18 Best Final Fantasy XIV Mods You Must Try

Mods (or modifications) are an important part of how a game can keep up with constantly changing times and ever-evolving technology.

Mods can range from small tweaks here and there to large changes that change how the game works.

Mods are especially important for online games that have been around for a long time like Dota or Final Fantasy.

So, let’s take a look at the top 18 Final Fantasy XIV modifications that the audience welcomed with open arms!

18. Griffin Mount Retexture Pack

 Griffin Mount Retexture Pack

Final Fantasy provides few of the best experience for all the MMORPG players out there.

Being able to saddle and mount a griffin has been one of the highlights of this game.

It, however, looked a little boring and dull considering that you were about to mount a great mythical creature.

With the Griffin Mount Retexture Pack, it provides that extra oomph!

Not only that, but it enables downloading of up to 4 textures for the griffin!

17. HD Hrothgar Faces

HD Hrothgar Faces

This mod made the faces of the unruly and shabby faces of Hrothgars so much better!

This feline predators deserved so much more than bad graphics and standard quality hay-like hair!

Thankfully with this mod, Hrothgars received what they were made for.

HD face, eyes and hair just made their glow up look even more stunning!

16. Touch of Real Female

Touch of Real Female

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla female features that came with the base game, but if you are still continuing the playing streak in the 2020s, it helps to make the graphics a tad bit better.

And did FFXIV listen or what?!

This new mod replaced all the features of female characters with their HD counterparts!

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It is definitely one of the best graphic mods that you can install to make your gaming experience stellar!

15. Touch of Real Male

Touch of Real Male

Men weren’t too late in following the suit.

After almost a decade of having vanilla presets, this mod definitely made the gaming experience much easier on the eyes.

HD presets for men definitely played a large part in keeping this game in the race.

It was definitely a useful free mod to suit the current taste of the audience in graphic terms, especially since the competition would only get worse.

14. HD Vanilla Refined

HD Vanilla Refined

Essentially, this serves as a complete modification package for the entirety of the game.

It is a great attempt to keeping the experience of playing the game authentic and yet provides a set of 1k features to the characters enhancing the over-all graphic quality and game-play.

13. Alex’s Reshade Preset

Alex’s Reshade Preset

This mod, considering that it is a graphic mod, although is a little heavy on the performance cost of the game requiring that you have a bunch of good processors and video card, it still provides everything in return!

The lighting, shadows go from okay to wow with this mod. A definite worth if graphics is something important to you!

12. Custom UI

Custom UI

This mod was actually released with the game, it just wasn’t included in the main pack because… of some weird reason.

It has a much better UI that makes navigating through your game a much pleasurable experience.

The gaming community keeps unlocking and presenting new content for free, which always a delight to see, don’t you think?

11. Blue UI

Blue UI

Another User Interface mod!

Well, this one is simple but if you prefer the blue over other colours, then this is the mod for you because that’s all it pretty much does.

A change also feels fresh after looking at the same old interface for long.

And since gaming is for your entertainment, why not have everything to your liking?

10. Chat Gray Box Remover

Chat Gray Box Remover

Gaming socially is one of the basic points of the MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV.

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Now, obviously when you’re gaming socially, chatting is an integral part of it and thus the chat box.

This tiny mod removes the grey box around the chat making it blend seamlessly into the gaming environment.

A small change but, a change that definitely helps.

9. Flicker Optimization

Flicker Optimization

This mod’s main function is to optimize graphics of the terrain like grasses and while also stabilizing the frame rate by optimizing the processing.

Basically, it removes all the annoying graphic related factors like flickering.

It is definitely worth a shot, especially if the game has rendering issue due to performance.

8. HD Item Icons

HD Item Icons

This mod is a blessing. It is complete transformation for all the items looks! It often takes a lot of work in designing and modelling each item.

This is exactly why gaming studios that have deadlines are not able to give them so much time and detailed attention.

However, the community was nice enough to do this for us and not change anything.

Ah…The little things in life that you should be grateful for.

7. HD Skill Icons

HD Skill Icons

This walks along the same line as the item icons.

This mod along with the HD item icons and HD buff icons are a complete set to improve the look of the game as much as possible.

And they do deliver in this aspect of it.

Once, you have this mod installed, the difference is kind of stark and in your face which brings you to the realization of how much effort actually goes into making a game experience worthwhile.

6. Alive Gshade Preset

Alive Gshade Preset

This is another graphics mod, which deals with the shadows and how they appear in the game. 

Not only that, it additionally deals with some of the blurriness that appears in the game.

This, however, comes with a performance cost of its own.

5. Heavensword Sweet FX

Heavensword Sweet FX

Graphic mods are kind of difficult to explain since all one can really do is list the things that they do.

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Since these are mods that are meant to be experienced while in-game, to actually realize what the tiny differences are that now create a sense of a more complete and realistic world to dive in.

This mods makes all of those few subtle changes that can really make or real the graphic experience of the game and thus, definitely deserves a spot this high on the list.

4. AP’s Male Texture Pack

AP’s Male Texture Pack

What’s attractive about male characters in the game?

It’s definitely the muscles and abs.

This is one of the mods that deal with this.

It redefines the muscles that the male characters have including arms and abs and pectorals.

What’s special about this mod is the attention to detail that it provides!

A definite proof of the amount of effort that was it into making it.

3. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

The main game features them with some gloomy eyes.

This definitely deserved a change.

What makes this mod so crazy is that the odder went through every single set of eyes ad upped their game to HD.

They also created new sets of eyes that you will be able to enjoy!

2. Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales

Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales

What’s the only thing wrong with this mod?

That there’s not enough of it!

This mod echances the looks of scales of certain characters.

The craft is incredible and the intricate artwork is a spectacle!

The crafting is absolutely fantastic!

However, since so much effort, time and attention is required for a single set, there is limited variety to this mod.

1. Hair Defined

Hair Defined

This mod is insane!

It modifies and redefines every single one of the over thousand hair styles that comes along with the base Final Fantasy game to look god enough to not even require shading presets!  

It also comes with additional hairstyles of its own which are numerous as the stars!

Not too performance heavy, simple, free and comes with a huge variety.

What else do you want?