How to Become a Mentor in FFXIV?

It takes dedication and patience to become a Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV, and those requirements have shifted with the introduction of Endwalker.

Although Final Fantasy XIV is generally relatively newcomer-friendly for an MMORPG, there are special systems and mechanics that only a person can teach, which is where Mentors come in.

Mentors are veteran players that have devoted substantial time to FFXIV and have achieved accomplishments that an average player generally wouldn’t have.

These FFXIV gamers freely offer guidance to novice adventurers learning the ropes.

Such duty comes with specific benefits, such as having access to an exclusive chat channel known as the Novice Network and being able to queue rapidly for Duties with new players.

Any new player under level 20 who joins a Mentor’s party in combat will likewise receive an EXP bonus.

Final Fantasy XIV offers numerous sorts of Mentors, and players can identify between them by their specific iconography.

Battle Mentors wear a yellow sword beside their crown.

They are also interchangeable with PvP Mentors, who can be seen with a little bluish flag next to their crown.

The crown with the Hammer emblem signifies Trade Mentors, those who are well-versed in fishing, crafting, and gathering.

However, if an FFXIV player succeeds to become both a Battle/PvP and Trade Mentor, they will unlock the worldwide golden crown icon, showing their masterful achievements for all to see.

To become a Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV, players must meet a list of prerequisites that will surely cost considerable time and effort.

Battle and Trade mentoring qualifications are different, as they both focus on a specific component of FFXIV’s gameplay.

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Once a player has met the qualifications, they can register their new Mentor status with the Smith NPCs stationed in all three starting cities, Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa.

Requirements To Become A Mentor In FFXIV

Become a Mentor in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can advance to the role of Battle Mentor after meeting certain benchmarks.

Due to the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the prerequisites for Shadowbringers have been altered.

  1. Complete the Level 90 quest for a Tank Job.
  2. Complete the Level 90 quest for a Healer Job.
  3. Complete at least one of the Level 90 quests for a DPS Job, such as melee, physical ranged, or magical ranged.
  4. Complete at least 1,000 dungeons and trials.
  5. Receive at least 1,500 player commendations.

Next, we’ll look at what you need to do to qualify as a Trade Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV.

  1. Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of the Land (Gathering) job.
  2. Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of the Hand (Crafting) job.
  3. Synthesize at least 100 collectibles.
  4. Gather at least 300 collectibles.

After meeting the requirements of either list, Final Fantasy XIV players can head to The Smith to sign up for the mentorship program and have immediate access to its benefits.

In addition to the PlayStation 3, PS4, and PC, you can get Final Fantasy XIV on Steam via the Square Enix website.