FFXIV: How To Unlock Alexander?

After its re-release in A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion, Heavensward, was released.

The stakes were high for this first expansion, and the raid to finish it off was especially significant.

Both Alexander and Normal Mode raiding was made available to the public.

In this tale, our Warriors of Light travel to the area outside of Idyllshire and enter the living stronghold there.

Savage Mode, which was the normal challenge before The Coils of Bahamut, is now the pinnacle of the game’s endgame content.

The direction that raid design in FFXIV has taken since Alexander’s time is largely unchanged.

It was significantly different from my experience with The Coils of Bahamut because of the more formulaic nature of the encounters.

This unlockable Alexander guide examines the three distinct areas of the game and their respective four boss fights.

Unlocking the Alexander Raid


Each encounter, once unlocked, can be completed via the Duty Finder.

This method grants access to both Normal and Savage difficulties, nonetheless, Party Finder is the best option for locating dedicated Savage Mode clear parties.

Items in Savage’s lesser tier can be purchased with tokens dropped in Normal Mode.

Generally speaking, they share the same aesthetic qualities.

As Alexander is now considered legacy content, the weekly cap on loot from his fights is no longer in effect, unlike in the most recent state-of-the-art raid.


The assault on Gordias, Alexander.

You need at least level 60 for your character and 170 on your equipment.

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You will need to have reached the end of the Heavensward Main Scenario quest chain, just like you would for the alliance raids.

This is the final phase of the expansion, so we may move on to the next topic.

After that, you can return to your goblin friend Slowfix in 7X, 6Y Idyllshire to finish the “Disarmed” task.

The four meetings that make up Gordias are called “The Fist of the Father,” “The Cuff of the Father,” “The Arm of the Father,” and “The Burden of the Father,” in that order.

Every one of these expressions will be used in-game.

Biggs in the Dravanian Hinterlands will unlock the next encounter when you’ve completed the current one.


The Alexander: The Midas Stage of the Raid Is.

In order to use Midas, you must be at least Level 60, have completed Alexander: Gordias, and have an item with a Level 200 requirement.

The “Rearmed” quest is available from Roundrox in the Dravanian Hinterlands at coordinates 21X, 18Y if you meet the prerequisites.

The four Midas battles are known as The Fist, The Cuff, The Arm, and The Burden of the Son.

In place of the Father.

Get it?

As one might expect, the names a5, a6, a7, and a8 are commonly used to describe these battles.

Complete the Alexander: Midas questline before talking to the NPC for the last step.

The Creator

Raid completion occurs in Alexander: The Creator.

The quests Gordias and Midas must be finished, and you must have an item level of 230.

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The Creator can be unlocked by completing the task “The Coeurl and the Colossus,” which is given to you by Mide in 22X, 19Y of The Dravanian Hinterlands.

Eyes, Breath, Heart, and Soul of The Creator (a9, a10, a11, a12) are the final four bosses you’ll face in Alexander.

I think at this point you can see how the naming conventions work.

When you have defeated all of these enemies, you have defeated Alexander.

Well done! Give savage a chance.

After all these years, one of my favorite raids is still Alexander.

My personal view is that none of the other raids hold up quite as well to the test of time.

Savage Difficulty

Savage Difficulty is, as I indicated before, the most challenging difficulty level available in the raid’s final phase.

There are new controls in Savage Mode, harder hits, and anger counters.

Researching potential tactics is a must before engaging in a fierce battle.

There are three boss fights at the end of each act in Alexander, and after each one, the player is given a special mount.

If you want these mounts, it doesn’t matter that the content is ancient.

Dyesable variants of the raid gear are dropped in Savage Mode as well.

In order to put together a killer ensemble, this step may be well worth the effort on its own.

Go Raid!

We hope this article was helpful in revealing the secret of Alexander’s release in Final Fantasy XIV.

An amazing raid that was a lot of fun back when it first out is still a lot of fun today.

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Bosses from each of these tiers can be found in the most current ultimate raid, The Epic of Alexander.

This is certainly a test of one’s mettle.

Something to work toward, perhaps?