FFXIV: Fleece Farming Locations, Uses & More

Fleece is a highly flexible material in Final Fantasy XIV, and it is featured prominently in the recipes for the Weaver profession.

Drops from Downy Dunstans and Ornery Karakuls make it easy to obtain.

The Central Highlands of Coerthas is ideal for farming. If you’re looking to harvest fleece from some grumpy Karakuls, you should look into the following coordinates:

  1. Rotate between (X:25.9 Y:18.7) and (X:30.4 Y:30.9)
  2. Rotate between (X:22 Y:17) and (X:28 Y:13)
  3. X:24 Y:15 (in the mountains)

The purposes of fleece, where to find it, and what to do if you can’t find any will be briefly discussed in this tutorial.

What Do Weavers Use Fleece For?

Fleece Farming Locations

Weavers utilize fleece to make a variety of building blocks that can be used to create finished products:

Weavers, Leatherworkers, Armorers, and many others make use of Woolen Yarn, Undyed Felt, and Chimerical Felt in a broad variety of recipes.

They can’t be made without fleece.

Fleece has its uses, yet it occasionally has the feeling of being constrained despite its significance.

In the distant past, when particular servers were hit by a shortage of specific commodities (fleece among them), the prices of those materials on the Market Board skyrocketed.

It’s really improved in recent years.

The best way to get started making things is, of course, to make do without spending money on supplies.

The Skybuilders’ Cloth, a component of the Ishgardian Restoration’s crafting requirements, calls for fleece as an ingredient.

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This is the “endgame” of XIV’s crafting system, and it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Where’s The Best Spot To Farm Fleece?

The best advice is the advice you’ve tried yourself, and I’ve tried this one.

The actions of other players on your server, the time of day you play, and simple changes can all affect the outcome of your game.

Take the Camp Dragonhead Aetheryte to the Central Highlands of Coerthas. You’ll need to have made sufficient progress in the MSQ to gain entrance to this section and be sufficiently powerful to defeat the foes there.

Several packs of irritable Karakuls can be seen nearby.

If you’re farming on a higher level, these frightening foes shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The best outcomes with the least amount of downtime were obtained by players running between the packs at coordinates (22,17) and (28,13).

Other packs of irritable Karakuls can be found strewn throughout the vicinity of the Foundation entrance.

Your chances of success will increase if you use a flying mount to go between these packs. However, you should know that you might have to fight other players for the fleece.

Keep in mind that your opponents also drop fleece, so keep an eye out for sheep and slaughter them when you see them. Obviously in the game (I hope).

Farming Is Boring, Where Else Can I Get Fleece?

In that case, you’ll have to do things the hard way and give in to capitalism if you don’t want to put in the effort.

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Visit the local Market Board and load up on as much fleece as you can carry.

Keep in mind that you are, as always, at the mercy of the server economy and could very well end up getting fleeced for fleece.

Apartment Merchants and Material Suppliers throughout the various apartment complexes and residential areas of XIV also stock fleece.

To do this, you’ll need to spend one Voidrake, a type of dragonfly that may be bred in a garden.

If so, why bother? The odds are against that happening.

Even if others might give you strange looks, it’s far simpler to just go slaughter some sheep.