FFXIV: How To Unlock The Striking Tree (Extreme)

The sylphs are responsible for summoning primals like Ramuh. After A Realm Reborn, during the level 50 trial “The Striking Tree (Hard),” you will have your first encounter with Ramuh.

To put it simply, “The Striking Tree (Extreme)” is a more challenging variant of your battle with Ramuh. Judgment Bolts and Lightning is a later quest that grants access to this feature.

Get this quest from Scarlet in New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4). The quest “Brave New Companions” unlocks if the main scenario has been completed through level 50.

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

  1. Achieve level 50. “Brave New Companions” is the main quest of the scenario.
  2. Judgment Bolts and Lightning is a quest that may be started by speaking with Scarlet in New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
  3. Get yourself to the East Shroud, where you can find some peace and quiet in Little Solace.
  4. Engage Dellexia in conversation.
  5. Reconnect with the aetheryte in the Sylphlands.

Detailed Unlock Guide Walkthrough

You can find Scarlet in New Gridania after completing the main scenario quest “Brave New Companions.” She hangs out right by the Twin Adder main office, so if you’re looking for her, head over to (X:9.9, Y:11.4).

There has been word that Ramuh has been called again, and the lieutenant will share this with you.

She’ll tell you to go to Frixio the sylph elder in Little Solace.

The quickest method to Little Solace would be to teleport to the Hawthorne Hut aetheryte and travel East. When you reach there, chat with Frixio’s attendant Dellexia, who can be found at (X:21.3, Y:26.8) (X:21.3, Y:26.8).

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Frixio explains that Ramuh does in fact stroll the Twelveswood once more thanks to another faction of sylphs.

And though he might not be as hostile as the other primals, his sheer presence poses a hazard to the area’s aether.

The next phase in the quest is to re-attune to the aetheryte in the Sylphlands, East Shroud (X:25.4, Y:17.0) (X:25.4, Y:17.0).

When you’ve finished here, head back to The Striking Tree to face the Lord of Levin head-on (Extreme).

Loot From The Striking Tree (Extreme)

When the group completes the most difficult form of Ramuh’s trial, a coffer containing things for which they can cast lots will appear.

ThunderstrikeSwordItem Level 100 Paladin weapon
ThunderstormGreataxeItem Level 100 Warrior weapon
ThunderclapGreatswordItem Level 100 Dark Knight weapon
ThunderboltPolearmItem Level 100 Dragoon weapon
ThundercrackFistItem Level 100 Monk weapon
ThunderstrokeKatanaItem Level 100 Samurai weapon
ThundersparksDaggersItem Level 100 Ninja weapon
ThunderdartBowItem Level 100 Bard weapon
ThundershowerFirearmItem Level 100 Machinist weapon
Adjudicator’s StaffStaffItem Level 100 Black Mage weapon
Ona RamuhdaBookItem Level 100 Summoner weapon
ThunderstoneRapierItem Level 100 Red Mage weapon
Adjudicator’s GavelCaneItem Level 100 White Mage
The Law of LevinBookItem Level 100 Scholar weapon
ThunderdomeStar GlobeItem Level 100 Astrologian weapon
ThunderheadShieldItem Level 100 Paladin off-hand weapon
Judgment Ring (of
RingItem Level 110 accessory
Levin OrbStoneCrafting material
Large Levin OrbStoneCrafting material
Levin Weapon CofferOtherUse to obtain a Levin weapon
Markab WhistleOtherUse to obtain the Markab mount
Faded Copy of Thunder RollsOrchestrion RollCrafting material

High and Mighty Weapons

Weapons like the Mighty Thunderbolt and the High Adjudicator’s staff are improved versions of their trial forms.

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Disassembling the weapons taken from the Striking Tree provides the necessary raw materials for making these weapons (Extreme).

Even at level 110, the improved weapons are in high demand on the market boards because of their glam potential.

Other Item Drops

Once you’ve defeated the Striking Tree (Extreme), the only thing that can drop directly into your inventory is the Ramuh Card.

When played, it adds to your hand a 4-star Triple Triad card.