedspreads come in five designs: grown-up Simba, grown-up Nala, Mufasa, Scar, and Rafiki.

12. Paintings the Lion King by julimo

Once your Sims’ kids have picked their bedcovers, they can then choose some paintings to match!

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There are a total of eight scenes depicted on this simple 2×3 hanging picture (still by julimo), and they range from movie stills to concept art to promotional photos.

11.  King Leo and Mickey by Stanasims

I’m not very good with foreign languages.

But judging from the preview photo (and the actual items in-game), I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that King Leo translates to The Lion King.

If that’s true, then this CC set is pretty straightforward! It’s wall art with two design options from King Leo (aka The Lion King) and two from Fantasia.

Fantasia stars Disney’s face and mascot, Mickey Mouse, hence the Mickey in this set’s name.

10. Decoration Vol14 (Bear, Jaguar, Lion Male, Female) by JenniSims

JenniSims is an awesome content creator that puts out a lot of decorative items modeled to look like specific characters.

None of their stuff is meant to be interactive, which is why they can afford to be so detailed with the designs.

Take this Decoration Vol14 pack.

It’s literally a visualization of the iconic “lions, tigers, bears—oh my!” line!

Not specifically inspired by The Lion King movie, but you can at least place (decorative) lions in your game with it!

9. Disney Long Sleeve Tees by Lollaleeloo

These adorable, kid-sized tees feature some fun and silly cartoon prints that I would actually want to wear IRL.

Aside from classic Disney princesses like Ariel and Vanellope (from Wreck-It Ralph), the other shirt designs include Mulan drawn as a midget, Princess Leia Organa (of Star Wars fame) drawn as a stereotypical Disney Princess (complete with ball gown and blaster) and Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin) drawn as a pug.


Who knows.

But it’s adorable and I would definitely keep it as my phone wallpaper.

And since this is a list for Lion King CC, don’t fret; this shirt does have a cub!Simba design.

8. Lion King Onesie – Nifty Knitting Needed by INFAMOUSSIMS18

If you have The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting installed, you need to download this onesie. Like, it’s a requirement.

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This cozy-looking, baby-soft outfit has baby Simba, baby Pumba, and baby Scar all over it! How can you not want it?

7. Lion King Shirt CC by Spirilynx

This short-sleeved shirt by Spirilynx features a pretty (and pretty artistic) Lion-King-inspired design. It looks to be Simba’s and Nala’s silhouettes filled with two different – but equally iconic – backgrounds from the movie.

Simba has Pride Rock at night. Nala gets the unforgettable sunrise over the savannah scene.

All together now; “naaa sevenyaaaa…

(I know the actual lyrics are “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba,” but I’m pretty sure we all pronounced it “na sevenya/savanya” at one point).

6. Kids’ Lion King Tops by fornoraisin

And for the category of “Sims Things I’d Probably See IRL,” we have another set of kid-friendly clothing with Lion King prints.

The outfit itself is your basic boat-neck, playground-appropriate tee with long sleeves/arm warmers underneath.

The main shirt remains a solid grey, but the arm warmers change color depending on the Lion King graphic.

Your Sim’s kid can choose from four different designs!

5. Disney: Childrens Shirts by SimFeetUnder

Believe it or not, there is a Lion King print on one of these t-shirts! It’s an uncommon design, though, so have fun tracking it down.

And while you’re looking for it, why not enjoy the 29 other Disney print options the creator gives us for this CC?

Seriously; I feel like they went out of their way to make sure most Disney movies/series were represented, and I appreciate the hustle.

4. Marta Li Stradivarius Lion King T-Shirt by martalisofia

This t-shirt by martalisofia only comes in one swatch.

However, given how usable the top is (and the cuteness of the print—because cartoon baby lions will never not be adorable), I think it’s worth installing!

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It can work as both a casual, everyday top (the kind your Sim just throws on when they’re running late) or as a comfy, bum-around-the-house tee!

3. Disney Hoodies by AshleyRaines122

I know this list has been full of Toddler and Children shirts, but don’t worry. We Disney-loving Adults/Young Adults can have good things, too!

Specifically, these wonderfully thick Disney Hoodies by AshleyRaines122.

It’s a standard long-sleeved hoodie that comes in several colors and bears several different Disney-themed designs!

Characters present include Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Winnie the Pooh, and – of course – Simba, the Lion King.

2. The Lion King T-Shirt by Cinderella Ella 94

Just a boat-neck tee with Simba’s confused, judge-y, and slightly disgusted face on the front.

It’s incredibly simple and straightforward but, hey. It’s not the weirdest print I’ve seen on a shirt. Not by a long shot.

Plus it’s got an awesome gradient going on in the background!

This kind of shirt is definitely the wash-and-wear type. You don’t really look for it, you don’t “save it” for when you want to look nice, but you know you’re never gonna lose it in the laundry. It’s just that dependable!

1.  Pinnacle Rock & Waterfall by Snowhaze

This, sadly, is not Pride Rock.

It’s Pinnacle Rock and Waterfall by Snowhaze.

However, I tried installing it, and I found out that it looks absolutely freakin’ majestic in-game!

Not on the level of Pride Rock, but pretty darn close.

If you ever feel like building a The Lion King-inspired, savannah-esque area in TS4, this is a stunning edition.

Plus, if you’re familiar with The Lion Guard (which is the Disney series spin-off of The Lion King and acting prequel to The Lion King II), you can definitely use Pinnacle Rock as the Back Lands waterfall.