FFXIV: How to Use a Fantasia? (Start a New Life)

All massively multiplayer online games have a potentially stressful character creator.

In the film Surrogates, the pursuit of the ideal digital surrogate causes existential dread. The surrogates in the film Surrogates—do you guys remember them? I do.

There is relief from that sardonic stress in Final Fantasy XIV. (I can’t think of a good way to use that word, but alliteration demands it.)

To put it simply, Fantasia is a small bottle of magic liquid. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can use a potion called “Fantasia” to completely change your appearance, including your race, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, height, tattoos, and gender. In other words, Hydaelyn wouldn’t know you if she saw you.

The Fantasia can be purchased for various amounts of real-world currency from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

If you buy multiple, you’ll save a little money. To prove that nothing is as easy as it seems, let me walk you through the steps of acquiring and using a Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV.

While we’re here, I’ll also offer some cosmetic surgery tips for your digital fantasy world.

How to use a Fantasia after Purchasing It in Final Fantasy XIV

The FFXIV Online Store

Fantasias can be purchased in packs of 1, 3, or 5 from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

Yoshi P’s all-time favorite movie served as inspiration for this. Regina George intended to shop for her prom dress at a shop aptly named “1 3 5” because they only sold dresses in sizes 1, 3, and 5.

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When the Online Shop’s Fantasias are out of your price range, Sears is always there as a backup plan.

Cost of 1 Fantasia is $10 (USD).

You can save $2 by purchasing all three Fantasias for only $28. (What are you going to do with it?)

The price for 5 Fantasias is $45 USD. (With that $5 in the bank, you can tell everyone you were there when DOGE first started.)

Finding your way around the store can be a pain, so here’s a handy link to help you out.

I’m sorry, but my how-to make gil guide won’t be able to save you enough money for a fantasia. The Jasmine Masters Get A Job Challenge is always an option.

Locating Your Recent Purchase


Just like the United States Postal Service, nobody is in charge of the Eorzean mail system. It has sluggish performance at times. Let it go; everything will be fine.

If you make a purchase and do not immediately receive an in-game mail notification, try logging out and back in again.

Find a mail Moogle, a cute little envelope on the minimap, and retrieve your Fantasia(s). Congratulation, young lady!

Getting to the challenging part…

Using a Fantasia in FFXIV

Finally, we get to the juicy parts of this guide. I will share the secret of using fantasies in Final Fantasy XIV.

To use the Fantasia, go to your inventory by pressing ‘I,’ then right-click on it. This deal is a done deal. The return of humanity. Pentakill.

Take off all of your equipment and log out. You can change how your character looks and then sign in again. Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride!

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The next time you’re tempted to try this at the hotel, stop yourself. That’s not how it works, unfortunately.

This is not an ironic statement, but the process is not as easy as it could be. I’d be glad to lend a hand. My heart goes out to you.


If you’re like me and forgot about your free fantasy from the MSQ quest The Ultimate Weapon, or if you just haven’t gotten to that point in Adventure Mode: Random Events yet, consider this your friendly reminder.

Yes, completing the game’s main story quests will earn you a free Fantasia.

Do not spend hard-earned cash on it before remembering you already have one. I had nothing to do with this, so please stop staring at me.

Now There is Only One Correct Choice

Join the lalafells.

Do it.

Do it; you won’t be sorry. Have more laughs, Lalafell.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the one and only proper use of a fantasia are to become the pinnacle of humanoid excellence.

The time I spent as a cat boy and then a cat man is a time I will never get back. Jewels, gold, diamonds, money, and private jets are all part of the lala fell the way of life. Come along with me.

Things to Consider With Fantasia

Think about your favorite glamorous clothes before switching sexes or races (IN-GAME ONLY!!!).

Some adorable clothing is only available for one gender. Hrothgar has a hat collection of roughly three sizes.

As with anyone else, Viera has to fight an uphill battle.

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Take some time to prepare yourself emotionally for the harsh realities of your new character’s limited wardrobe options.

To me, it seems like a shame to return to Hrothgar now that I have such a lovely collection of hats.