FFXIV: How Do You Get The Demi-Phoinix Mount?

The Demi-Phoenix Mount is a drop that can be gained from Pandaemonium Asphodelos, located in the Fourth Circle (Savage).

This is the beginning of the Endwalker Raid series, and it was introduced in Patch 6.05, it is the first tier.

For players to even be able to queue for this encounter in Raid Finder, they need to have an average item level of 580.

It is the most challenging material that can be found at level 90 that is currently available in the game (as of this writing).

Savage is its own distinct event, distinct from the main Raid series, and it also features weekly treasure lockouts.

This indicates that you have one chance to win your Demi-Phoenix for each clear that you complete.

However, the lockout on loot will be lifted in the future, most likely at some point within the 6.2X patch series.

Having said that, the combat itself isn’t nearly farmable yet due to the high difficulty and the limited loot that can be obtained from it.

It’s possible that finding a group to handle the topic in order could be your best chance.

The combat will eventually become somewhat more doable, provided that you have sufficient time, equipment, and experience.

On the other hand, given that this is the current savage level, you will need to be conversant with the game’s mechanics.

Unlocking The Gates Of Pandaemonium

Your first objective on the path to the Demi-Phoenix is to complete the Endwalker Main Story Quest.

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This will put you on the right track.

You will be confronting the end of existence in the Ultima Thule during the Endwalker quest, which is appropriate given the level requirement of 90.

If you’ve previously defeated the sinister Song of Oblivion, then I have some excellent news for you!

You’ve made it to the halfway point.

Nemjiji can be found in Old Sharlayan in the Baldesion Annex (X;9 Y:12), so make your way there.

You are going to be given instructions to complete the following:

  1. Have a conversation with Claudien in Aporia (Labyrinth – Aporia, X:9 Y:28).
  2. Visit The Ocular and look into the Portal there (The Crystarium – The Dossal Gate, X:13 Y:11).
  3. If you talk to Themis, you’ll be teleported right next to the person you’re looking for.

To sum it up, you’ll be tasked with the following quests:

  1. “Where Familiars Dare”
  2. “Under the Surface”
  3. “Fire of Creation”

To begin the next quest, “Where Familiars Dare,” talk to Themis.

The First Circle of Pandaemonium Asphodelos can be unlocked by completing this quest.

You must defeat Erichthonios here in order to move on to the Raid tier’s second encounter.

After that, Themis will present you with “Under the Surface,” your next quest.

The Hippokampus must be defeated in this area.

If you’ve completed the Elpis sidequests, you’ll notice that the creature is mentioned several times.

The “Fire of Creation” will help you to accept yourself if you smash the beast.

We wish you the best of luck in your quest to exterminate the Demi-Phoinix.

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Even if it means riding on the same bird that burned you to death so many times.

You’ll face Hesperos, the warden of Pandaemonium, after preparing the Demi-Phoinix.

The person in question is most definitely not Vlad the Impaler.

Defeating him rewards you with an unsettling sense of impending doom.

And a Nosferatu Minion, as well as some I580 gear tokens and i580 gear tokens

Now that you’ve unlocked Savage, you’re all set to play!

The Savage Raid

Fortunately, returning to Nemjiji (Old Sharlayan – The Baldesion Annex, X:9 Y:12) will unlock the Savage Raid Tier.

In order to experience the horrors of Pandaemonium, you’ll need to get down to the bottom of Party Finder (Savage).

There is a huge difference between these bouts and the usual tier you just fought to the top of.

Make an effort to acquaint yourself with both your job and the Raids that you will be participating in.

These specifics will almost certainly require their own guide, as they’re too numerous to fit into this one.

Be sure to follow other tutorials, consult diagrams, and be prepared to clean a lot.

Even after defeating Hesperos’ human form, the Fourth Circle (Savage) has a separate fight with him.

The Spoils of Savage

At some point, you’ll collect quite a deal of equipment while fighting in Pandaemonium Asphodelos.

You’ll also get an Asphodelos Mythos I-IV, depending on how much of the floor has been cleaned.

If you’re unlucky with loot, these Mythos can be exchanged for a variety of things.

Two NPCs can provide you with useful items:

  1. Labyrinthos – Aporia, X:8 and Y:28, Mylenie
  2. Dial X:10 Y:10 for Djole (Radz-at-Han; West Balshahn Bazaar)
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Both are willing to exchange your Mythos for the following:

Asphodelos WeaponryAsphodelos Mythos IV x 8
Asphodelos HeadgearAsphodelos Mythos II x 6
Ashpodelos ChestgearAsphodelos Mythos IV x 8
Asphodelos HandgearAsphodelos Mythos II x 6
Asphodelos LeggearAsphodelos Mythos III x 8
Asphodelos FootgearAsphodelos Mythos II x 6
Asphodelos AccessoriesAsphodelos Mythos I x 4
Radiant RoborantAsphodelos Mythos III x 4
Radiant TwineAsphodelos Mythos III x 4
Radiant CoatingAsphodelos Mythos II x 4

To get the Greek Toga appearance, you’ll need to get one of these.

In addition, the gear here is top-notch for the upcoming Dragonsong War: Ultimate.

The Demi-Phoinix Horn can be yours if you win the treasure roll, but that’s about it.

Wishing you all the best!