FFXIV Magicked Prisms: How to Get & Use it?

Consumable Magic Prisms are a type of currency in Final Fantasy XIV.

They produce sparkling illusions that only last for the duration of the game to lend a touch of magic to the pre-game and post-game festivities.

“By blending together a wide spectrum of colours, this odd device is able to produce convincing optical illusions, produces a pair of seraphic wings.”

Description of the Magical Prism, Wings

There are a lot of technical terms used, but they are all just fluff around a basic idea.

Use this Magicked Prism, for example, and your character will get luminous wings for a short period of time.

To dispel any notions of cat guys soaring through the air, Magicked Prisms are entirely aesthetic.

Jumping on a mount is still required if you want to take to the air.

Some prisms mimic fireworks, some will display a symbol, sparkle, or disperse confetti.

Take a Magicked Prism if you’re a seasoned traveller who feels like they could use a little more flair in their lives.

Angelic wings or a small fireworks display can never make you sad.

There’s a vast assortment of Magicked Prism possibilities, too.

They’re all brief but dazzling ways to bring a little of cooler to any scenario.

Completed a really challenging raid just now?

A plethora of confetti may be seen.

Think of them as consumable emotes.

Whether or whether Magicked Prisms are worth your time is totally down to you.

You might be reading this, wanting to find out where you can get your hands on some.

Or you might already be contemplating how much you can sell the damn things for.

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Even though there isn’t a tonne of ground to cover, we’ll get you up to speed on Magicked Prisms.

How Do I Get Magicked Prisms?

Magicked Prisms

One can obtain a Magic Prism from a number of different places.

If you want to know how to prevent acquiring Magicked Prisms, all you have to do is stand in Limsa Lominsa and do nothing for hours.

And even that course of action is not without risk.

Most people would try to trade you 99 Magicked Prisms since they thought you were sad.

Part of the Accursed Hoard from the Palace of the Dead in exchange for?

Translucent Crystals with Extraordinary Powers.

Experiencing the thrill of Eureka’s adventure?


“Bozjan Front” Prisms.

When the game doesn’t provide you with a more concrete prize (such as hairstyles, minions, etc.), it will often give you a large number of them to make up for it.

It’s probably for the best that Magic Prisms can’t be bought and sold on the Market Boards.

Due of their large numbers, they would be unable to be heard over the background noise.

They would be used to wrap our equipment when it was delivered to us.

A lint roller would be required to remove them.

Are Magicked Prisms Useful?

When the symbol of your Grand Company floats above your head for ten seconds, do you take pleasure in the sight?

So then I guess that would be a yes.

When considering actual game use, the answer is no.

You can either sell them to street vendors for next to nothing, or you can set off fireworks at an unsuitable moment.

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When you don’t obtain the excellent stuff after finishing an activity, you get Magicked Prisms as a consolation award.

It probably isn’t clear from my tone that I have much affection for Magicked Prisms.

Some of them are quite neat, and others, like the Party Popper and huge novelty champagne bottles, belong in the regular emotes category because they function in the same way as regular emotes.

However, most of the time when you encounter a Prism, you had higher expectations, and so, you associate them with a sense of disappointment.

It’s possible that I’m simply being cynical.

Some gamers seem to find great satisfaction in making occasional use of the Magicked Prism.

Who am I to be grumpy if my words can make someone else’s day, even if just for a moment?